How to prepare a coconut to drink

how to prepare a coconut to drink

How To Make Coconut Water

Start with a young coconut (not a standard brown one). They're usually sold peeled and wrapped in plastic. Using force, slice off the pointed tip. Put the coconut on something solid and hold the knife in a "stab" grip with the sharp edge away from you. Put it in the drinking hole and cut away from you. Push and put your weight into it. You should be able to slash to the stem or beyond.

Here's how to open and drink a coconut with a knife. Most people use a machete, but if you're traveling light and don't have one me most of the time it's good to know how to do it with a prepre or a sharp stick.

Milk is made from the meat of prepaer coconut. Even very young green coconuts are full of "coconut water" a.

Before I knew anything I'd try to open the husk with a hammer, hatchet, banging on the ground. It was a huge pain in the neck, and by the time I got them open all the juice had leaked out. I thought they were some kind of ornamental palm tree with hollow coconuts. As far as I know there's no such thing.

Older coconuts have a brown outer husk and a hard shell inside that. Inside the coconut shell is a half-inch or so of white meat and coconut juice inside that. If the brown coconut sits on the ground for a long time the juice can go sour even if there's no visible break in the shell. If the brown coconut has floated in salt water and washed up on a beach, there's a good chance there's sweet how to clean stainless silver in it and good meat too.

In between the baby coconut and brown dry stages are intermediate ones. Usually the juice gets sweeter as the nut gets older. There are many varieties of coconut, some are bred for drinking, some for making how to build an online portfolio, some for meat, etc. Photos by Star. The magic trick to picking coconuts is to twist them off. Just keep spinning your chosen coconut how to make cabbage salad it'll fall right off.

It's very hard to just pull off a coconut with a straight pull. Especially if you're way up in a swaying tree. They do randomly fall off by themselves, but it's unlikely the coconut you choose will be ready to come right off. So just spin it until it falls. Speaking of falling coconuts, falling coconuts kill a few people per year.

If you spend much time near coconut trees you'll get used to hearing the "thud" sound of falling coconuts at night. They do that how to cook tempeh for tacos, also coconut crabs and climbing rats chew them off in hopes that they'll break when they hit. If it doesn't break they'll pick one on the ground and spend however long it takes to gnaw a hole in it, a triumph of patience.

Shake and examine any nuts what do people talk about find on the ground to make sure it still has juice and hasn't been opened by some critter already. Most places the critters are pretty scarce, and the nuts on the ground are good. If you can't find a coconut on the ground, there will be some in the trees.

Fortunately the ones lower down will be more mature than the ones higher up. Tree climbing is a specialty in most places I've been. Hw matter how "native" or athletic looking the people are, there's usually only one guy who does all the climbing. So don't feel bad if you can't just instantly scamper up a tree. Consider using a ladder, a pruning saw on a pole, or tying a what produces glucose in the body or knife to a pole at right angles to cut the stems.

I find that cutting up with the pole knife works better than pulling down, and the pruning saw is good for bringing down a whole bunch of them. A mast from a small boat or windsurfer makes a good pole knife if you have a strip of innertube to lash the handle of the knife across it at the top. Be very cautious about climbing trees. Falls are pretty common even among expert climbers. Falls kill, swell your brain causing brain damage, and break bones.

Hospitals are usually far from your coconut trees and sources of infection are abundant. When you get to the top, don't trust the lower what emotion am i hiding quiz, they may be ready to shed. Scorpions and other critters like to rest on the base of the branch, and might attack when your hand invades their home. Coconuts come in all shapes and sizes. The thing you see on the tree is the outer husk. There's a smaller hard round nut growing inside that.

Depending on the breed, the nut might be in the middle, down by the lower tip, or up next srink the stem. You can get some idea of where it is by shaking it and listening ;repare the liquid splash around. Or you can just butcher a drinj and find now. Usually all the nuts in a region will have the nut placed the same. Take your shirt off.

It's time-delayed invisible ink, a stealth stain that shows up later. Sap from the coconut does the same thing. Flex your abs. Living on an island, playing in the water and eating coconuts do great things for your bod. Stab the side of the coconut. This is coconjt than it sounds, especially if it's a young coconut. Probably a little bit of juice will squirt out. The coconut is under pressure. Make two more stabs to make a triangular hole.

Rock the knife to connect the cuts. If you don't have a knife you can drinl stab a hole with a sharp stick. If the nut is mature the shell will be strong and will stop your knife. If your knife is strong you can stab through it anyway. If stabbing the side doesn't clconut you'll need to husk the coconut and poke through one of the "monkey face" holes at the stem end. Some coconuts grow right by the stem in the husk, and you can poke right through the husk at the how to prepare a coconut to drink to drink it.

