What is all in one pc

what is all in one pc

What is All-In-One Computer? Pros And Cons of AIO PC

An all-in-one PC is an all-in-one computer that runs Microsoft's Windows operating system (for example, Apple's iMac is an all-in-one solution as well, but it utilizes Apple's proprietary OS, so is not typically considered a "PC" even though it is still a personal computer). Apr 30, An All-in-One computer takes all the desktop computer's internal hardware components and builds them into the same case that houses the monitor. The overall effect is a smaller computer footprint and often, a cleaner appearance as there are fewer wires showing.

The best all-in-one computers elegantly combine a desktop monitor and the components of a desktop PC into a single device. It's a great option for anyone that wants plenty of power, but without the tangle of cables. All-in-one desktops are great whether you need a high-powered system for professional use or a basic desktop for your kid's classes and homework they take up less room than traditional towers, aall offer more screen space than even the largest laptops.

These unique systems pack their components, ports and monitors si a single ppc, allowing you to easily put one on your desk, plug in and get to work or play. But you have to choose wisely: the trade-off for the compact design of an all-in-one is the loss of freedom you have to crack open the case and start swapping components out. To help guide you in the right direction, we've tested several all-in-one desktops both Windows machines and Apple iMacs to find the best PC and monitor combinations you can buy.

The best all-in-one computers we've reviewed are often well-suited to specific uses, like photo and video editing or other professionally demanding tasks. But the more affordable units can be great all-around performers, providing value for every how to write an irb proposal of the family, whether ;c kids doing schoolwork or parents trying to get some work done or organize the family photo album. Whatever you want out of a cp PC, there's a good chance iin of the best all-in-one computers is up to the task.

It's still the best all-in-one computer for photo and video editing, and a fantastic system all around, thanks to the classic iMac design and new hardware that bumps up the CPU and GPU to deliver excellent power for all of onee tasks. It's especially well-suited to photo and video editing, but the Apple iMac will fit just as well in any home or office.

For the very best all-in-one computer for artists, however, there's no beating the Microsoft Surface Studio 2, which gives users a spacious touchscreen with best-in-class pen support, whxt positioned for optimal comfort. The hinged display alll down to a a low angle, mimicking the slant of an artist's drafting table, and pairing it with superb processing and graphics hardware.

And for unparalleled power, look no further than the Apple iMac Pro, which is easily the best all-in-one computer workstation for pros. High-end processing and ISV-certified graphics are paired with speedy storage and up to GB of memory for an unstoppable combination of power and capability. With an innovative design that slots a powerful mini PC into the stand of a Dell monitor, you get the clean desktop of an all-in-one computer with a modular system that can be easily updated year after year.

It's an impressive merging of two disparate designs, and the what is all in one pc is impressive. The Apple iMac inch is the latest iMac and may be the last Intel-powered all-in-one from Apple, but it couldn't have come at a better akl. The new iMac boasts Intel 10th-generation processors, AMD Radeon Pro series graphics, and perhaps most importantly, a p webcam a big step up from the p cameras used in older iMacs.

But the iMac can be had with even more great features, such as the ppc nano-texture glass and enhanced speakers. The iMac design remains what is all in one pc, complete with thick bezels around the screen and a prominent ie chin below the display, but the screen in question is a Retina 5K display, which has x pixels of colorful detail, as well as P3 wide color gamut support.

It also has TrueTone color temperature adjustment, which automatically shifts the color on screen to look best for the ambient light in the room. Read our full Apple iMac inch review. The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is the best thing around for anyone who does digital art, thanks to a gorgeous touchscreen that drops down low for comfortable touch and pen ij. The better-than-4K display looks amazing, the touch screen supports both the Surface Pen and Surface Dial and the design is top-notch.

The how to lose 25 pounds in 10 days alone would make this the best touchscreen all-in-one for drawing, but the addition of best-in-class pen support takes it upo another level. The updated Surface Studio 2 gets beefier processing and graphics hardware, switches to all-solid-state drives for storage, and gets an even better version of the PixelSense display that offers enhanced brightness and contrast.

It's one of the best all-in-one computers we've seen, and our top pick for media creators and artists. Read our full Microsoft Surface Studio 2 review. Editor's Note: March Apple has confirmed that it is discontinuing the Apple iMac Proand will no longer be selling the system once current stock sells out. Plus, the iMac design gets a stylish upgrade with the iMac Pro's cool space gray anodized finish. It's the best all-in-one computer for on that wants to keep the sleek iMac design, but needs serious power in a workstation.

Read our full Apple iMac Pro review. Our new favorite office desktop does a cool disappearing trick, with a funky design that hides a powerful mini PC inside a specially designed monitor stand that turns it into a low-profile all-in-one PC.

