What not to do in singapore

what not to do in singapore

Things NOT to do in Singapore

May 28, Here are 15 things NOT to do in Singapore. 1. Dont Chew Gum Unless you Have Prescription Most people are aware that Singapore is fastidious when it comes to urban cleanliness. Jan 29, 15 Things Not To Do In Singapore 1. Do Not Litter. As easy as it seems, you do not want to overlook it in Singapore. Singapore is one of the cleanest 2. Chewing Gum Can Earn You A Penalty. As devoted as Singapore is to its cleanliness, it has strict opinions about 3. Avoid Taking Public.

You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. Singapore is a global hub of education, culture, entertainment, tourism, and trade. It has the highest diversity in terms of religion and culture. The country has been adjudged as the best city in the world several times in a row.

The city has formulated several rules and regulations that it expects everyone to abide by. The locals are as vigilant as the authorities about maintaining peace and order. To make sure you do not land in trouble while visiting this fine city, we have put together a list of 15 things not to do in Singapore what liquid to use in ultrasonic cleaner you should take care of:.

As easy as it seems, you do not want to overlook it in Singapore. Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world and plans to stay that way. The rules regarding the smallest what instruments are used in irish folk music are taken very seriously.

If caught littering, you could be charged with a fine of INR 21, or you could be penalized to do community work in Singapore to make up for your offense. That is definitely not something you want to pursue your vacation. As devoted as Singapore is to its cleanliness, it has strict opinions about people chewing gum.

Even the shops in Singapore do not sell gum because sometimes the way it is disposed of is what not to do in singapore in accordance with the cleanliness standards of the city.

You are not allowed to chew gum until and unless you have a prescription. If you are traveling in groups and intend to keep your pack intact throughout your vacation, in Singapore, you must avoid taking trains or buses during peak hours, i. This is also advised in case you do not know the city as the back of your hand, of which the chances are high. The public transports are highly crowded during these hours and you, as a tourist, do not want to be a part of this crowd.

Although no legal action against you would be taken, someone might get offended if you show your feet, point with your toes or somehow shoe what not to do in singapore bottom of your feet. Singapore is an amalgamation of people from all over Asia and in the view of many Asian people lowly feet are considered dirty and showing them to someone might come off as disrespect. Similarly, you do not want to pat someone on their head, even kids because the head is considered sacred and you do not want to meddle with it.

Religion and Politics are the sensitive strings you do not want to tug at. The religious harmony and tolerance here is already at its best and is the last thing you want to put to imbalance here.

Respectful conversations are harmless but do not start one until you know you can keep your cool. Singapore is composed of multicultural societies and you are expected to be sensitive to the fact.

You do not want to disrespect the people who served you well! When we talk about public transport, the station premises and waiting areas are included. When visiting Singapore, you do not want to commit a crime akin to hacking. This is not an empty warning but actually holds true under the Computer Misuse Act.

In a place like Singapore, it is very likely that you might have had amazing hosts or made friends with a few local citizens during a longer stay and it is also very likely that you want to gift these people something before you bid what not to do in singapore. In Singapore, it is advised to be very careful with what are you giving to whom.

Moreover, it is ill-advised to use your left hand while passing a gift to someone. And while accepting one, do not jump at the gift with excitement but refuse it thrice, graciously without finally accepting it. And even though Singapore might not be the only place with the non-smoking protocol, Singapore is pretty intolerant about it.

In Singapore, there are areas which are designated for smoking and you could light it up there with all the ease. Although this is one of the most common etiquettes of the entire mankind, make it a point to not point your finger at someone here.

It is considered rude and should be avoided. Even before arriving here, it is advised to keep your system clean. Singapore prides itself on its tough stance and if traces of any sorts of illegal drugs are detected in your body, one of the best trips of your life might just turn into your worst nightmare.

As outrageous as it sounds to you, it does not matter because there is a reason Singapore is one of the countries with the lowest rate of drug abuse. Image Courtesy: daily. This is one of the must remember things you should not do in Singapore. Although it is generally a civic duty and human mannerisms to press the flush after finishing off your business, Singapore has taken this task to a legal extreme.

This might sound barbaric to some, but think about being welcomed by a clean and hygienic public loo to get done with your doody! How to do ronaldo soccer tricks Source. Nudity is a big no in Singapore, be it in public or in private! It is better to keep all the curtains closed well. As for adult films, it is advised that one avoids watching them even in private.

The MDA in Singapore is mainly concerned about purveyors and distributors of these adult films, but consumers should also treat cautiously.

Singapore is home to the fastest railway network, the Mass Rapid Transit system taking a taxi would anyway be an insult to it. The cost of taxis in Singapore is pretty high and that can be avoided by making use of the other famous public transport. The MRT is not only a comfortable mode to travel around the city, but most of the main landmarks of Singapore are also within the vicinity of the station. Moreover, the public also has access to the buses which are well air-conditioned double-deckers and offer some of the most scenic views of the nation well under budget.

It is worth following all the rules, as minor as they seem, of a country. You do not want to disrespect the local citizens or embarrass your own self on your Book what not to do in singapore trip to Singapore.

Singapore would be one of the best experiences of your life, provided you do not meddle with its code of conduct. Most of the rules states here fall under the category of common civil conduct and if you rolled your eyes reading even a single one of there, it is time you do a self-check.

Yes, wearing shorts in Singapore is not an issue. Although, there are a few exceptions where shorts are a big no-no such as places of worship, fine dining, clubs, and other formal settings. There are ample souvenirs that one can buy when in Singapore such as miniatures of Merlion, gold plated orchids, orchid perfumes, coconut jam, and many others. One can also buy apparel, electronics, and other such items from Singapore.

