What does the mauritania flag mean

what does the mauritania flag mean

Mauritania Flag and Meaning

Nov 28,  · national flag consisting of a green field (background) with a central crescent and star and red bands at the top and bottom. The flag has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to 3. Although Mauritania includes both black African and Arab-Berber populations, the official symbolism of the nation’s flag and coat of arms is associated with the latter. The flag’s green background and its star and . The flag was adopted on August 15, The green color in this flag symbolizes Islam, which is the main religion of Mauritania, the gold color symbolizes the sands of Sahara Desert, and the red stripes represent the efforts and sacrifices of Mauritanians to defend their territory.

The official flag of Mauritania is made up of three colors. A red stripe runs across the top and bottom of how to curl your hair in 5 minutes flag, leaving a green field in the middle. In the midst of the green field is a gold star on top of a horizontal crescent whose tips face upwards. These colors, red, green and gold are considered to be Pan-African colors although they have other meanings.

The flag was adopted on August 15, Mewn green color in this flag symbolizes Islam, which is the main religion of Mauritania, the gold color symbolizes the sands of Sahara Desert, and the red mauitania represent the efforts and sacrifices of Mauritanians to defend their territory, to the price of their blood. The star and the crescent also symbolize Islam. The flag measures although there lacks a construction sheet or any specification which can give exact relative measurements of the crescent and star.

The crescent and a star are common in most countries like Comoros, Turkey, and Tunisia. It had only the green field with the golden crescent and the star. It was adopted on August 1, Besides, it is used as a military aircraft national insignia in circular form. The red stripes were added to the flag in This was after the referendum carried out on August 5,by President Mohamud Ould Abdel Aziz that sought to abolish the Senate, alter the national flag, and change some aspects of the constitution.

The vote was successful, and changes were made before being adopted on August f,ag, The current national seal of Mauritania was adopted on August 15,to replace the green and gold seal adopted in The seal is an adaptation of the national flag and contains the gold, green, meam red emblems. It is made up of two circles with gold edges.

The inner circle is separated from the outer circle by a red field bearing the country's name: "Islamic Republic of Mauritania" in French below and Doe above. The inner circle contain cresent, star, palm tree, and millet branch. The national anthem of Mauritania, sometimes referred to as " Bilada-l ubati-l hudati-l kiram" Country of vlag Proud, Guiding Noblemenwas adopted on November 16,to replace Nashid Wataniin Muritaniin '"National Chant [of] Mauritania.

The previous anthem was considered too complex to sing by the majority of the citizens. The new anthem was composed by Rageh Daoud in It comprises six verses and a chorus, repeated after every verse. The Mauritania Ouguiya ahat the official currency of Mauritania. It replaced the French Franc at the rate of 5 to 1. The Khoum and 1 ouguiya are hardly used in Mauritania due to their low msuritania. The Ouguiya is one of the two currencies circulating in the world that is not divided into decimals, the other being Malagasy Ariary.

Ouguiya coins meann introduced in in various denominations ranging from 1 to The introduction of the coins came a year after the khoums were minted. Khoum was only minted in maen the 1 ouguiya was worth 5 francs, and a khoum was equal to the franc which could not be subdivided further.

The latest coins to be minted are the and coins which includes 1 ouguiya minted by the Kremnica Mint of Slovakia. Inthe coinage slightly changed with the what does the mauritania flag mean of the 1 ouguiya roes composition and an issue of the bi-metallic 20 ouguiya and a subsequent issue of maruitania ouguiya in These are the only coins in use in Mauritania with the 1 ouguiya having reduced in value thus no longer circulating.

The issuance of banknotes commenced in with the printing of notes done by the Central Bank of Mauritania in three denominations including, and ouguiya.

Inthe note was introduced and the highest denomination, the note, was introduced in Inthe note was introduced and circulated. Innew banknotes were printed in different fonts. The vignettes on the back of the notes have how to upgrade a bios remodeled to accommodate the reduced size of the banknotes. All the notes except for and have Arabic numbers in a holographic patch at right front.

The flagg numbers have two-character prefix, a meqn digit serial number, and one character suffix all appearing on one surface. However before ouguiya was adopted as Hhe official currency, the country's legal mran was the CFA Franc. The French introduced the Franc in its colonies, including Mauritania, how to clear history on google chrome to replace the French West African franc.

Mauritania continued to use CFA franc even after independence in However, inthe country abandoned CFA franc for old ouguiya, exchanging 5 franc for 1 ouguiya. Flag of Mauritania Green flag with gold crescent and 5-pointed maauritania. Land of the proud, the guided and the noble The fortress of the Book that can't be bound O Mauritania, the spring of harmony The corner of tolerance, the haven of peace Chorus We will protect what does the mauritania flag mean with our lives and paint your hills with the color of hope When you call, "yes!

Mauritania ouguiya Banknote Mauritania ouguiya Banknote. Mauritania ouguiya Coin Mauritania 20 ouguiya Coin. Rlag Peninsula Countries. Margarita Island. Everglades National Park. What Is Algal Bloom? Kelp Forest. Major Rivers Of Europe. Thirteen Colonies. Aeolian Islands.

Mauritania Flag Meaning

What does the Mauritania flag look like, mean, and represent? Mauritania flag description: green with a yellow five-pointed star above a yellow, horizontal crescent; the closed side of the crescent is down; the crescent, star, and color green are traditional symbols of Islam; the gold color stands for the sands of the Sahara. Mauritania. Mauritania Flag Meaning. The flag was adopted the same year that Mauritania became an autonomous republic, in , but the country still maintained special relations with the French Commonwealth. The green color is known to stand for the Muslim religion which is the most widespread religion in the country. The crescent moon with the star is also a traditional Muslim symbol, and originates from the . Nov 07,  · “Article 1: The national symbol of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a flag bearing a crescent moon and a golden star on a green background, on either side of which is a red rectangular strip. Article 2: The smallest measurement of science equals two-thirds of the largest measure.

Last modified: by rob raeside Keywords: mauritania africa pan-african crescent star: 5 Links: FOTW homepage search disclaimer and copyright write us mirrors by Zachary Harden , 24 January La Libre. The draft submitted by the Government "has been adopted by the majority of MPs present", " voted in favour of the text, 19 against," said Mohamed Ould Beilil, president of the National Assembly, dominated by the presidential party.

The radical opposition, represented by the Forum national unity and democracy FNDU , which consisted of 15 Parties, voted against the Bill after leading a campaign against its adoption. The text approved Thursday by the MPs, which amends the Constitution in force since , includes a deletion of the Senate, replaced by regional councils, and a change of the national flag.

Two red ribbons, symbolizing the blood shed by the "martyrs of the resistance", will be added to the Crescent and the yellow star on a green background on this flag already. Nozomi Kariyasu , 11 March Unfortunately, I cannot find a text of this law and the Official Journal is not published online. Zachary Harden , 24 August The other interesting thing is that the tip of the crescent horns end where the star arms meet at their outermost points.

The flag maintains the 2x3 overall ratio. I believe the red shade is an error as Pantone does not have partial values; my guess is Coated.

Zachary Harden , 24 January The elongated crescent matches the first flag photos I sent in my previous email. This red shade is comparable with US and UK flags red for all the practical purposes, so our approximation to Pantone C should work well if the "exotic" Pantone colours are not available.

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