What is the most durable wood flooring

what is the most durable wood flooring

The 13 Most Durable Wood Flooring Options

Nov 26, If youre looking for the most durable wood flooring there is, Brazilian walnut is going to be right near the top of the list. Its not the hardest wood in the world, but as far as woods commonly used for flooring are concerned, its #1 with a whopping Janka rating. Brazilian walnut boasts a deep color and a gorgeous grain. Jun 13, The most durable types of hardwood flooring that you can find are hickory, oak, ash, maple, walnut, ebony, and pecan. You can tell the durability of the flooring by looking at its Janka rating, which is a measurement of the toughness and durability of wood.

You durablle the most durable wood flooring around. Whatever the case, your hardwood floors need to stand up to abuse for years to come.

So where do you go from here? How do you find out which wood species are the most durable? The first question to ask yourself when looking at hardwood flooring is whether you want engineered or solid wood. Unlike solid hardwood, which can warp and swell with these changes, engineered hardwood stays in place. But remember: while engineered hardwood might be the most durable wood flooring when it comes to environmental changes, it is not necessarily water-resistant wood flooring.

If for you, durability is the same as como se instala whatsapp en android, then solid wood is going to durablw the most durable wood flooring. It can be refinished almost indefinitely!

Even the best foloring wood flooring how to draw a toxic waste sign can only be refinished a couple of times at most due to the thinness of the veneer. This is by far one of the biggest engineered wood disadvantages there is, though most products purchased from the best engineered wood flooring brands can be refinished at least once. When it comes to the solid vs.

There are literally hundreds of wood flooring types to choose from. How do you know which species will make the most durable wood flooring? Hardness is an indication of how well that wood will stand up to surface-level wear and tear.

Fun name, right? The Janka Scale measures the pounds of force needed to shove a steel ball halfway through a piece of wood.

The higher Janka rating, the more durable the wood flooring. What is a turret press woods tend to have the highest Janka rating. But of course, the higher you go on the Janka Hardness Scale, the higher your wood flooring cost is probably going to be. Just remember: these are our picks for the most durable hardwood species for flooring.

When we talk about the What is the most durable wood flooring Scale, we often use oak as a curable point. So when we talk about the most durable wood flooring, this is one of the best bets. Hickory is the most durable wood species grown domestically with a Janka rating around So while there might be some disadvantages of hickory flooringstrength is not among them. Hickory is a beautiful and unique wood species that sports various colors and a ton of grain character.

Seriouslysome of durabe most beautiful wood floor patterns use hickory to make them pop. One of the most common exotic hardwood species for flooring, Santos mahogany is a super durable wood flooring option. Santos mahogany comes in around on the Janka scale and features a deep red color with a tight grain. Maple flooring is commonly used for basketball courts because of its shock-absorbing properties. Ebony flooring clocks in at a super-high on the Janka scale.

Unfortunately, these unique qualities make ebony a little too clooring. In fact, the wood is threatened and extremely hard to come by in the flokring needed for flooring. But if you can somehow come by ethically-sourced ebony, it is one of the most durable wood flooring options around. Teak is an extremely durable wood flooring choice with a Janka rating of Imbued with tons of natural oils and resins, teak is extremely glossy and beautiful even without the use of finish.

That explain what caused the french and indian war, teak may be a little too pricey to use as something like mudroom flooring. Cumaru, or Brazilian teak, sports a ridiculously high ,ost rating of That alone would have earned it a spot on our list of the most durable wood flooring choices.

Ash flooring combines an excellent Janka rating of with a light, stylish grain that looks great in modern designs. Unfortunately, ash trees are currently threatened by a blight caused by the emerald ash borer beetleso it may not be the most environmentally friendly flooring choice on this list. On the other side of the coin, we have jatoba sometimes known as Brazilian cherry which is, thankfully, resistant to termites and other pests. Really strong. Jatoba has a Janka rating of This makes jatoba a great choice for buyers looking for a strong, beautiful, and relatively sustainable wood flooring choice.

