How to use stanley s150

how to use stanley s150

Stanley Black & Decker S150 Stud Sensor User Manual

Page 1 S ?3 >3 >3 STANLEY TOOLS East Joppa Road Towson, Maryland STHT REV A 06/12 >3 >3 >3 >3 ?3 ?3 ?3 ?3 >3 >3 >3 >3 ; Page 2: Specifications Hardwood floors 9 volt battery (not included) to clip. Put battery the Stud Sensor sounds an audible tone, for one year from the date of purchase. Sep 12, For information on how to calibrate and use your Stanley Stud Sensor please watch this video Stanley Stud Sensor is perfe.

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Stanley S150 Related Products

Please click on the attachment below. It contains a 4 page instruction manual. Page 1 are pictures of the product, page 2 is English instructions, page 3 is in Spanish, and page 4 is in French. Aug 28, STHT - Stanley Stud Sensor Instruction Manual Published Aug 28, PM | Updated Feb 26, PM Please click on the attachment below. Related Manuals for Stanley S Stud Sensor Stanley S User Manual (4 pages) Accessories Stanley SLP1 Manual. Laser pointer / chalkline pocket level (55 pages) Accessories Stanley TIMERMAX SELECT TRIO Manual. Programmable 3 outlet remote (4 pages) Accessories Stanley .

Also See for S User manual - 4 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Stud Sensor. Previous Page. Next Page. Once the edge of a stud has been detected, the Stud Sensor displays red LEDs and sounds an audible tone. Page 4: Operating Tips User Manual will not be detected. Cautions on Operating You should always use caution when nailing, cutting and drilling in walls, ceilings and floor that may contain wiring and pipes near the surface.

Page 5: Important Safety Notice application to remember to keep your free hand away from the unit. Note: The thickness, density and moisture content of the surface material will affect the sensing depth. Always hold the Stud Sensor in the handle area only. Grasp between fingers and thumb while making contact with your palm. Page 18 Notes Page 19 Notes Page 20 Notes Page 22 Requere uma bateria de 9 volts. Industrial II E. Joppa Road Uberaba Print page 1 Print document 23 pages.

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