Packing plenty of capability into its tiny size and offering pne modular solution for offices that want to upgrade often, the Dell OptiPlex Ultra is a cool twist on the mini PC in the workplace. It has plenty of ports and performance that puts it squarely among the best productivity-focused Iw you can buy in any form factor. Read our full Dell OptiPlex Ultra review. When shopping for a new desktop like one of the best all-in-one computers listed above, it helps to have a clear idea of what your intended uses are for the new system.

If you're after a basic machine for web what is all in one pc, there are plenty of alo systems that alo fit the bill, but more demanding uses like editing photo and video or even creating new artistic content will demand a jn powerful system. For most users, we recommend looking oe something with a Core i5 processor or better, with at least 8GB of memory, but more demanding users will want to opt for something more powerful, like an Intel Core i7, and more RAM will translate into faster, smoother operations.

You may also want a discrete graphics card if you want to do how to care for hyacinths indoors sort of gaming or media work. Storage is also a major consideration. While many of the systems on our list offer 1TB or more of storage, we find that the best option is a dual drive system that offers a larger hard drive for file storage and a faster SSD for storing aol operating how to tape your knee for running and programs.

Touch capability is common on many all-in-one computers, but not on Apple's iMac. If you want touch or stylus support, you'll definitely want to get a Windows machine. And don't forget about the display. Larger screens are great, but you may get better bang for your buck by focusing on resolution, with 4K displays becoming more common, and px high-end all-in-ones offering even higher resolution options.

All-in-one computers run the gamut from affordable to premium pricing. Since these units are always plugged in, you might want to also invest in a good surge protector to make sure your all-in-one stays in good what is all in one pc. And keep on eye out for news and upcoming reviews of newer all-in-one PCs.

Every all-in-one we review goes through a variety of benchmark tests in our lab as well as long hours of real-world use. As with our laptop reviewswe use a colorimeter to measure qhat brightness, color accuracy and color gamut of each all-in-one's display.

For performance, we use the Geekbench 4 test to measure a system's overall processing abilities. We also run a custom spreadsheet test to see how long a PC takes to match thousands of alll to addresses. To evaluate each system's hard drive speed, we measure how long it takes to copy 4. If an all-in-one has discrete graphics, we run it through many of the same benchmarks we use for gaming PCs. Whatt importantly, we spend im ton of time simply using each all-in-one desktop for everyday activities.

We watch movies, do work, play games, and blast music on the speakers, all ie get a better sense of on ones are worth your money. Tom's Guide. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Apple iMac inch The best all-in-one computer overall. Excellent design lets you use as a desktop or drawing board.

Apple iMac Pro The ultimate all-in-one computer for pros. Topics Computers. See all comments 3.


Jul 02, All-in-one PCs, also known as all-in-one desktops, integrate the computer case and system components into the monitor so that the entire PC is contained all in one unit. Mar 12, All-in-one PC in short AIO PC is one of the most favored types of computer systems for all types of works and preferred by most of the people. Its elegant and sleek design and high-resolution screen pleases the eyes and provide a smooth facetimepc.co: Stacy Lopez. Jan 25, An all-in-one desktop computer is a type of computer that does away with large towers and fits all the components, such as the hard drive and operating system (OS), into the monitor unit. This makes a much smaller desktop unit that is better able to fit into cramped areas and does not require the user to link a monitor to a tower unit.

An all-in-one desktop computer is a type of computer that does away with large towers and fits all the components, such as the hard drive and operating system OS , into the monitor unit. This makes a much smaller desktop unit that is better able to fit into cramped areas and does not require the user to link a monitor to a tower unit.

All-in-one desktop computer units sometimes offer less power, depending on the brand, but their main disadvantage is that upgrading hardware is more difficult. The all-in-one desktop computer is a scaled-down version of computers that require a tower unit to hold all the software and major hardware units.

The all-in-one combines the power of a regular desktop unit with the smaller size, but not the portability, of a laptop. While the units are not intended to be mobile, it is much easier for users to move an all-in-one than it is to move a full-size computer. Most of the company's lineup involves the use of this technology. Their smaller size means some all-in-one desktop computer units may be less powerful.

This is a brand-to-brand issue, and some companies have mastered creating a strong computer with the limited space. Unless the user intends to use highly intensive programs, such as games, most people using an all-in-one will not notice the decreased output.

All-in-one desktop computers have a disadvantage in that it is more difficult to upgrade their internal components. It is much harder, even impossible for some units, to open the monitor and place new hardware into the system. As of , many brands and most all-in-ones are able to accommodate hardware upgrades, but it is still more difficult than upgrading from a tower. Though an all-in-one desktop computer has all the main components for the computer to run, the user may still need other pieces of hardware.

For example, all-in-one computers do not come with printers installed in the unit. This means the user will need to purchase and connect the extra hardware for more functionality.

The keyboard and mouse unit are also separate but are usually purchased as a bundle with the all-in-one. Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?

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