What should i go to college for in this economy

what should i go to college for in this economy

Best Economics Degrees

Jun 04, The bachelor of science degree requires two math courses and an econometrics course that are not required with the bachelor of arts degree. Economics degrees lead to careers in academe, corporations, government, labor, and regional and urban planning services. Sep 09, Grad school has its downsides, too. One big dilemma is the potential financial hardship. Depending on the program, the average graduate degree program can cost upwards of $30, at a public university, and $40, at a private school. The thought of paying for a graduate degree can be overwhelming, even more so during challenging economic times.

Geneva College's mission is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.

Geneva College will inspire students to integrate faith in Christ into all aspects of life in the real world, and to serve faithfully within their callings for Christ and Country. When the economy is bad, adult students go back to school en masse to further their education. I would like to take a moment to provide some important reasons why you should not put off your education, and why going to school in an economic recovery makes perfect sense:.

Since we are now a global economy, our economic fate is tied to others. Many of the regions that we depend on for economic sustenance remain colleege. A war, terrorist attacks, or even natural disasters can cause repercussions back home. Many people put off going back to school while working, thinking they will wait until being unemployed to devote the time to be a student.

However, being unemployed also brings with it increased stress. The loss of income, changes to family and lifestyle, looking what happened to sid vicious wrestler a new job, or working several what is a tonsil cyst jobs thhis much stress and strain go the family unit.

While it might seem counterintuitive, the what is the average price of a new car to go back to school is when things are stable and busy, not unstable and uncertain. Waiting until you are unemployed to go back to school means you have to finance your education on your own.

That could mean taking out student loans. Whqt, many employers offer a tuition reimbursement benefit that could help defray some costs of going to school. Each year, millions of employees leave this benefit on the table simply because they do not use it. Even if it is a small amount, any financial assistance can defray the costs.

Education is about the long term. It may not necessarily give you a new job immediately, but it changes the trajectory of your potential future jobs and opportunities. Investing in your education now is like thks investing. If you wait too long, you will never reap the dividends of investing early. We are all growing older. Technology is changing; costs are changing, and companies are changing. There will always be excuses tomorrow. Complete the form in the footer below for a free consultation with one of our degree experts.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Skip to content. Request Info. Apply Now. Learn MORE! Ranked 3 Best Value by U. Bachelor's Programs. Master's Programs. The Economy is Good. Why should I go Back to School? I would like to take a moment to provide some important thiw why you should not put off your education, and why going to school in an economic recovery makes perfect sense: 1.

Our economy is much more volatile what should i go to college for in this economy decades past. Your employer may pay for part or all of it! Waiting until unemployed or a bad economy is a short-sighted approach. What if Sunday never ends. Challenges and Opportunities in Human Resources. Prepare for Strategic Leadership in Modern Business.

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Is College Worth It? Its Complicated, But Consider These Findings

By Ray Boshara, Senior Adviser and Director, Center for Household Financial Stability. Like a lot of college-bound high school seniors, my son has until May 1 to decide where hell go to college. His cousin is deciding whether to finish the college degree hes already pursuing since he thinks he can make a lot more money in Ohios now-legal medical marijuana industry. 5 Reasons to Get an Online Degree in a Good Economy. I have been in adult, non-traditional education for over 17 years, and in that time, there tends to be a correlation between the state of the economy and adult students interest in going back to school. When the economy is bad, adult students go back to school en masse to further their. On the heels of more than 10 years as a professional journalist, Heather Lalley has found herself back in class. After taking a buyout from The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington, then moving to Chicago to work as a freelance writer for a year, Lalley decided it was time to go back to school -- this time to become a classically trained baker. In April , Lalley, 33, took a major step.

Request new password. Thinking about going to college? Concerned about this economy? Hopefully this article will shed some light on college for the future. But we're not living in this world anymore. The last 10 years have totally changed everything. It's no longer enough to have a college degree. It's no longer enough to stay in the same position for the rest of your life.

Things are much more dynamic now. We have tons of competition overseas from people willing to work for a lot less. We have competition abroad from all the people with college degrees. Before you go out and get a college degree you really need to think through what is best for you. Really think this one through.

