Whats better widescreen or fullscreen

whats better widescreen or fullscreen

Difference Between Widescreen and Full Screen

Oct 05, facetimepc.coreen uses an aspect ratio of while full screen uses an aspect ratio of facetimepc.coreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. facetimepc.coreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and vice versa/5(2). Oct 24, facetimepc.coreen uses an aspect ratio of while full screen uses an aspect ratio of facetimepc.coreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. facetimepc.coreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and vice versa. Movies used to be filmed in a format. When TV came along, it adopted that same facetimepc.coted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Due to the introduction of HDTVsthere are now two basic types of TV screens; widescren widescreen format and the full screen. The main difference between the two is the aspect ratio that they use. Full screen uses an what is rouging in agriculture ratio whats better widescreen or fullscreenwhich means that it is 1.

In contrast, widescreen TVs use an aspect ratio of 1. One of the reasons that pushed the adoption of widescreen TVs is to match the display aspect ratio that is used in movie theaters, which are pretty wide.

Previously, watching movies on a full screen TV usually meant that the black lines were present on the bottom and on top of the screen in order to fit the frame into the screen. This is very wasteful of screen space. With widescreen TVs, you get minimal or no black bars thereby maximizing the whats better widescreen or fullscreen of the screen.

One way to work around the black bars is to fit the height of the screen and extend the width of the display beyond the screen. This lets you have a bigger view, but you lose roughly a third of the movie.

When showing a full screen format on a what is vtec in cars TV, the usual solution is to stretch the frame in order to fit the TV screen. This method introduces a noticeable amount of distortion but is fairly acceptable. It is now widely accepted that the rullscreen format is the better of the two.

It lets you watch both TV programs and movies at the largest possible display size. The widescreen format for TVs is only available, though, when you subscribe to a digital transmission format and not via the standard cable or over-the-air transmissions.

Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of while full screen uses an aspect ratio of Widescreen is better for widescren movies than full screen. Widescreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and betyer versa. Cite Ben Joan. October 20, Leave a Response Cancel Reply Name required.

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why are there no fullscreen versions of movies anymore?

If you buy a DVD (which is SD), it will be better to buy a widescreen version because fullscreen is the old TV format, which means that you will get black bars on each side of the screen. K views. Mar 26, In general widescreen is a better format because you see the movie as it was intended to be seen. Fullscreen generally just cuts the center part out and puts it on the screen. So you are . Dec 20, Widescreen ( aspect ratio) is a more extended viewing experience than fullscreen ( aspect ratio). Because your TV is fullscreen, in order for the whole image to be shown, it's instead shrunk so that it can fit on the screen thus resulting in those black bars on the top and bottom.

Show Description. They are there so the widescreen image will fit in the square shape of a reguler TV.. Watch this video on YouTube. Video taken from the channel: AlienFilms1. Video taken from the channel: Johnathan Bond.

Video taken from the channel: L P. A brief look at how Seinfeld was remastered from to for HD syndication on American network television.. The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U. Copyright Act of , which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and education. Video taken from the channel: GnC Films. Video taken from the channel: The Random 6. Thanks for watching! Intro Music: Michael Jackson Logo.

Video taken from the channel: PlushyStudios. Video taken from the channel: Sebastian Rabern. Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of while full screen uses an aspect ratio of Widescreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. Widescreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and vice versa. Movies used to be filmed in a format. When TV came along, it adopted that same format.

TV started putting a dent in the movie business and motion picture producers tried several things to attract audiences back to the movie theater. A widescreen format was one of those things. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Widescreen is wider. Generally, the movie is originally shot in widescreen, and then cropped to fullscreen.

On a standard TV full frame will fit the screen perfectly and widescreen will have black bars on top of and below the image. The reason is that the frame in which most movies. Same here. When I get a DVD as a gift, I am notorious for asking my parents to send the movies back to the store and picking up the widescreen version. In this type of set up, all 2. Meanwhile and subject matter is displayed in pillarboxed fashion in the center of the 2.

On a screen, the image width and height can both vary based on the aspect ratio of. If you buy a DVD which is SD , it will be better to buy a widescreen version because full screen is old TV format, which would mean that you get black bars on the right and left of the screen. A true widescreen tv is 1. Movies are shot in a wide variety of aspect ratios.

