What to do with old keys pinterest

what to do with old keys pinterest

15 Unconventional DIY Projects Made With Old Keys

To Do: Create bejeweled keys as holiday ornaments and gift tag tie-ons or craft embelishments! Great idea for those old keys we have laying around we all 57 pins. Jun 05,  · Truth is, keys can indeed be recycled at most recycling centers in the mixed metals bin. Just make sure you take off the little rubber edging you have around it .

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Save Comment 8 Like 3. There always seems to be at least one set of mystery keys in ,eys household. Usually found at the bottom of the junk drawer or in the pocket what to do with old keys pinterest an old coat, the mystery keys rarely reveal their purpose.

Don't let all of the old house, storage, bike and car keys clutter your house — use them, or lose them! For large organizations like offices, schools, and hotels, keys can add up quickly. While it might be convenient to just throw them in the trash, the fact is that some million keys are thrown away each year, left to sit in landfills.

Read on to learn how to recycle your keys correctly, or reuse them around the house in a creative and practical way. Lose It: Lynda dyer how to series, keys can be recycled at iwth recycling centers sith the mixed metals bin.

Make sure you take off any rubber edging or stickers so the facility can melt them down and reuse the metal. Call your local recycling center or look up their requirements online to pnterest sure they accept metals. Online organizations such as Key for Hope and Keys for Kindness collect keys via mail, melt them down for scrap metal, and donate the profits olx charity.

Mail in your own keys to get rid of your clutter and get some good karma in return. Take a look how to refill brake fluid the want ads on Craigslist.

You might get lucky and have someone who's willing to pay you for your keys, or just get them off your hands. If you have any older keys lying around, you may be able to create a unique work of art that adds a special touch to your home. Michelle and Justin of Dream Home DIY made this piece of homemade art out of a picture frame, burlap, and some old skeleton keys tied pinterezt ribbon.

Check out the full DIY here. Using keys in jewelry is also gaining steam. Whether it's an older key with a unique design or a more modern key with a special meaning, put it on a chain or ribbon to make an instant necklace.

Older keys can also whay great what to do with old keys pinterest elements for the holidays.

Here, Diana Martini from Please Sir made a simple evergreen wreath a little more personal what does digitally watermarked mean tying old keys and locks onto the branches. The same technique could be used on a Christmas tree to create a unique, vintage-styled tree. Use festive ribbon or twine to tie old keys all around the tree's branches.

Use It: Keys have a surprising amount of practical uses. Try using smaller keys as zipper pulls on bags and backpacks, or attach to pjnterest chains for lighting or ceiling fans. Use as weights for curtains or tablecloths to help them stay in place. Sew keys onto the inside hem of curtains or tablecloths, and you'll never have to deal with fluttering curtains or flyaway table settings again. See 8 comments. Explore Related Topics. Decorating Guides Housekeeping Organizing. Shop Related Categories.

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Recycled Metal Sculptures Key Coin Michael Moerkey:

Jul 20,  · Skeleton keys and plain old keys alike make beautiful arts and crafts products. A look on Pinterest yields many ideas for turning keys into new items such as jewelry, lampshades, Christmas tree ornaments and magnets. Keys make nice wind chimes because the jingling keys make a lovely sound when they blow in the breeze. Old Keys Transformed Into Rings. 2 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here do some serious bending, but it makes a unique piece of hand jewellery. Old Keys Transformed Into a Key Hanger. 1 – Original Source Used: >> Click Here old meets the new as the old keys are used to hang the new ones up. Getting them a little tweak upside the keys would serve as the sturdy hooks for your coat racks and key organizers. Sticking them together with glue then can be molded into some antique home crafts like the bowls, bottle, glass and the awesome round sculptures for display.

Is there a way to recycle these? Or am I just supposed to throw them out? Think about it. Every office building, every house, every store has doors, usually multiple doors, and every single one of those doors has keys. Every convenience store has a set of keys for it. The cashier has a key, the shift manager has a key. The store gets robbed and — Bam! Over the past several years, corporations and businesses have finally caught on to the trend, and double the keycards as identification cards as well which is what we do here at MNN world headquarters.

And now that I think about it, having people wear their keycard around their neck at work makes it much easier for you to pretend you know them instead of asking their name for the third time in a row. What does that even mean? What magic door does it open? What happens if you lose the key to the city? Does that mean everyone is locked out? Or is everyone locked in? Truth is, keys can indeed be recycled at most recycling centers in the mixed metals bin. Just make sure you take off the little rubber edging you have around it first.

They can often melt down and reuse the metal. If you set your mind to it and I know you will , you can come up with other ways to recycle those old keys. If not, check out a great website, keysforkindness. Chanie Kirschner. Chanie Kirschner is a writer, advice columnist, and educator who has covered topics ranging from parenting to fashion to sustainability.

Updated June 05, Share Twitter Pinterest Email. Environment Plastics Zero Waste.

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