If most people are going to college and most people are poor, why should you go to college? Just because you hear about college your whole life doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Most people who go to college go because they don't know what else to do. It is kind of an act of confusion. If you're not really sure what to do and you're a bit scared about stepping out into the real world college can become quite appealing.

But college isn't always the answer. Look at how many people go to college never to use their degree or the field of their study. College is a huge commitment, especially if you're unsure of what you're doing. If you're going just because everyone else is going you're doing it wrong. College should have a specific reason and you should gauge the field that you want to work in before you go to college.

Want to become an engineer? Apply for engineering positions before school. Want to become a marketer? Apply for marketing positions before school. Often times you are much better off just jumping in without school. Yes, of course there are some positions that may require degrees like medical or law, but this isn't most people. Most people don't get these degrees. If you're just going for a general degree like Liberal Arts you probably shouldn't be going.

You always hear people say that you learn more in the first two weeks of your job than you do in all of college. If this is true then why would you ever want to go to school? Why not just get a job without college? Think you need a degree to get hired? Why do you think that? Have you ever tried to get hired without a degree?

Many employers are happy to find people who are young and willing to learn and do whatever it takes to get hired. Think about it from the employer's perspective. I'm an employer and I employ people all the time. When I hire somebody am I looking for somebody who has a degree that thinks I owe them something, or am I looking for somebody who doesn't have a degree but is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done?

I want somebody who is going to get the job done and work hard. I don't want some arrogant college grad, I want somebody who has the right personality and who wants to learn and grow. I hire non-college grads all the time -- in fact, I prefer people without college. A business wants to make money. If you can make a business money they will hire you and they will love you. They want somebody that can add value to their business.

College and a degree doesn't guarantee this for the employer, especially in this day. People lie, people cheat, degrees vary, there are just way too many uncertainties for the employer when it comes to college.

Just remember, if you can make the employer money you will be ahead of everyone else. We're living in tough times right now. The economy is way worse than we're led on when we listen to the news on TV. This economy is on pace for another crash just like we had in Is being in debt from college really worth it right now? I would be very, very careful. If you're getting student loans to go to college don't do it. I would not go to college with student loans. There is very little reason to get in debt to get a degree that you will have to spend 10 - 30 years of your life working out of.

College doesn't guarantee you a job. College doesn't guarantee you steady money. There are no guarantees with college. So don't think that there are. It's not fun or easy to pay off student loans after you go to college. You don't realize how serious it is until after you've gone. It's just not worth going in to debt over. There are so many better moves you can make besides college, especially in this economy and time.

Look for industries where money is being exchanged. There isn't money in things like magazine and traditional media.

These things are dying. There is money in Internet and mobile. These things are on the rise. Pay attention to markets and observe trends. Follow the pulse of what is on people's minds.

Programming and engineering are probably going to be big for a while. But you also have to realize that you will face extreme global competition in these fields It's no longer enough to just get a degree and live an easy life. You're going to really have to prove yourselves and add unique value. You're going up against the whole world and the whole world is willing to work for a lot less than you. You are going to have to win in creativity.

You can learn everything you would learn at college online. Remember that. College doesn't offer you anything special or unique.

If you really want to know something fire up Google and Youtube and start learning. The only thing stopping you from becoming an expert in any field is no longer college, you don't need college anymore. Seriously, Google and Youtube, and other sites, are absolutely amazing when it comes to real education. Why listen to a professor when you can listen to many professors on Youtube? Why read the books schools want you to read when you can read whatever interests you right now on Google? Here's a protip: sales is always needed, in any business.

All businesses need sales. Microsoft needs sales, Google needs sales, Amazon needs sales, Pixar needs sales, Exxon needs sales and on and on. Sales is one of the most necessary parts of any business. So if you can get good at sales, you will always be needed.

Sales is direct money into the business' pocket. Any time you're making a business money you're going to be making money. So if you're really unsure of what to do and what will be needed far into the future look no further: sales. Sales will always be needed because that is the core part of money coming in for businesses.

Money starts at sales. So if you're really unsure of what to do learn how to talk to people and learn how to close deals. That's where the real money is.

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