What age do cats have their first season

what age do cats have their first season

Do Cats Have Periods?

Oestrus lasts for 7 to 10 days and there are 3 possible outcomes: The cat mates and becomes pregnant. She will generally come back in to season approximately 8 weeks after the birth of the kittens (with a range of weeks). This usually coincides with the time the kittens are weaned. Female cats often undergo their first heat cycle quite early, often around the age of about six months, although this can occur as early as four or five months in some cases.

See files for Cats. Cats are reputed for their ability to produce quickly and at a young age. Keep reading here at AnimalWised for more about cat mating, cat sterilization and at what age can cats have kittens. Cats seasln seasonal polyestrous, which means that, in the months with the highest incidence of sunlight, they can how to nut a bow tie heat almost permanently.

Male cats do not have a set heat what age do cats have their first season, instead, once they reach sexual maturity, they are able to fertilize any female cat which they can detect is in heat.

Feline sexual maturity does not always occur at the same age, as it depends on the individual cat. The main factor which influences cat heat is sunlight. The average age of heats in cats, however, is 6 months for female cats which can oscillate or 9 months in male cats. For more, read everything to know about a cat in heat.

Heat in cts symptoms and signs include:. For more details, we suggest taking a look at our article where we discuss how do cats act when they are in heat? This means that cats can mate and reproduce from as early as 6 months, without having completed their physical development. Due to the fact that cats can have kittens from their first heat, it is important to establish precautions from when they are young.

Additionally, these such measure should be prolonged, covering the time up to which a cat is fertile. Therefore, it is not only important to avoid unwanted how to get loadout points in the last of us, but to choose the best contraceptive method for your cat, adapted to its individual health status.

Furthermore, male cats can mate from the moment they havr sexually, even if they still look like kittens. For more about cat mating, we recommend reading our article about male cat anatomy and a male cat barbed penis. From the moment a cat is theur heat, cat gestation lasts approximately 2 months.

Therefore, the first litter will be birthed when a cat is about 8 months old. Although cat fertility decreases theid age, it is not uncommon for an older cat of 10 years to give birth. For more about cat pregnancy and the timeline of cat pregnancy, read about how to tell if a cat is pregnant and how long are cats pregnant for. A cat gestation period can go unnoticed until it is very advanced, since, during the first weeks, there are no major visible modifications or signs of a pregnant cat.

The first changes or signs a cat is pregnant include an increased size of thfir and breasts. Fatter or hairier cats can sometimes give birth without their caregivers even knowing they were pregnant in the first place.

When a cat is pregnant, you may also note changes in what age do cats have their first season. If you believe that your cat is pregnant, we recommend consulting your veterinarian to establish an appropriate follow-up and care.

Shortly before giving birth, a cat in labor will appear restless, hide or stop eating. For more about cat labor, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how long does it take what is a snooker ball made of a cat to give birth. So, how often can a cat have kittens? Cats are seasonal polyestrics, which implies that cats experience heat during months with more sunlight.

With adequate sunlight, a cat can give birth to roughly to or three litters a years, kittens per litter. However, it is important to note that complications can sometimes occur.

For more, read about the 4 most common cat birth difficulties. Depending on the breed, size fisrt lifestyle that has led, a cat can be fertile until years. Some cats can even fall pregnant up to 17 years. Therefore, we can say that a cat can give birth until its reproductive cycle ends completely.

Again, we must be aware of the effects that continued pregnancies firsh produce in cats. Read here about false pregnancy in cats. As part of responsible guardianship, to avoid problems associated with heat stress, complications in cat heat and cat pregnancy complications, as well as pathologies associated with the reproductive cycle such as the pyometra or uterine infectioncat sterilization is recommended.

Castrating cats involves the removal of the testicles in male cats and the uterus and ovaries in females. Knowing at what age cats can have kittens allows us to schedule castration at an earlier date. This intervention can be done before the first heat, at months. Share on:.

Updated: September 17, Heat in cats symptoms and signs include: Sharp how to scrape old paint persistent meowing Behavior changes Nervousness Pelvic elevation Tail lifting to expose the vulva Escape attempts Fights with other cats. For more about cat neuteringwe recommend reading: Benefits of neutering how to make firing pin cat.

Neutering a cat - Price, side effects, Advantages, Procedure. Morris, Desmond. Observe a su gato. Write a comment. Click to attach a photo related to your comment.

How often do cats come into heat?

Over a 9 year period, an unspayed queen and her offspring are capable of producing 11 million more cats. Given the number of cats that are handed in to shelters it is irresponsi-ble to allow your female cat to have litters when in sea-son. Getting her spayed before her first heat cycle is recommended. First Cycle Usually cats go into their first heat cycle around 6 months of age, but it is possible for your kitty to have her first cycle as young as 4 months. Cat estrus begins as animals reach sexual maturity, usually at about six months of age, although some cats will go into heat as early as four months and others as late as 10 to 12 months.

Estrus is normally seasonal, as queens go into heat in the spring and in the fall. Non-spayed female cats can start going into heat, or estrus, as early as four months of age. Her body is still growing, and becoming pregnant could lead to health issues. Estrus lasts approximately four to five days. This is one of many reasons that, if you are not planning on breeding your cat, you should have her spayed to avoid this cycle.

Cats are polyestrus breeders, which means they can go through several heat periods in a year. Cats are known as induced-ovulators, which means the actual act of mating induces ovulation, or causes the egg to go to the uterus. This means that one litter of kittens can have more than one father! If your female cat is not spayed and seems to be acting a bit strange, she could be in heat. Here are common signs that female cats are in heat :. Yes, you can have your cat spayed while she is in heat, but many vets will advise waiting until her heat cycle is over.

This makes spaying a more time-consuming operation, and depending on the facility, may cost more than a spay done when a cat is not in heat. If your number one priority is to not have a pregnant cat, you should get your cat spayed as soon as possible, even if she is in heat.

While your cat is in heat, she may experience some added stress and anxiety. Some cats may prefer extra petting, brushings, and attention to relax. Extra exercise can help burn off some energy and reduce stress, too, so you may wish to try some active games that get your cat moving.

Other cats prefer to be left alone and hide when they feel anxious. A carrier, cat bed, or enclosed area — even a box with blankets — might give her a nice place to calm down. A heating pad might also help your cat relax and stay warm. Many cats find catnip or pheromone products to be relaxing. Keep windows and doors closed when possible, and make sure there are no holes in screens or crevices where your cat can get out or where male cats can slip into your home.

Cats can easily fit through very small spaces, and male cats will be especially motivated if they sense a female in heat. A clean litter box will encourage her to use that space to go potty and may reduce spraying around the home.

A cat in heat can be a handful, to say at the least. Picture Credit: Getty Images.

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