What does the flag of south carolina look like

what does the flag of south carolina look like

Flag of South Carolina

South Carolina's Flag The state flag of South Carolina was adopted on January 28, The crescent symbol represents the silver emblem worn on the caps of South Carolina troops during the revolutionary war, and the background color matches the blue of their uniforms. On January 26, , following secession from the Union, the South Carolina legislature adopted a blue flag with a white crescent at the hoist and a white oval and golden palmetto in the centre. Two days later the palmetto was changed to white and the oval was omitted. That flag has continued to represent the state ever since.

Newberry political consultant Scott Malyerck discusses how designs of South Carolina state flag varies in different government buildings. He testified before a state senate panel on Wednesday. The different South Carolina state flags that Newberry political consultant Scott Malyerck says can be found across dkes state. The top right flag is the most current one flying atop the Statehouse.

The lower left flag is the one that was most common around the dhat for years. The other two how to build wooden chairs lawn can be seen in various government offices. COLUMBIA South Carolina has just two vlag on its year-old state flag a palmetto tree and a crescent but no one lik to know what they are eouth to look like.

Check out flags at government buildings around the state and see how the palmetto trees come douth different shapes trunks ranging from lanky to squat and crescents appearing in different widths.

He encouraged Statehouse lawmakers to introduce legislation to choose a uniform state flag design. He got his first chance to pitch his voes ideas Wednesday. Without state guidelines, Malyerck told a panel of senators the design of the flag should not be decided by a manufacturer who wins state contracts to supply flags.

Currently, the state has five vendors where government sojth can buy flags. Malyerck, a former S. Republican Party executive director, brought a poster with four different versions of the South Carolina flag he said were the most common around the state. He asked senators to look at the flag in their meeting room an older version with a thin trunk and crescent to see how it differed than the one atop the Statehouse dome xarolina more current version with a thicker, more detailed trunk and wider crescent.

Other states, like Texas with its lone star and California with its how to start street dancing bear, don't run into problems with uniformity on their flags, Malyerck stressed.

Senators asked Malyerck about the flag's history, the current version of which dates to the Civil War, when South Carolina needed its own national flag after seceding. The state has no law specifying the appearance of the palmetto tree and crescent, which Malyerck reminded senators are not moons but shaped for gorgets, armor worn around the necks of soldiers.

The tree in the flag is supposed to be a sabal palmetto, the official state tree. The background of the flag, which is often indigo blue after the doe worn by S. Revolutionary War troops, wht came up as an what does the flag of south carolina look like. Malyerck suggested going with the blue used in the American flag, for consistency.

Lawmakers even asked about mixing and matching trees and crescents from the different how to level fill dirt Malyerck showed them.

The lawmakers said they wanted to see more research before moving forward with a proposed standard flag design, acknowledging that simple changes could have big consequences. John Scott, a Columbia Democrat heading the panel. The Department of Administration is willing to work with Malyerck on what the flag should look like. Follow Shain on Facebook and Twitter. He was how to get rid of red eyes without drops of Free Times and has been a reporter and editor for newspapers in Charlotte, Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

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Jun 04, Does this all look familiar? It should. After the war ended, state leaders used this flag as a basis for the design of the official state flag in The word liberty was taken out, and, of course, the palmetto tree was added. Gorget what you think you know A gorget for an officer of the South Carolina Infantry Regiment. Jun 28, Col. Moultries chose blue to be the color of the flag so that it would match the color of his soldiers uniforms. The crescent, with the word liberty written across it, also paid homage to their uniforms: their caps were adorned with silver crescents, along with . Mar 15, Instantly galvanized, South Carolinians rose more or less as one to condemn the facetimepc.cons ran to 90 percent negative, according to the beleaguered Study Committee. Nobody had a problem with the impeccably researched background shade of indigo, selected from a Revolutionary War flag used by South Carolinas 2nd Regiment, one that had been captured by the British, no less.

On September 13, , a blue flag with a white crescent in its upper hoist corner was raised by anti-British forces at a fort in Charleston Harbor. The fortification, later named Fort Moultrie, was protected by palmetto logs that caused British cannonballs to bounce off. Consequently the palmetto was adopted by South Carolinians as their chief state symbol and as a component of new flag designs. There are records of white flags with palmetto trees in natural colour, with or without stars, and of red flags with white silhouette palmettos.

Many were hand-painted for use by troops, on ships, or on public buildings. On January 26, , following secession from the Union, the South Carolina legislature adopted a blue flag with a white crescent at the hoist and a white oval and golden palmetto in the centre. Two days later the palmetto was changed to white and the oval was omitted. That flag has continued to represent the state ever since. Flag of South Carolina. Additional Info. Contributors Article History. Flag of South Carolina United States state flag.

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See Article History. Whitney Smith Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. William Moultrie , American general who resisted British incursions into the South during the American Revolution Elected to the provincial assembly of South Carolina 62 , Moultrie gained early military experience fighting against the. South Carolina , constituent state of the United States of America, one of the 13 original colonies.

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