What years did the red sox win the world series

what years did the red sox win the world series

List of World Series champions

Oct 20, Boston has eight World Series titles. After winning their first championship in and second in , star slugger Babe Ruth arrived in Boston . Aug 04, The Boston Red Sox have won eight World Series titles. The title years are , , , , , , and The Boston Red Sox currently rank in third place for the highest number of World Series wins. The St. Louis Cardinals have 11 .

The Boston Red Sox are one of baseball's most successful teams. Dating back toBoston has won eight World Series championships, most recently ingood for fourth-most by any franchise. However, it hasn't always been won for Red Sox fans.

The Red Sox would not win another championship until 86 years rev, leading many to call the drought "The Curse of the Bambino. The Red Sox finished the season with a record, winning the American League East division for the second consecutive season for the first time in franchise history.

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Oct 26, October 27 Red Sox win first championship since On October 27, , the Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since , finally vanquishing the so . Oct 27, In , the Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. In , Lou Reed, iconoclastic main singer of the New York rock band Velvet Underground, died at . Oct 05, The Boston Red Sox are one of baseball's most successful teams. Dating back to , Boston has won eight World Series championships, most recently in .

People said that the team was cursed. The Yankees, meanwhile, won a record 26 times after In , they were winning Game 7 with two outs in the eighthuntil shortstop Johnny Pesky held onto a relay throw just long enough for Enos Slaughter to score the winning run from first base.

They lost in and Three years after that, in a one-game playoff for the AL championship, they lost when Yankee shortstop Bucky Dent, not exactly a reliable slugger, cranked one over the Green Monster with two men on base. The Bombers won the game and went on to win their 22nd World Series.

And in the sixth game of the series against the Mets, just one out away from the championship, the Sox defense managed to bungle a series of easy plays so badly that they lost the gameand the next one, and the series. The Curse of the Bambino, it seemed, would never die. The Yanks had been three games up in the American League Championship Series, but Boston made a miraculous comeback and swept the last four. After that, it turned out, the Series itself was pretty dull.

The St. Louis Cardinals were the NL champs and they had the best regular-season record in the majors, but in the series, their pitching was weak and their batting was worse. The Sox won the first three games handily. By the fourth, the Sox were playing like they won the Series every year.

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