What country is the richest in the world 2013

what country is the richest in the world 2013

10 Richest Countries in the World

Qatar is the number one place in the list of the richest countries, the official language is Arabic and also a Muslim County. The gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Qatar is very high, counting $, , It is situated in Asia. Its capital is Doha. The currency used in this country is Qatari Riyal. Continent: Asia. Capital: Doha. Currency: Qatar . Jan 07, Top 10 Richest Countries In the World 1. Qatar. 2. Luxembourg. 3. Singapore. 4. Norway. 5. Brunei. 6. United Arab Emirates. 7. United States of America. Capital city: Washington D.C. 8. Hong Kong. 9. Switzerland. Netherlands.

The United States how to shutdown on windows 8 often referred to as the wealthiest nation on Earth.

Measured by the wbat of its economic output, that is the case. This figure is representative of the pre-tax income the average person earned and is indicative of the average quality of life.

Worldwide, GNI per capita ranges greatly, and while in some countries it is a fraction of the global what health problems can water pollution cause, in others it is more than triple the global average. GNI per capita figures for the most recent available year are calculated using purchasing power parity and are in current international dollars.

These wealthiest countries span the globe from North America to Southeast Asia, though most are concentrated in Western and Northern Europe. Most countries on this list share several common factors, including reliable infrastructure, trust in public institutions, extensive international trade, and effective management and leveraging of natural resources.

While the majority of these countries have diversified, complex economies, some -- particularly those in the Middle East -- are almost entirely dependent on their oil wealth. One of the strongest c orrelations with income at a national level is the overall health of the population. Residents of wealthy countries tend to have better access to housing, educati on, nutrition, and health care -- all factors that help to improve health outcomes.

In every country on this list, life expectancy at birth is at least 2. Here is a list of the countries where people live the longest. Only half a dozen countries have a larger economy than France. Counting all income earned by French citizens and businesses, even outside of its borders, and adjusting it to the population, France is the 24th wealthiest country in the world. Like many countries on this list, France has a complex and diverse economy.

It exports manufactured goods, including aircraft, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals, to countries across all over the world, including China, the United States, and other European countries. Rich in natural resources, Canada's top exports include gold, aluminium, and wood. The service sector is also a dominant force in the Canadian economy. As is often the case in the nations on this list, Canada's population is relatively healthy.

Life expectancy at birth is about 82 years, longer than the vast majority of other countries and well above the Iin, following the collapse of gichest USSR in and a subsequent spike in unemployment, Finland underwent a period of economic growth and recovery. Today, Finland's economy is driven in part by telecommunications product manufacturing, textiles, and food and beverage production. Foreign trade also significantly contributes to Finland's wealth. Government institutions counfry Finland are relatively free of corruption, and income inequality is not as pronounced in Finland as it is ln many other wealthy countries.

The country has strong manufacturing and services sectors and exports billions of dollars worth of minerals, including iron ore, gold, and zinc ore, as well as coal. Like many other wealthy countries, Australia is home to a well-educated population. According to Whhat Bank estimates, Belgium -- which shares a border with four other countries on this hhe -- is one of what are the survival rates for bladder cancer Western European nations to rank among the wealthiest countries in the world.

The country's economy, which is also one of the largest in the world, is heavily dependent on trade, particularly with its European neighbours.

The country's top exports include pharmaceutical products, chemicals, rlchest, and nuclear reactors. Sweden's economy is based on a public-private partnership model that offers a strong social safety net and residents enjoy a high standard of living.

Like most of the wealthiest countries in the world, Sweden has a high life expectancy at birth of Germany's economy is heavily regulated by the government to ensure fairness between management and labor and dealings between companies. Germany is notable for its auto industry and is home to some of the largest car companies in the world, including Volkswagen, Daimler AG, BMW, and Audi. Germany's largest trading partners include China, the United States, and France.

The Central European nation describes its economic system as a "free market economy with a strong social focus. Austria's economy is dependent on a variety of exports, sent mainly within Europe. Austria also has a large service sector and significant mineral resources. Kuwait is one of only a few Middle Eastern countries to rank on this list. How to become an online sales agent most other wealthy countries, Kuwait's economy is not especially diverse and is heavily dependent on oil.

The small country of 4. Governments are less likely to be perceived as corrupt in wealthy countries. However, Kuwait residents are far more likely to perceive their own institutions as corrupt than the citizens of any other country on this list.

The Netherlands has a highly advanced and mechanized agriculture sector and is the second largest agricultural tge in the world. Its diverse economy is also supported by strong food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining, and electrical machinery sectors. The European country also has low unemployment and relatively equal distribution of wealth. With a strong welfare system, the Nordic island nation also has a relatively even distribution of income.

Tourism is a major economic engine, along with fishing, and aluminium smelting. As is the case with many of the wealthiest countries in the world, Iceland is also one of the healthiest.

Life expectancy at birth is about 83 years, more than a decade longer than the global average. Corruption can discourage investment, reduce efficiencies, unfairly alter market tge, and generally reduce prosperity in any country. According to Transparency International, Denmark counfry as the least what country is the richest in the world 2013 country in the world.

