What does pkrs mean in pokemon

what does pkrs mean in pokemon


This does not happen in any other generation. Technical information. The Pokerus is stored in a Pokemon's data structure as a single byte. In hexadecimal, this can be represented as a two-digit number XY. The upper 4 bits of the byte, X, represent the specific strain . What does pkrs mean. I just got a pokemon and it says pkrs next to it is that good or bad. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. % Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by.

Most Pokemon fans know by now that the series holds a lot of secrets; it's always been the creators' intent to have monsters that can't be captured or mysteries what is a baby cattle called leave fans guessing.

Just like how shiny Pokemon are a coveted easter egg in the series since Generation II, there's a prs virus in the Pokemon world introduced in the Johto games, and it's a virus that many players want to get: Pokerus. It does sound quite odd: Why would anyone want to get infected with a virus?

What does it even do, and how do my Pokemon catch it? Rest assured, all these questions and more will be answered, and you'll come out the other side of this guide a certified Pokerus expert. The few Generation II players that initially discovered Pokerus must have been quite surprised after healing up at the Pokemon Center.

Nurse What is a hole boring tool called is perplexed, having never encountered such a phenomenon before, so the only way to learn more is by talking to the reliable Professor Elm. Elm explains that Pokerus is a virus that infects only Pokemon and multiplies quite fast, but there are no negative side effects to contracting it.

Seems like a strange easter egg to what does pkrs mean in pokemon into a game if it doesn't do anything, right? Furthermore, the odds for contracting Pokerus after a wild encounter are 3 in 65, or approximately 0. So if this virus has no negative effects and is so rare that most players will never encounter shiny Mwan in any game they play, what makes Pokerus desirable?

Well, what Elm doesn't tell players is that Pokerus what does pkrs mean in pokemon actually a mutualistic virus, which means it benefits both the virus and the host that it resides in. These benefits are what make players scramble to infect all their Pokemon with Pokerus.

The effect of Pokerus is actually quite hard to spot unless you know what to look for. This is because it impacts another often invisible element of the Pokemon games, which is EVs, or Effort Values.

You can learn all about Effort Values herebut essentially EVs are gained whenever your Pokemon wins in battle, and they increase whatever stats they earned the EVs in. Players who EV train their Pokemon often what does pkrs mean in pokemon which stat s they want to increase and meticulously defeat only Pokemon that yield those specific EVs.

This can be a tiring process, but that's where Pokerus comes in. A Pokemon with Pokerus will gain double the EVs from battling Pokemon, making the process much faster and easier. Ideally, every Pokemon would benefit from having Pokerus.

If you happen to prks a Pokemon infected with Pokerus, the Nurse Joy at how to start your own tee shirt company Pokemon Center will inform you upon your first time healing that Pokemon since infection. Otherwise, a Pokerus status can be seen on a Pokemon's summary page. Pokerus is interesting in that it only progresses when the Pokemon is in the player's party.

When a Pokemon is in the PC, it is essentially in a frozen state and will keep its infected status. This is great for players who want to have a Pokemon they can always use to infect other Pokemon for EV training. The virus only progresses when a Pokemon is in the party meean the start of a new day. This can mean either the stroke of midnight or loading the save file into a new day when the game was saved during a previous day. When in the party, a Pokemon's Pokerus will usually last for about one to four days before being cured by itself.

However, the Pokemon will still gain double the EVs in battle; it just won't be able to spread the virus. A cured Pokemon will have a unique "cured" icon in the place where it once had the Pokerus infection status on its summary page. There's really only one way of obtaining Pokerus, and that's through exposure to another Pokemon who has it.

As you already know, though, the 3 in coes, odds of encountering it after a wild Pokemon battle aren't really in your favor. Luckily, there are plenty of generous people out there that want to share their good fortune with the rest of the community.

Players can request help with any games that still have Wifi connection, such as 3DS and Nintendo Switch Wjat games. Sadly, DS Wifi support was discontinued back in May of Once hwat Pokemon with Pokerus is in the party, it can spread the virus to the Pokemon adjacent to them but no further, which means it'll take pokempn re-ordering of the party to spread to everyone. Sometimes it meab several battles in order for infection to occur between party members, but pretty soon you'll have a full team ready to gain EVs twice as fast.

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What Does Pokerus Do?

PKRS Does Not Mean A Shiny Pokemon. It Means Pokerus. It Is Also A Rare Disease That Enhances The Growth Of Your Pokemon By 2 (Stats included). You Can Have One Of Your Pokemon Have PKRS For A Total Time Of 24 Hours and afterwards Has No Effect On Your Pokemon. Hope It Helps. Oct 17, аи on pokemon diamond what does PKRS mean? it says pkrs at the top of my pokemon wen i click on summary i found out that if you battle for a long tim i mean like along time so be preparde to fight alot that if you fight wild pokemon and just wild pokemon nothing else in one region with out gooing to a pokemon centeer or entering a town or. Jul 07, аи 1 wrong forums 2 that means it has a special and rare sickness that raises its exp and evs 3 that means they have healed from pkrs.

Effort points gained from vitamins and wings are not doubled. This does not happen in any other generation. In hexadecimal, this can be represented as a two-digit number XY. In other words, the higher two bits of X are irrelevant to the "strain". Pokerus can infect Eggs as well. I discovered an odd thing. But that's all. It doesn't seem to do anything, and it goes away over time. I guess it's nothing to worry about. Also, it can only be contracted or cured in Ruby, Sapphire , and Emerald.

The mechanics remain the same from Generation III. We're not quite sure why To determine what party member is to be infected, the game takes another value from the Mersenne twister table, multiplies it by the party count, then discards the lowest 32 bits of the result.

If this number is an Egg, the calculation is repeated. Otherwise, if that party member has already been infected, nothing else will happen. If any of the highest four bits are nonzero, the highest five bits are discarded. These calculations mean that the strains 0 and 8 will never occur, and that the remaining strains are biased towards the lower numbers with 1 through 7 being much more common than 9 through However, it increases the rate of Double-Up Bags that are received during the training regimen.

In Oaknapped! However, all of his specimens had died out. Her Froslass , Pachirisu , and Cherrim had it prior to being taken from the hospital, and then it spread to the rest of her party. Page actions Article Discussion View source History. Bulbapedia is open again at last! Note that features involving email such as confirming your email address are currently unavailable. We apologize for the long maintenance period, and we thank you for your patience while we performed some much needed background work!

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