How to stop wasting time on facebook

how to stop wasting time on facebook

10 Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook [Infographic]

Dec 04,  · Facebook has a great built in feature that allow business owners to easily schedule their posts. That way you can plan ahead to make more time in your week. You can easily do this in one sitting and actually schedule a week worth of content. Use the spare time you have saved . If you realize that you are wasting too much time on chatting with your friends on Facebook, then you should disable its chat functionality. Simply click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of your Facebook page and then choose “Turn Off Chat”. This way no friends can IM you.

You visit Facebook on every device you possess, checking your feed and notifications every 5 minutes and ignoring real social interactions around you. Guilt trip yourself. Install timeStats right now to track your time spent on Facebook.

Follow informative Facebook pages. Rebuild your news feed. Like Facebook pages that improve yourself. Limit time spent. Install StayFocusd. Set maximum time allowed to 20 minutes per day. Go outside. Try Meetup. Join Facebook groups with outings. You can easily find events nearby. Ignore friend requests from unknown people. Do you how to stop wasting time on facebook more than friends? Clean up your friend list now. Turn off Facebook chat. You will receive significantly fewer messages.

Some people are just too bored and looking for someone to chat with. Interact less. Do you really have to like or comment on a pointless post? Think twice before you interact. Post less status updates. Unless you want to be labelled as an attention seeker. People mostly care about their own problems, needs, and goals only. If you like our posts, you should what do green sea turtles eat our email list a try. We'll only send you emails a month.

We hate spam as much as you do! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But seriously, if you like our posts, consider to give our email list a try. We'll only send you emails a month, right when new articles come out. Follow me on Twitter here. Here are the 10 tips: 1. Turn off unnecessary Facebook notifications.

For Website: Click on the arrow at the top right corner. For Mobile App: Tap the menu button. Average number of thoughts per day. At least I'm not an annoying pop-up If you like our posts, you should give our email list a try. Related Posts. Follow Us Follow. Recent Posts.

Infographic March 7, Yeah, Another Sign Up Box But seriously, if you like our posts, consider to give our email list a try. We Never Spam.

Facebook Distractions Are Hard to Ignore

Moms, we have to stop wasting time on Facebook! That’s time we could be reading to our children, taking a bubble bath, playing a game with our family, meditating or praying, meal planning, talking to our partners, pursing creative interests you get the idea.

How much time are you wasting on Facebook each day? According to this NY Times article the average user spends 50 minutes on Facebook and Instagram per day. Because I use Facebook for business purposes, I have to log on to Facebook most days. And, of course, I do enjoy scrolling through my news feed when I have spare time and seeing what friends and family are up to. But, Facebook offers me so much more to see than just my business groups and updates from my friends.

One of the main goals of Our Small Hours is to help moms make every hour count, but I was letting Facebook rob me of my precious time. Early this year, I discovered six ways I was wasting time on Facebook. At first I resolved to simply ignore the distractions, get straight to my purpose for being on Facebook and get out as soon as I was done. Now, Facebook works for me — in minimal time. Earlier this year Facebook for Android updated and stopped playing nicely with my smart phone. I had to reset my phone to fix it I lost everything , but when I reinstalled Facebook the problems started again.

So, I stopped using Facebook on my phone. That meant I had to stop using Messenger, too. Though, now you can use just Messenger. I saved so much time by only using Facebook on my PC. Now I only log onto Facebook for business purposes and spend a few minutes at the end of my session scrolling through my news feed — if I check my news feed at all.

There is little more frustrating to me about Facebook than getting a chat notification. This allows you to respond to messages once per day or at the time that is convenient for you. To turn off chat by following the instructions at the bottom right-hand side of your Facebook page.

The Trending Now feature on Facebook offers users a quick look at the headlines of the day. Because I struggled to stop myself from clicking, I decided to get rid of the Trending Now feature all together. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the Trending Now feature through Facebook itself. Done and done. Ah, the creepiest Facebook feature — the News Ticker Bar.

So, I hid it. To hide the Facebook News Ticker Bar, go all the way down to the bottom right side of your screen by the search bar and click the gear icon for Options. Select Hide Ticker at the bottom of the options list. I needed a way to see more from some friends and less or none from others. While many of us would never notice if someone had unfriended us, some people are really sensitive about it.

There is an option there to unfollow that individual friend. This is great for rekindling friendship after an election year. I belong to several business groups and many other interest groups. Before I added certain groups to my favorites, my news feed was a free for all. I got my Facebook groups under control by adding my most important groups to my favorites.

Click to bring up full list of all your groups. Click the gear icon on each group to select Add to Favorites. The minutes here and there spent on Facebook combined with the time spent in a full-blown distraction-induced Facebook vortex really add up. Enjoy your freedom from the Facebook time suck and remember to make every hour count! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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