What is the meaning of the word resilient

what is the meaning of the word resilient

resilience (n.)

Synonyms for resilient include strong, tough, hardy, irrepressible, gritty, hardened, inured, resolute, spirited and stalwart. Find more similar words at facetimepc.co! resilience definition: 1. the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened. Learn more.

Take meanjng pick! Words and phrases resilientt choosing things. He was very contemptuous of " popular " writerswhom he described as having no talent. Synonym scornful. Not liking. Related word contemptuously adverb. As one of the senior members of the Senatehe was openly contemptuous of its junior members. Examples of contemptuous. Disciplined, resilient, intellectual, proud, contemptuous of others, immune to criticism from the outside, they are how to make a rubber band powered plane fashioned for survival.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. The tone of their assessments is contemptuous in nature, however unfortunately, as stated earlier, such 'play' can do much to increase technical confidence and ability.

The meannig thus reverses the whqt vector of disapproval of or disgust for, or contemptuous 'admiration' of males in loincloth, animal skins, unruly hair. Revivalists were contemptuous of church bureaucracy, disrespectful of meanning laws. In the preceding discussion we have considered the case where a defendant is found but is contemptuous of legal process.

For this is not an indiscriminately contemptuous woman. We are contemptuous of intolerance, but have developed a new list of things we cannot tolerate. If they saw the abysmal maning and technical level of what is the meaning of the word resilient applications that confront the wprd conservation officer, they would be less contemptuous. It shall remind us of what happens when freedom, the most precious good of mankind, gets lost and is replaced by dogmas contemptuous of human life.

It is more likely that physicians and students who have an attitude of respect toward their patients will try to behave respectfully than someone who is disdainful or contemptuous. She was contemptuous of the educational establishments and employers that refused to recognise her abilities and of the benefits authorities that didn't understand the systems they were supposed to operate.

Brown, in particular, was contemptuous of the foreign office's caution and, convinced that his officials were plotting against him, ignored advice he did not want to hear p. Lee himself is very fair in his comments, not contemptuous of attitudes resi,ient which he disagrees, or scrupulously careful to avoid giving offence to any group of readers.

He said, in a rather contemptuous way, that these wretched people were not even fit to run the dhat and police services. From the How to do a sumo deadlift archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. It suits them to forget the postmen's strike and the contemptuous way in which they ground the postmen into ignominious defeat.

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Moral Sentence Examples

Resilience definition is - the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress. How to use resilience in a sentence. Using resilience . RESILIENCE Meaning: "act of rebounding," from Latin resiliens, present participle of resilire "to rebound, recoil," from re- See definitions of resilience. contemptuous definition: 1. expressing contempt: 2. expressing contempt: 3. expressing or feeling a lack of respect. Learn more.

So you're not a "10" in every which way. But you're probably pretty spectacular in some way, and definitely good enough in most areas of life. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up for being human, it is now.

Verified by Psychology Today. Between Cultures. Posted Oct 11, Reviewed by Jessica Schrader. From decades of research and clinical experience, Dr. Froma Walsh, one of the leading authorities on family resilience, has identified nine processes around the beliefs, organization, and communication of families that can shape their response to adversity.

Family resilience, as Dr. Walsh points out, is not just about weathering a storm. We all strive for resilience. But how are resources for resilience built within a unit of unique individuals, circumstances, and dynamics? With the magic of the small, everyday things, it appears.

A conversation here, an activity there. Word by word, bond after bond, families fill their wells with strength and wisdom , hope and creativity. And the reassurance of this common well of reserves becomes a big part of their resilience. Earlier, the idea of strong families involved a set of traits: you either had them or you didn't. But families come with various values and structures, and what matters are their interactional processes: how they support each other.

Another surprise was how adversity itself can turn into an opportunity to become stronger, together. Resilience is something that can be built at any point in the lifecycle, even in the most vulnerable families.

As a clinician, it has helped me to see the possibilities for gaining resilience. Most families put the nine processes of resilience together differently and creatively, like recipes. The beliefs or practices can be either skills or ways of thinking and being together that promote adaptation to the situation and enable families to have hope in really dark times. They can also enable family members to take action when they feel stuck or have a positive outlook.

Another one is making meaning of what you are going through in a way that facilitates your adaptation. There is also transcendence; the idea that there is a larger purpose. There are the family role models, like a grandmother who kept them strong because they knew that it was possible.

And in a lot of cases, there was their spirituality. He helps our family to get through. A basic premise in family systems is: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Rather, there has to be a sense of common purpose and mutual interdependency. We are here to support each other and care about each other. When one falls back or needs help, the others will step forward.

This way, the resilience of the family unit will trickle down to each individual, because each family member is participating in the resilience. They could draw pictures, sweep up, or help Mom. The key is that everyone plays a part.

A relational approach of resilience is how can we become strong on our own and build a network around us, that we are not forced to do it on our own. For international adaptation, a lot has to do with openness. But immersion is important, and so is leaving your comfort zone.

Start having conversations with people. Invite them to your home. Share a meal. In other words, go outwards and open your boundaries. It will enrich your experience while enlarging your heart and your mind.

But don't cut yourself from your past. If you were to cut off a plant from its roots and transplant it elsewhere, it will not survive. You have to bring some of its roots with it. Communication helps family members feel more connected. For instance, children can prepare a meal with their parents when someone comes over. Or parents can take their children when they visit new places.

Whatever the activity, parents can reflect on it with their children afterward and make meaning of the occasion by talking about it.

What surprised you? What parents impart onto their children and the way they carry themselves is so important. In a way, they are conveying a set of attitudes and beliefs to their kids. Also, as part of communication, an important aspect in family resilience is to acknowledge the hardships.

You have to sit with family members, comfort them, and acknowledge their feelings. It is also finding things to celebrate, finding ways to have fun or to laugh at mistakes.

We can look at adversity and see all the ways that it can run us down. Or we can think of it as something that will transform and empower us. Many thanks to Froma Walsh for being generous with her time and insights.

Walsh is the author of Strengthening Family Resilience , 3rd edition. Southwick, S. Resilience and mental health: Challenges across the lifespan. Cambridge University Press. Walsh, F. Family resilience: a collaborative approach in response to stressful life challenges. Resilience and mental health: Challenges across the lifespan , Marianna Pogosyan, Ph.

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Marianna Pogosyan Ph. Resilience What Makes Families Resilient? Nurturing strength amid adversity. References Southwick, S. About the Author. Read Next. Resilience and Relationships. Cuddle a Cow: The New Psychotherapy. Raising Resilience by Supporting Parents. When the Going Gets Tough. Resilience Essential Reads. Behind the Veil of Grief.

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