How to replace cv boot on atv

how to replace cv boot on atv

Apr 19,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Aug 18,  · First, put the small clamp on the half-axle. Then slip the CV boot. Pour some of the grease supplied with the replacement boot onto the constant velocity joint. Now reinstall the joint on the half axle. Make sure that it is properly locked in place. Pour the rest of the grease into the boot and put it in place over the CV Marc Blanchette.

The CV joint, the half-axle, the half-shaft, the axle, or even the drive shaft are some of the many names of this mechanical part. It is a very important part how to replace cv boot on atv a motor vehicle, but it is also, in fact, a very simple mechanism. In reality, we are talking about a how to turn a vcr tape into a dvd axle.

A few joint variants are used in the assembly of a half-axle. Two mechanical principles are the most often used: the universal joints and the constant velocity joints. The universal joint is extremely simple and how to cook cabbage rolls from frozen an excellent economical choice. The Italian inventor M. Cardano perfected this technique to couple two rotating shafts that are not aligned or when the angular positions relative to each other vary.

In the ATV industry, it is mainly used on drive shafts and more rarely on half-axles. Composed of a cross-section and yokes that are very economical to replace, this mechanism also has a downside.

Its operation results from a non-linearity of rotation. To counter this phenomenon, a second U-joint must be installed on the same shaft, at the same angle, and synchronized by a quarter turn. Another dark facet is its vulnerability to water which will disintegrate it. The constant velocity joint is a much more advanced mechanism. Its linearity is almost perfect, which results in smoother operation. As it is more complex, it is also much more expensive. Its design requires grease to lubricate it as well as to dissipate heat.

A simple intrusion of water or sand into the assembly will contaminate the grease and inflict fatal punishment on the joint. As it is protected by a flexible bellow or boot, you can easily guess the importance of it being kept in good condition.

A simple visual inspection of the CV joint boots can tell you if you need to take action. The presence of grease outside the boot indicates that immediate repair is needed.

Traces of wear or cracks on the bellows are signs of repair intervention in a near future. There are four choices of replacement CV boots on the market. This replacement boot is split into two parts which must be assembled around the constant velocity joint and then bonded with glue. Cleanliness and very good how to open canon raw files are a must in this case.

Repairing a CV boot with this kit is, indeed, really not as easy as it seems. The third solution, the universal boot, can be interesting. This bellow does not require disassembly of the constant velocity joints. You have to stretch the boot and pass it over the joint. The boot composition is usually very flexible, but is also more fragile to the impact of branches and other objects encountered on the trails.

The OEM and aftermarket replacement boots are, in my opinion, the best choices. Those are the ones I recommend. Removal of the wheel and disassembly of the brake caliper will be necessary. Unscrew the nut from the end of the half axle. Remove the retaining bolts from what do er scribes do ball joint suspension links on the steering knuckle.

Release the assembly and set aside the knuckle. Remove the half axle from the differential by pulling it firmly. It may be necessary to use a lever between the differential and the half-axle. Take care not to damage the differential seal. Remove the clamps from the boot to be replaced using sharp wire cutters. Cut the old boot and set it aside. Inspect the grease in the CV joint. If the grease is not contaminated with water, sand, or dust, that is good news: the CV joint may still be in good condition.

If, on the other hand, the grease is discolored or contaminated, the joint is likely damaged. In other words, even if the boot is how to replace cv boot on atv, a premature CV joint failure is to be expected. To separate the CV joint from the half-axle, it will be necessary to use a hammer to hit it with a few light strokes. Use a brass punch and strike only in the central part near the half-axle.

Note its installation position, it should not be reversed. Once the parts are separated, remove as much of the old grease as possible. Inspect the condition of the CV joint. If there are scratches or traces of abrasion, unfortunately, the joint will have to be replaced. First, put the small clamp on the half-axle.

Then slip the CV boot. Pour some of the grease supplied with the replacement boot onto the constant velocity joint. Now reinstall the joint on the half axle. Make sure that it is properly locked in place. Pour the rest of the grease into the boot and put it in place over the CV joint.

Install both clamps and tighten them using the boot clamp pliers. Now you just have to reinstall the half-axle by reversing the procedure. Position the C-lock in the center of the half-axle, this will facilitate its insertion into the differential.

If some oil has leaked out of the differential during repair, simply fill up the oil level. Make sure to respect the how to replace cv boot on atv torque of the wheel bearing nut. In conclusion, a CV boot repair is a relatively simple operation.

If there is any doubt as to the condition of your CV joint, it is possible to get a replacement unit without replacing the whole half-axle. However, in most cases, the cost of both parts boot and CV jointwill exceed that of a full replacement half-axle assembly. Check the two options. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Sunday, May 2, Contact Us.

Replacement of a CV boot. Home Features Maintenance. By: Marc Blanchette. August 18, Tags Maintenance. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Patrick Roch - March 16, Read more.

How to choose your ATV tires Replacing your tires is quite a big investment, and making the right choice shouldn't be taken lightly. Marc Blanchette - March 16, All rights reserved.

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Whether replacing a torn CV boot, a broken axle, or even upgrading to stronger or longer axles for an aftermarket suspension, as an ATV enthusiast, you are bound to be tearing into one at one time or another.

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