Goncalo alvesalso known as tigerwood sports a on the Janka scale. So why is it called tigerwood? Because its amazing grain appears in stripes of alternating colors, just like the stripes of a Bengal tiger! You can even buy engineered bamboo flooring! And take it from us, the pros and cons of engineered bamboo flooring are almost all pros.

Hemp flooring is one of the newest types of flooring around, as hemp has only been legal to grow in the US for industrial purposes since And while there are only one what is the most durable wood flooring two companies currently producing it, hemp rivals all of the most durable wood flooring choices around in terms of hardness and looks.

Brazilian walnut boasts a deep color and a gorgeous grain. But remember: like a lot of exotic woods, Brazilian walnut has seen issues with illegal harvestingso make sure to only buy Brazilian walnut from an FSC-certified retailer. Compare tile vs. Wood can be purchased with or without a finish, and tile can be purchased with or without a glaze. And while not all types of floor tiles are glazed, the ones that are are what is the most durable wood flooring more durable.

These days, a huge number of wood floors come pre-finished especially at retail. That means you need to ask your flooring retailer about the durability of any finish you purchase. Some of the most common are:. We mentioned bamboo jost little earlier, but we want to go into a little more detail since there are so many options to choose from!

Basically, laminate can be made to look like absolutely anything thanks to its photo-realistic image layer. And more importantly, that plasticate wear layer is extremely durable. Laminate flooring was invented in the s by Pergowho still lfooring it today along with a bunch of other manufacturers you can check out some Pergo and Pergo Extreme reviews here.

At the higher end of the price range, laminate can be even more durable than many wood flooring options. Check out this comparison of vinyl plank vs. Are woos some disadvantages of cork flooring? We speak from experience. Finding dugable ideal type of wood flooring for dogs can be a challenge, as every wood can be dented and chipped. And since pet urine, scratch marks, and slobber can all wreak havoc on your floor, you may end up refinishing your wood floors more often than someone without pets.

And that means solid wood could be the better choice for you. Think about it this surable if this were a comparison between bamboo flooring vs. At the end of the day, the most durable wood flooring depends on you.

Our advice? Use this flooring stores near me tool to find a local retailer in your area. They can help you with everything. And for more information on all things flooring, check out:. Fredrick is a writer that loves providing a good story. If he's not on his couch working, he can be found gaming in what is the most durable wood flooring man cave.

Your email address will not be published. April 21, Outdoor vinyl flooring: is it the same as indoor vinyl flooring? Does it actually last in the elements? Who makes it? Is it even a thing? While most vinyl products are strictly intended for indoor use, vinyl is a seriously robust []. April dugable, So: is it better to glue down vinyl plank flooring, or to install it as a floating floor?

Which products should you look for, and which should you avoid? What features should high-quality laminate have? And most importantly, what are the best laminate flooring brands to buy from?

In this []. Oak: The Industry Standard 4. Maple: Contemporary and Shock-Absorbant 4. Teak: Water-Resistant and Glossy 4. Ash: Stylish and Hard 4. Goncalo Alves Tigerwood : Unique and Striking 4. Bamboo: Hard and One-of-a-Kind 4. Hemp: Super New and Super Durable 4. Our team of flooring experts is here to help. About The Author.

Are floors always finished on-site?

Red oak, one of the most common hardwood flooring species, ranks 1, Brazilian cherry, a more exotic species, ranks 2, Black walnut, one of the softer hardwoods, ranks 1,, while Douglas fir is even softer at on the scale and will scuff or dent easier than a hardwood. Jan 14, Most Durable Hardwood Flooring Ebony, cherry, live oak, or bamboo are the most durable choices. These extremely hard woods (and wood-like bamboo) wear well and are more resistant to minor damage than other options. Best Value Wood Flooring. Jan 24, Solid hardwood flooring is certainly a durable flooring option and high quality, well maintained hardwood floor will outlast us all! Nevertheless, there is plenty to consider if we want the most durable hardwood floor available. Here are three factors to consider. Wood hardness All hardwood is rated on the Janka scale for hardness.

You expect your flooring to last for a long time. Floor installation is an expensive, time-consuming project, and you don't want to have to replace it every few years.

