How to properly pronounce bon iver

how to properly pronounce bon iver

??????? bon iver

Apr 27,  · Listen and learn how to say correctly with Julien, "how do you pronounce" free pronunciation audio/video is Bon Iver? Bon Iver is an American. Apr 15,  · facetimepc.cos video shows you how to say Bon Iver. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the band founded by Justin Vernon.

These bands decided to make things hard. I tried to make these phonetic spellings as fool-proof as possible so just say them without thinking and it will come out right.

HAIM — Hime like time. Chvrches — Churches. Sufjan Stevens — Soof-yawn Stevens. Sigur Ros — Say it how ever you want because 95 percent of the population just pretends they know.

Alvvays — Always. Lykke Li — Licky Lee. Bon Iver — Bone E-vair. He dropped a letter or two when naming his band. Basia Bulat —Bah-sha Boo-lot. Cayucas — Kay-you-kiss. On a family road trip he saw a prroperly of things in a row and combined them in his head for this name. Mogwai — Mawg-why. How to celebrate fat tuesday — Go-tee-yay. Bjork — Byork. The Man — Ifer. The Man. The first time they saw their name printed in a magazine, they propefly they had made a big mistake using a period.

Jamiroquai — Ja-mear-o-qwhy? Beirut — Bay-root. Brody Dalle pronouunce Brody Doll. Now you can be pretentious and condescending when you hear someone pronounce one of these wrong! Skip to content. Gotye — Go-tee-yay Bjork — Byork Portugal. Beirut — Bay-root Brody Dalle — Brody Doll Now you can be pretentious and condescending when you hear someone pronounce one of these wrong!

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Feb 13,  · “Bone-ee-VARE.” The name Bon Iver is based on the French bon hiver, meaning “good winter,” but it’s not really French. Songwriter, singer, and Author: Forrest Wickman. Dec 14,  · How to say bon iver in English? Pronunciation of bon iver with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 7 translations and more for bon iver.4/5. How To Pronounce Bon IverHow To Pronounce Bon IverHow To Pronounce Bon IverHow To Say Bon IverHow To Say Bon IverHow To Say Bon Iver.

Support the independent voice of Houston and help keep the future of Houston Press free. Back in December , when Eminem was just hitting MTV and rap radio, we remember people pronouncing his name as "Eee-mine-im," and not the candy-inflected way it actually was. We even made the mistake during our first viewing of "My Name Is" late at night on the video channel and calling a buddy to ask him if he knew who the hell this scrawny white dude was. Little did we know that Eminem would be a household name in just a few months.

A few years later, at the end of , "Caney" West was getting pretty popular, confounding potential fans who hadn't heard his name out loud yet. In less than a decade, his name would be either be "Asshole" or "Genius," sometimes used in the same sentence by the same person.

Since we can remember, the correct pronunciation of a band's name and even their album titles has been a topic of nerd discussion. Sometimes you waited for older and smarter people to say the name first before you uttered the name around them as to not look like a neanderthal.

Not every group makes it as easy on their potential fans as Lynyrd Skynyrd. Here's a list of commonly mispronounced band names and their phonetic pronunciations, which hinge on whether or not you speak pure, white-bread white-people English. Otherwise, screw these names up as much as you want.

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