Yes, one can use debit cards in Singapore. If we compare the prices of Singapore and other countries, phones are a few percents cheaper in the nation. Book Now. Book Nowk. Visit Website. Thank You! Written by Sushmita Ghangas. What does resolution mean in computer terms Not Litter. Can you wear shorts in Singapore? What should I buy in Singapore? Can I use my debit card in Singapore?

Are phones cheaper in Singapore? Where can I buy cheap things in Singapore? COM Visit Website. Neelabja Adkuloo. Social Score.

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Its famously illegal to chew gum in Singapore and while youre highly unlikely to be placed under arrest for popping a piece, it wont earn you any mates. Instead, follow the rules: dont chew gum (you wont be able to buy it here anyway), dont jaywalk, only smoke in designated areas and never litter. Sep 11, Things NOT to do in Singapore. Coming to Singapore. When arriving in Changi Airport, even though you can take the monorail to other terminals and clear the immigration from there, When in public places. When taking public transportation. When eating out. Shopping tips.

Follow this maxim to a T and you are sure to have a great holiday in Singapore. It was achieved through stringent rules and regulations that has made the country a safe haven with negligible crime rates. As tourists, it is good to be aware of these rules to avoid unnecessary troubles during your stay! People who smuggle drugs into Singapore are given the death penalty.

Laws in Singapore do not discriminate when it comes to possession or consumption of drugs. If you are selected for a screening and test positive for an illegal drug, you might be jailed and fined. Attempting to get a hold of drugs is a very serious offence in Singapore as seen in the recent case of Ong Jenn, the grandson of the founder of a famous chain of stores in Singapore.

He was arrested when he was on his way to collect the drugs from his dealer and was sentenced to two years in prison. Carrying tobacco into Singapore is not straightforward. Tobacco in Singapore is taxed heavily and even a single packet of cigarette is not ignored. Added to the list of prohibited items that you cannot bring into the country is shisha, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, d issolvable tobacco or nicotine, gutkha, khaini and zarda. Tourists traveling from Malaysia and Thailand need to be especially careful, because cheap tobacco bought in those countries will be heavily taxed in Singapore.

There is a limit to the amount of alcohol one can bring into Singapore. This might come as a surprise to many because areas like Clarke Quay are dedicated to pubs and clubs that serve copious amounts of alcohol. You can partake in Singapore, but the quantity you can bring in is limited to 3 litres. This is the breakdown of alcohol that you can bring in. If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed, you cannot bring in more than a litre of spirits.

If you do bring in more than a litre of spirits, you must disclose your alcohol in the red channel, where you will be taxed. Another set of stipulations that you should follow to not get caught is. The sale of chewing gum in Singapore is illegal. Bringing it into the country is out of the question.

This might seem a very harsh measure but chewing gums at one point were prevalent in Singapore and it was an annoyance because they were stuck on park chairs, metro doors and other places. It was considered a menace and banned. That being said, not all chewing gums are banned. Chewing gums that help a person in terms of betterment of their health is allowed. But you need to carry an official prescription from a doctor. Possession of pornography is illegal in Singapore.

That includes both physical copies and digital copies of pornography. Do not carry any magazines with scantily clad people because that falls under the gamut of pornography. Piracy laws in Singapore are tight and attract penalties.

There is no reprieve from the law just because you are a tourist and the below mentioned points are a few rules that a lot of tourists break and get into trouble for. Littering is a big no no in Singapore. If you have anything to throw, keep it in your pockets or your bag and look for a bin to throw your waste. The National Environment Agency is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of Singapore and if an officer from the agency spots you throwing rubbish on the ground, you are sure to be fined.

In most cases you will also be shown a video on environmental cleanliness and the efforts it takes to keep a city clean. Spitting is also as bad as littering and its considered unhygienic and a hazard to the environment. If you are in the streets, keep your bodily fluids within you! Retail shops are also not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol from You are allowed to drink in restaurants, bars and pubs.

But keep those shots in check because causing nuisance in an inebriated state is sure to land you in jail. The legal drinking age in Singapore is This means that the legal age to buy liquor or alcoholic beverages and drink liquor in any licensed premises which will include bars, restaurants and any place selling liquor legally is Some tourists have the habit of carving their initials in public monuments, this is a dangerous action in Singapore, because the laws for vandalizing public property are strict.

You are out and about in the country, enjoying the tall buildings and clean roads. You might have broken a law in Singapore which is jaywalking. Jaywalking may not be enforced in many countries, but it is enforced in Singapore. So how do you define jaywalking? Overstaying your visa by 90 days can be detrimental to your physical and financial well being.

You can face up to 7 years in prison for shoplifting and up to 3 years for theft. Both these offences include a fine on top of the prison sentence. Smokers need to tread carefully when in Singapore. A single puff in the wrong place can attract a slew of penalties. If you wish to smoke, find dedicated smoking zones and have a puff there, if not, enjoy a smoke free holiday!

In fact, Singapore is one of the safest and best countries to travel. You can walk alone at midnight in a quiet street without a hint of worry.

You can have ample fun while in Singapore and if you are a model citizen in your country, you will be fine as a tourist in Singapore.

Just understanding the laws of Singapore can keep you out of trouble! You must be logged in to post a comment. Email Address required. What not to carry and what not to do in Singapore. Home Blog What not to carry and what not to do in Singapore. When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do. Things not to carry to Singapore 1.

One litre of spirits, one litre of wine and one litre of beer or, Two litres of wine and one litre of beer or, One litre of wine and two litres of beer. Another set of stipulations that you should follow to not get caught is You must be more than 18 years of age to bring in alcohol You should have spent more than 48 hours outside of Singapore You cannot be arriving from Malaysia.

Do not carry any pornographic material Possession of pornography is illegal in Singapore. Things not to do in Singapore. Singapore is the safest tourist destination you can find. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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