Widescreen, letterbox and black bars: How to wrangle TV aspect ratios to the sides or top and bottom of the screen so the TV show or movie can fit on your TV without bring cropped or. When I watch the few remaining full screen movies on the widescreen sets, they look worse than the widescreen movies on the full screen sets. My point is I.

In Cinerama and CinemaScope, titles literally stretch across screen, underlining the widescreen by filling it. The latter is similar to widescreen theatrical films and allows consumers to play DVD movies in their original widescreen formats without the letterbox, or black bars, at the top and bottom of the screen. Movies usually look better in wide screen displays because movies are filmed in such an aspect ratio.

No matter what size you enter, the original aspect ratio proportions of the movie is preserved, and extra, empty space is added to fill any area not filled by the movie. The other popular aspect ratio is and is usually referred to as widescreen because it more closely matches the shape of a theatrical movie screen.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This video here is shown every now and then on Turner Classic Movies TCM , but to me, I agree, widescreen is definitely better, only if it has the same height as the fullscreen version. I still choose full-screen cause I hate those black strips at the top and bottom.

Widescreen Format 2. Most movies now have black bars top and bottom of screen instead. He claims that when you cut off the sides of a movie you have to blow up the image in order to fill the frame, which produces a more fuzzy picture. This makes no sense. There is no blowing up of the image. Ironically, parts of this get windowboxed through pillarboxed letterboxed video on modern displays which is something that should be avoided nearly as much as pan and scan.

I never new what that was until I brought the DvD version and found out that the film was alot wider than I expected. And so does Widescreen,even if they finally fit it to screen,it would still suck!

Dude, this video was what introduced me to the epic that is Ben-Hur. I was thrilled by that Chariot scene it was bloody awesome. Thanks Scorsese! Many movies shot with spherical lenses actually cut the top and bottom off an image like the Matrix to make it , and you lose the tops of peoples heads.

Most pro-widescreen arguments say that all images had the sides chopped off, but in many cases, the parts covered by black bars are restored, and nothing is cropped off the sides. I depends on the movie whether it is the sides being restored to make widescreen, or the tops being chopped to make widescreen. James Cameron had to chop the top and bottom of Avatar off to make 2. The thing that gets me is that at first we all had screens. As soon as became popular, they changed it again.

Pick an aspect ratio and stick with it! Just shoot in or give us TVs that display correctly!!!! Look at this video! If I go to someones house and see that they are using the stretch feature on their TV while watching shows that were originally in I let loose with an abusive tiradethey then realize they deserved it when they correct their error. Great video, it should be mandatory viewing. Having said that TV has become more cinematic over recent times and I think works especially well for nature documentaries where you often want to show off the full extent of the landscape.

I saw Ben-Hur on a video cassette a few years before seeing this. Now, I feel confident enough to say that widescreen is in fact better than full screen. Back in the day I used to manage a Suncoast Video. Explaining pan and scan to folks used to actually enrage some customers. Used to make me laugh. I think you overstate the seriousness of the problem.

Nothing good was happening on the sides. While it may fit without cropping, what about the wasted screen real-estate? Most of that cost was for the screen. I want to see each and every one of those overpriced pixels light up. Find a good compromise and stick with it for both screen manufacturing and filming. I hate widescreen. Manufacturers get away with using the diagonal dimensions of a wide screen to get away with selling you less screen for more money.

Rip off. Plus I like the heights provided by a screen. I prefer to look straight ahead or up as opposed to left or right. I am stubborn and I hope makes a comeback.

When did they change it? You do see for PCs, because on lower resolution screens, there were too few vertical pixels, and the task bar to also take into account.

A few companies have tried different aspect ratios, but just to be different. Even the 4k TVs that have been getting press the last year or so are still aspect ratio, just double the resolution of P. This video kind of shows a reverse effect, the director knew that the video would become panned and scanned so he kept all the action in the middle.

I am pretty sure that is not what the director wanted. Thank God that TVs nowadays are in , voting for the widescreen format, not the dully anymore. I think the future TV format will become much wider, say 2. The show has been off the air for 20 years now.

I believe that is due to aspect ration wide screen is a broad term could mean or cinema scope which is wider still giving you black bars on a wide screen Tv. Because you probably have a tv, and the movie is probably a wider aspect ratio which is very common specially for dramas, actions, etc.

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