How to start a clan on mw3 ps3

how to start a clan on mw3 ps3

how can u get yellow clan name ?

Dec 01, Ok, here is how you level up your clan as of now. To level up your clan you must invite elite founders to your clan. Each elite founder in your clan = xp. Nov 08, 1. Select Connect on the left hand side. 2. Click on Clans from the tabs across the top. 3. Once you are under the Clans tab you will .

Elite Clan Info. Elite Clan Direct Links. Elite Clan Subreddit Links. CODBlOps2 self. Let's talk BO2 self. Finally recorded my first MOAB youtube. So the latest rumour tsart clan challenges are finnaly being released i. How to spice-up lobbies self.

What I imagine gaming with a new headset is like i. Spawn logic youtube. Domination friends self. Shotguns in MW3: basic compendium for the clan.

Yesterday I was like 'damn, why's nobody online today? Psn is down apparently. Looking to join. We did it, we got clan exp : self. Clan ops in about 21 hours. Anyone in? Widgum is that you on 1?! Awesome man! Overwatch is out!

Clan tag self. Super Slow Motion C4 Kill youtube. When I play with clam guys, cla things keep happening. To all the clan-mates dlan were in yesterday's drop-zone party: you guys are awesome.

The pic was a 3 minutes match, for the record. Clan Ops Are Now Live self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, what does y mean in algebra directly support Reddit.

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Anybody who wants to join me in boosting on mw3 for ps3 leave me a comment and your psn and i will add you. UPDATE: CLAN NAMES. Okay, so this is how the clan names will go. Reddit E. Reddit W. Reddit PS3 E. Reddit PS3 W. Reddit SA. Reddit PS3 SA. Reddit EU. Reddit PS3 EU. Reddit AU. Reddit AU. If we get to a second set for a given time area, we will just add a number to the end, such as Reddit E2, Reddit E3, and so. How to mod your clan tag in MWst: go to your clan tag and erase anything you have in it.2nd: Go to the symbols page and go to the second row down second A.

Guide to MW3 in self. Hello to all who creep on this subreddit! This is a guide on how to play MW3 in And a brief explanation of the current issues that will never be fixed probably. This took me a while to come up with. I hope it helps new and old players alike. The player count on the main menu of multiplayer has been glitched for around a year or so at the time of this writing. It shows an absurd amount of players online. As much as I wish this where true, I'm afraid it's not.

Remember this going into playlists. Thankfully, on PS3 there are around players at peak times. Xbox has slightly more thanks t backward compatibility, and PC has the least with maybe k per day.

This is a very common issue, especially on the PS3. And after reaching out to some folks over at Activision's support forum, it turns out the culprit was the PS4's ability to change the account name. As far as I am concerned this does not affect Xbox players or PC players. The solution for my fellow PS3 gamers?

Well, it's twisty, So you'll need an account that has played MW3 before the name change update. Maybe ask a friend if they have one? But if the main account you play on has played mw3 in the past, call Sony and ask them if they can change your name back to the original username. Yes, it sucks, but it's the only way.

The result was terrible. Not just for MW3, but MW2 as well. Allow me to elaborate. Matchmaking, with DLC on, was near impossible. I only had the free packs. DLC off was not much better. I would sit in matchmaking for upwards of 30 minutes before finding a lobby with ONE other player who would leave. Is it a waste of time on Xbox? Well, that depends. If you play for campaign and spec ops with some friends it's a great time.

But for matchmaking in multiplayer, it's not happening. This is just my experience, and you may have it differently. Feel free to sound off in comments. Before you start matchmaking, be sure to disable DLC maps.

This will shorten the search time quite a bit. Even if you only have the free face-off maps. Anything outside these are gonna see little to no results. Yet, I have been wrong before. Drop some comments on this post on any I may have missed!

PS3: Every other game you may see one. I haven't seen any as of late. Xbox: Basically the same as PS3, you may encounter them occasionally. If you see a player with a colored Gamertag or clan tag or see all of your classes have been renamed and are different colors.

If you get killed from literally nothing but on the killcam you where knifed by an invisible player, or notice on the killcam a player is instantly snapping to player heads and always dropping headshots through walls. Another possible way to spot a hacker is if a player has a high kill count with ZERO deaths. What to do to avoid stat wipes and de-ranks? I've seen players getting de-ranked here on this subreddit.

Sadly there is nothing that can be done unless you reach out to a friendly modder who can restore your stats to what you remember last. A community-created project for MW3. It is one of the two alternatives to play on dedicated, player operated servers.

All classes are pre-set to start, but after further playing, you can actually rank up and unlock as per usual! When I originally wrote this post I completely missed it. If you are interested, check out this video to learn how to start playing! This is only for PC players who are interested. The minds behind Plutonium known for their work with Black Ops 2 have picked back up their development for their MW3 project! Here is the Announcement via a screenshot of their Discord.

As of right now, they're currently only actively running BO2, with MW3 coming in the near future. If you are interested in checking this out for BO2, The download size is around It is entirely free and community ran.

Servers include different modes such as Trickshot Mode. Granted it's not MW3, but thought it'd be worth updating this post. This is also for PC players who are interested. After a few months of waiting since I started making this post and keeping it updated, I showed that Plutonium a well known BO2 client will be releasing an MW3 version.

Installing this is fairly simple too! Once that is done, find the install for the dedicated server. Simply right-click the Dedicated Server software from your Steam, click properties, click the Local Files tab, and click "Browse Local Files"Download the Plutonium Launcher here and extract the plutonium. Now you are able to run the game and on Plutonium servers BUT you will need to register an account on their forums to play. Check out how to install it on my Youtube channel. Is MW3 playable in ?

Yes, Yes it is. Even with its few hurdles in the way. It may take a while to get into matches, you might encounter a hacker or two. And we will continue to do so until Activision pulls the plug. Thank you for stopping by and reading my guide.

I hope you have good matches and make new memories while you can. Take it, easy guys! I wanna thank everyone who upvoted and commented on this thread. This is my first truly meaningful and well thought out Reddit post and im so glad so many people enjoyed it!

It may seem like a minor accomplishment to many, but to me it's priceless. Seeing what's left of this game's vocal community coming together makes every day so much better and reminds me of home. I know, that sounds super corny. I will continue to keep this updated till there are no more updates to give. Again, Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support! EDIT: Corrected some formatting mistakes. Added a bit about DLC maps. Great Stuff! Plutonium is out now, refer to the links above to learn more.

TeknoMW3 is now the best alternative. EDIT 5: Marked out some old news, but leaving it for reference. Added thank you note, added a header for edit notes, revised some info on TeknoMW3. No problem! MW2 is still working good too even after changing username but stats won't save and all stats get wiped.

Wish Activision would fix it. Considering a good amount of people still play all these old games. Found this post searching on the internet for a solution to my problem.

I've been matchmaking with dlc maps turned off looking for a Team Deathmatch Game in Xbox , No luck after half an hour. I recently picked up an Xbox one to try out mw3 and use game pass for certain games.

I had a little luck but not very good connection. Hope that that someone eventually reboots the server but I highly doubt it.

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