What employees want from their managers

what employees want from their managers

Nine Things Employees Want From Their Managers

Honesty. 90% say they want honesty and integrity from their manager. Lies and secrets are the biggest killers to credibility. 2. Fairness. 89% want their manager to be fair and to hold all employees accountable to the same standards. Apr 08,  · Gallup also found that engagement is highest among employees who have some form (face to face, phone or digital) of daily communication with .

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If you asked managers what the qualities of a good employee are, and put all the responses in a list, how to view nfo file only would you get a list of qualities, but you would also notice that many of them are contradictory.

The reason for that is simple; different managers, organizations, and functions require different qualities of a good employee. But what if we tried to create a list of qualities that are essential to all employees, regardless of contextual variances? This is my purpose for this article! Effective interpersonal skills are crucial for any employee.

If you want to be effective and efficient, you need to have good listening and communication skills to be able to develop relationships that can promote your objectives. Good interpersonal skills allow you to get what you want, whenever you want, wherever you need it from. I think we can all agree that, as a manager, when you give your employee a task to do, you want it to get done and get done well.

This is why being resourceful is one of the most important qualities of a good employee. A great quality of an employee is their willingness to open up and share their ideas and experiences. In reality, every person is, or can be, motivated. The difference is that different people are motivated by different things. Some are motivated by money, competition, and status, while others are motivated by teamwork, pleasant work environments, and security.

Self-awareness is one of those qualities that you would rarely ever think of, but once mentioned to you, you realize that they are absolutely crucial! It is a great quality for an employee to have because it means that not only do they understand who they are and where their strengths lie what employees want from their managers, but they also understand their limitations. Those who are self-aware also tend to have a certain level of emotional intelligence which guides their thinking and behavior.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are amazing qualities, but also rare what employees want from their managers. Managers want things to get done. Plain and simple. One of the most valued qualities of a good employee; integrity.

What about innovation? Being organized? Being proactive? What about the hundreds of other qualities every good employee should have?! That is because, as How to activate windows 8 with product key mentioned before, different organizations, functions, and managers require different things from their employees. What about organization? Believe it or not, being too organized can be just as bad as not being organized at all.

But, surely, being proactive should be on the list, right? It is easy to see why some companies value proactivity more than others, but there are some managers that are just too skeptical and like to be in control at all times. You might understand the differences between functions and organizations, but knowing employees and managerial styles is a whole different ballgame. Get this information, however, and the possibilities are endless! Evaluate your employeesevaluate your managersand determine which qualities are the best for YOU!

What do you think of the list? Are there any other qualities of a good employee you think are important? Share them in the comments below!

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Qualities of a good employee every manager wants:

May 16,  · Employees work hard for leaders they feel have their best interests at heart. And as Acuff suggests, that means providing your team with the five elements they want above all else: Job . Communication is always two-way, from employees to their leaders and back from the managers to their people. You get good results and a happier more productive team only by having information flowing in both directions. Closely related, what followed, was feedback, recognition and respect from managers. Jul 10,  · Employees desire managerial support for their physical and emotional well-being. A simple solution for this is implementing a workplace wellness Author: Alan Kohll.

In an ideal world we as managers believe we know quite clearly what our employees do and think, what their plans, progress and problems are. Often that assumption is given without much real communication or feedback, be it online or offline. At the same time everyone agrees regular two-way feedback and communication between manager and their team is crucial to success of any company. Should managers be more active in collecting data from their employees?

Should they give more feedback on that information? At Weekdone we set the task to understand what employees really think of their managers.

Could everything be rosy and managers and employees are on same wavelengths like psychics? We went out to the streets and asked the people — a whole of them — to find out. The biggest problem employees face is managers not clearly knowing what their people have achieved, what their current goals or challenges are.

There is also not enough feedback from managers. As a result managers overload people with impossible number of tasks.

No wonder, since many managers do not have regular systematic feedback process or tools in place to:. That matches the recent American Psychological Association's survey which said less than half of employers regularly seek information from their employees. How can we then be better managers communications wise and make our teams happier? It's pretty easy.

Start by making sure you have a regular weekly or monthly feedback mechanism to get information from your team, on what they are working on, what are they future plans, accomplished tasks and if there are any challenges.

Focus on key items, there is no way you could read through hundreds of items from each employee per week. Second, make sure you give feedback to the people on the data you provide. The whole process works only if it's two-way. Do that regularly, preferably weekly. That's one of the key things with employee engagement that's missing: manager's regular feedback to the employees. That is what your people want. To get started with improvements in your team quickly, have a look at special team feedback and employee reporting tools like Weekdone.

It can help you automate the process of 2-way feedback, save managerial time and be much more systematic. So start today with making your employees happier and teams stronger.

Find out what they're doing and give them more feedback, even if you do that already. Your team will appreciate it. What practices could your manager implement to make you more happy at work. Everyone agrees there must be a better way for employees to give feedback to their managers and vice versa.

Employee progress reports don't just give valuable information about your team but they provide a great opportunity to give timely feedback. Not all people like to share feedback, so it's the leader's role to make them feel comfortable with it. Learn how to be a great leader by collaboration. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Close Menu Product. Objectives and Key Results. Plans, Progress, Problems. Here are the most common answers: Surprise! No wonder, since many managers do not have regular systematic feedback process or tools in place to: Collect data and have a quick overview of each person's upcoming and resolved tasks. Prioritize and monitor employee's tasks. Give regular actionable feedback to their people.

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