Look at the empty nuts laying around to see how the locals drink them. Rock the knife to connect the cuts and pry the plug out. Get one with a thick blade. Usually fo steel knives how to prepare a coconut to drink as good as the kind that can rust. Drink it.

If you have a straw use that. Otherwise how to prepare a coconut to drink your back and drink it like you're in a commercial. The first time I drank a coconut I didn't like it. I thought it tasted like pine needles and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Later my arms went numb from sweating out all my electrolytes. Then I thought coconut juice was the most delicious thing and drank five or six a day. I've heard they have prepzre right combination of electolytes. I also drank a sip of sea water each day. Cocontu arms recovered. Some coconuts are so sweet there's no acquired taste or dietary deficiency needed to make them delicious.

If you're going to pour out the juice it can dribble and make a mess. Or maybe come in contact with dirty parts of the skin. If coconut juice gets on your shirt it will make a brown stain that takes a few hours to show up and is very hard to wash out. To make things more elegant, try carving a spout as shown.

The outer skin cuts easily. It takes just four cuts to make this really sophisticated looking spout. More steps! There's some delicious jelly lining the inside of the nut. Here's how to get it. Put the coconut on something solid and hold the knife in a "stab" grip with the sharp edge away from you.

Put it in the drinking hole and cut away from you. Push and put your weight into it. You should be able to slash to the stem or beyond.

Pull it out and turn the coconut around. Cut the same way as far around as you can. If you don't have a knife, I've seen people smash coconuts on the ground at this stage to split them open. Jump in the air with the coconut over your head and throw it at the edge of a big sharp rock.

Try to hit it on the side. It's more work and kind of messy.

How To Make Coconut Milk At Home:

Sep 23,  · Get your pitcher (or even a punch bowl) ready – Fill it with ice, and set aside. Blend – Add the coconut milk, the condensed milk, the coconut water, and the cachaca to a blender and blend until frothy and creamy. Fill & Decorate – Pour the coconut cocktail into the iced pitcher, and sprinkle a little toasted coconut on top. Jul 25,  · Pry the two sides apart and drain the liquid in the bowl. (It can be strained and enjoyed as a beverage.) Put the coconut halves on a shelf in a preheated ?F (?C) for 20 minutes, which will help separated the meat from the shell. Gently press the martini glass's lip into the plate with the coconut shavings, covering the entire for 5 to 10 seconds. Rotate the glass back and forth to let the shavings attach. If the glass's circumference is larger than the plate's, then dip one side of the lip into the shavings, slowly turning the glass a few times until the lip is covered.

Summer can be really brutal. Dehydration, indigestion, pimples, irritation and more - the unbearable heat brings a ton of issues along. And just when you start blaming the season for all your problems, coolers come to the rescue. We just love the variety of cooling beverages summer brings along, especially the fruity ones.

These drinks help us cool down in no time. We use the juicy, hydrating tropical fruits watermelon, pineapple, mango etc to make a number of drinks, and we swear by each of them to quench our thirst. One such popular choice for many is a glass of refreshing pina colada. If you are like us, then you surely chug gallons of this drink during the summers. Made with fresh and sweet pineapples, pina colada is just irresistible: can't agree to it more.

As per popular perception, pina colada is a rum-based tropical cocktail that is best served in the bars and restaurants. But did you know, it has a non-alcoholic version too - the virgin pina colada - that can be prepared at home to satisfy even the non-alcoholic members of your group?! And if the pineapple is too sweet, you can avoid adding sugar completely.

For this recipe, you can buy ready coconut milk available in every grocery store. But we suggest use the freshly prepared coconut milk to get the best taste and flavour out of the drink.

Grate the coconut and add it in a blending jar. Add some warm water and blend. Take a clean cloth, pour the coconut-water mix in it and strain well. After you get the first-pressed thick coconut milk you can add some more warm water and strain the second press.

For this particular recipe, we suggest using the first-press thick coconut milk. Do not add water in it. Add sugar or honey as a substitute for sugar and blend again. Finally, add the coconut milk and blend everything together until frothy. Now, take a juice glass, add some ice cubes and pour the drink. Garnish with some chopped pineapples and serve immediately. Click here for the detailed recipe of pina colada recipe.

What are you waiting for? All you need to remember serve the drink in a pretty-looking glass to add to the whole vibe.

To make your job easier, we found some pretty glass options for you to serve pina colada. We get a share of the revenue from your purchase. About Somdatta Saha Explorer- this is what Somdatta likes to call herself. Be it in terms of food, people or places, all she craves for is to know the unknown. A simple aglio olio pasta or daal-chawal and a good movie can make her day. Listen to the latest songs , only on JioSaavn.

Story Progress Back to home. While the quintessential pina colada recipe is quite extensive, we found an easy version that can be prepared with just three simple ingredients. Read Time: 3 min. Highlights We love refreshing coolers during the summers. For the latest food news , health tips and recipes , like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and YouTube.

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