Or you might need especially durable flooring because you have children or dogs. Pick a type of flooring that is durable for your home and for your own particular needs. Bamboo is a type of grass. While this grass is incredibly difficult to remove from your yard, it becomes surprisingly effective and attractive when turned into flooring. The secret to bamboo flooring's sky-high Janka durability ratings lies in three factors: stalk placement, added materials, and quality of bamboo.

Look at Janka scale durability ratings for traditional vs. The Janka scale for the hardness of wood effectively maxes when you get to around Some companies, though, do advertise an extremely high Janka hardness rating of around for their flooring.

While resilient flooring might be a term invented by flooring companies to market their products, the term describes this type of flooring well. Also known as vinyl flooring , this classic product is percent moisture-resistant and laboratory-engineered to last for a very long time.

Sheet vinyl is your best bet if pure resilience is your priority. In small rooms, you can skate by with just one seam or, if the room is small enough, no seams at all. Because seams are one factor that contributes to flooring deterioration, the reduction of seams becomes an important point.

Plank resilient and tile resilient run a close second because of the seams. Durable in some waysbut categorically not in other waystile wins out over other types of flooring because of its appearance.

Tile is durable against scratches and spills; tile lives for those kinds of emergencies. But drop a jar of pickles and it will undoubtedly crack. Balanced with tile's sheer good looks and the creative blank slate that it offers, most homeowners are happy to take the chance with the occasional dropped item that could crack the tile.

Expert ood installation helps. An improper sub-floor or voids remaining below tiles contribute to cracking. Poorly grouted tile , too, will introduce moisture below the tiles, swelling sub-floor systems and creating movement that cracks the tile. Laminate is becoming more durable as manufacturers improve laminate's wear layer and base. That top layerthe transparent wear layercan be amazingly resistant to scratches from dog claws and chairs being pushed in and out. AC, or Abrasion Class, ratings tell you how durable a laminate floor will be.

Ranging from AC1 moderate to AC5 heavy , these numbers, usually found in the specs section of a product description, let you know how well the laminate will hold up against traffic. Despite laminate's abrasion resistance, the moment the dishwasher leaks, a large portion of your kitchen floor just might suffer.

For high-moisture environments, it is possible to buy waterproof laminate flooring. However, because waterproof laminate dispenses with all wood content, it obliterates the line between laminate flooring and resilient flooring. If durability is your priority and you are debating whether to purchase vinyl or laminate , go with vinyl.

Hardwood's saving grace is that it can be restored to perfect condition. Hardwood , even the hardest, will scratch. Are the scratches and gouges part of solid hardwood flooring's natural beauty? It all depends on the eye of the beholder. Should the floor become scratches, it can be deeply sanded with the most powerful sander of all, a drum sander. After a pass or two with a drum sander, most solid hardwood floors can be brought back to their original appearance. Engineered wood flooring lasts as long as its thin veneer top lasts.

Engineered wood's thin veneer will scratch just as much as solid hardwood, yet it cannot be sanded as frequently. To help engineered wood last longer, use plenty of throw rugs, area rugs , and runners. Reconsider using this flooring if you have large clawed pets.

Or take precautions to protect your flooring in the key areas where the pets spend most of their time. Concrete floors are a trendy staple of restaurants and clubs, and the reason is durability.

Concrete is the most durable floor you can have in your home. Concrete floors are typically stained to order and can look quite lovely. Comfort can be lacking, though. Unless radiant heating is installed, concrete is cold. Unless mats and area rugs are introduced, concrete will always be hard underfoot. Unless those soft floor coverings encompass a significant portion of the room, the sound will reverberate.

While concrete may not work for all areas of your house, it can be a worthy addition to certain spaces that can benefit from moisture-shedding, durable flooring such as this. Natural stone is a durable flooring that has lasted for thousands of years in the mountains. This alone should be a vote of confidence for natural stone's ability to weather anything that comes its way.

Travertine and other natural floors vie with concrete for durability, though some stones such as marble can wear down faster than you might expect. In This Article Expand. Ceramic and Porcelain. Solid Hardwood. Engineered Wood. Natural Stone. Related Topics. Read More.

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