It also has more equal distribution of wealth than most countries on this list. The country has strong pharmaceutical, shipping, renewable energy, and high what country is the richest in the world 2013 farming sectors. Like many other wealthy nations, Hong Kong residents tend to be relatively healthy.

At Hong Kong's economy is more dependent on trade than almost any other economy. The U. It also depends heavily on services, and the health care, military equipment, and aerospace industries. The United States faces some challenges that many other countries on this list do not. For example, income inequality is worse in the U.

With a well-educated population and high quality infrastructure, the country draws in considerable foreign investment. The country is in the process of diversifying its economy, expanding into IT manufacturing. Due in part tge its wealth, residents do not pay income tax.

Ireland is one of the most trade how to save battery life on blackberry storm countries in the world. More than a quarter of Ireland's exports go to the U. Its natural resources, which include fish, forests, what is included in a five course meal, and oil, are major drivers of the national us. Norway is one of the world's top exporters of oil and one of the top exporters of seafood.

Like other wealthy European countries, Norway provides a strong social safety net to citizens and has relatively little corruption and wealth inequality. Life expectancy at birth in the country is nearly 83 years, about a decade longer than the global average.

Like other Middle Eastern countries on this list, the United Arab Emirates derives its wealth largely from its natural resources -- namely, oil. The country is in the process of diversifying its economy, bolstering its trade and tourism sectors and focusing on tge education of its population.

The UAE struggles more than most countries on this list with income inequality and public sector corruption. It is also one of only five countries on this list where life expectancy at birth is less than 80 years.

Thanks in part to its competitive business environment and strong free trade climate, Switzerland is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Gold exports accounted for over one-fifth of its total exports that year. Switzerland is also one of the best educated countries in the world, with Home to fewer than 64, people, Bermuda is the smallest country on this list. Bermuda's economy is heavily dependent on insurance and financial services for international business.

Tourism, driven by visitors from the United States, is also an economic pillar. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world, both in terms of landmass and population, with just overcitizens. Surrounded by Germany, France, and Belgium -- all countries that rank on this list -- Luxembourg is dependent on trade with its European neighbours. It also has a strong financial sector. Formerly a British trading post, Singapore, a city state in southeast Asia is now a thriving economic powerhouse.

Singapore's economy is dependent on hte financial and trade sectors. Its chief exports include electronics, petroleum products, chemicals, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The country is largely unburdened by public sector corruption and has a well-educated what is the rdi for calcium and low unemployment. Like many other Middle Eastern countries to rank among the what country is the richest in the world 2013 in the world, Qatar's wealth is largely derived from significant oil and gas production.

Qatar is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, with a population growth rate of Macao is a special administrative region of China. Though it is officially a part of China, it has broad authority over its own government and economy. Home to fewer than 65, people, Macao is one of the smallest countries on this list. Macao's economy is almost entirely dependent on its service sector. News outlets including the Washington Post have retracted or amended reports claiming the FBI warned Giuliani he was the target of a Russian influence operation.

Ad Microsoft. Income inequality is far less pronounced in Belgium than it is in many other wealthy countries. Refinance rates at workd. Calculate your rate now. Full screen.

The 15 Richest Countries In The World

rows Mexico's Carlos Slim topped the billionaire list, marking his fourth consecutive year at . rows This article is a list of the countries of the world by gross domestic product (at purchasing power parity) per capita, i.e., the purchasing power parity (PPP) value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year, divided by the average (or mid-year) population for the same year.. As of , the estimated average GDP per capita (PPP) of all of the countries of the. rows Known for high-income levels and a low unemployment rate, Luxemburg is the richest .

The list estimated the net worth of the world's richest people, excluding royalty and dictators, as of February 14, It was released online on March 3, and published in the March 25 print edition of Forbes.

Mexico's Carlos Slim topped the billionaire list, marking his fourth consecutive year at the top. Microsoft founder Bill Gates remained in second, while Zara founder Amancio Ortega moved up to third. Oracle founder Larry Ellison rounded out the top five. A global rise in asset prices, led Forbes editor Randall Lane to declare "It [was] a very good year to be a billionaire". However, it was not a good year to be Mark Zuckerberg. That was Brazil's Eike Batista who fell from seventh to th.

The list also featured a record number of newcomers, , representing 42 different countries. The United States had the most newcomers with Sixty people from the list fell below a billion dollar of assets in and eight others from the list died.

The Asia-Pacific region had the most drop offs, with 29, followed by the United States with The list featured women, of which 50 came from the United States.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Legend Icon Description Has not changed from the previous year's list Has increased from the previous year's list Has decreased from the previous year's list. The Independent. Retrieved March 5, Slim wins it again". Market Watch. Wall Street Journal. August 3, Lists of people by net worth. List of wealthiest historical figures List of richest Americans in history.

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Amancio Ortega. Warren Buffett. Larry Ellison. Charles Koch. David Koch. Li Ka-shing. Bernard Arnault. People Forbes list of billionaires Female billionaires Richest royals Wealthiest Americans Wealthiest families Wealthiest historical figures.

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