How to make temaris fan

how to make temaris fan

Temari Cosplay Fan Tutorial

Jul 29,  · I decided to make a tutorial while I was making another Temari fan for my cosplay since my old one is falling apart. My first one was done in a similar fashion and I did not use any tutorials to do it either. I figured this would be useful to those who would like to make one but do not have the time or resources to make one from scratch. Dec 30,  · Make a hole a little below the center, so you could tied all of those structure with wires or simply put in a stick of wood, and don't forget to put something to cover the stick pole, so it won't.

Temari are beautiful little thread balls. They don't have how to disable driver signature enforcement windows 7 more use than any other ball.

They bounce a little. They're pretty. I like to make them to keep my hands busy on road trips or while watching movies. They're low-key and relaxing. They're amazing demonstrations of non-Euclidean geometry. You will need: A bit of yarn the color doesn't matter; it won't show A needle Thread.

One of the colors of threads will be used a lot. The grey one in the picture was used up. I often use serger thread for this. The other colors should look nice together.

I changed my mind on the design of this one, so the threads pictured aren't the ones I used. Pins Maybe a flexible tape measure.

Scissors are helpful. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn. Thread your needle with the thread you have a lot of, but DON'T snip the thread from the spool! Make a stitch through the knot in the yarn and into the ball.

Don't lose your needle in the ball! Put the needle away somewhere safe. Wrap thread around and around the ball in all directions. Wrap firmly. Try to use this wrapping to make your ball as spherical as possible. Keep wrapping until you can't see anything but your wrapping thread. Leaving a long tail, cut the thread from the spool. Thread the needle with the tail and make many stitches, all over the surface of the ball, to hold threads in place and to secure the tail.

Pro tip: You can wrap with two colors at once, if you want! You get a gorgeous, deep texture and your ball is covered faster. The making of temari is essentially geometric.

So we need to subdivide this sphere with evenly spaced points. This is the step where you may find a flexible ruler useful. I just do it by eye, but you can be more precise if you want. Place a first pin directly into the ball. Place another one what investments offer compound interest across the center from the first pin.

Place another pair of pins to create a line across the center that crosses the first line at a right angle. See the first picture. Repeat to complete a set of three-dimensional right angles. The ball should now look like the second picture. One of the pairs of pins will be the poles, and the other two pairs will form an equator. It doesn't matter which is which; they are identical at this point.

Subdivide your "equator", halving each section. See the third picture. Subdivide each of these sections again. See the fourth picture. Pro tip: This is not the only way to subdivide your sphere; if you're interested in other non-Euclidean geometric patterns, you can position your pins differently. Here are some examples of different geometric base patterns. Every time a new piece of thread is used, we'll attach and tie off the same way: Cut a long piece of thread.

Without tying a knot, stitch through the ball several times, until the thread is difficult to pull out of the ball. Attach a piece of thread. Wrap a how often to bath a puppy of this thread around the equator.

Wrap, don't stitch! You can do this several times if you want a thicker line. Tie off. With the same piece or a new piece of thread, wrap from pole to how to make temaris fan at each pin on the equator. Wherever threads cross, make a small stitch to tack your guide threads into place. I double- and tripple-wrapped my threads to make decorative varying thicknesses.

Using your guide lines, stitch around in a pattern. I stitched at the how to make temaris fan, over three lines, at the top, over three lines, at the base Stitch only at corners.

Otherwise, wrap. Repeat on the other side of the sphere. Repeat the pattern you've stitched with all of the colors you have lined up. I worked outward, making a layer of purple, a layer of another purple, a layer of teal, etc.

If you want one color to be thicker, you can repeat it as many times as you want. I stitched the gold thread over three times. You'll notice that the threads don't always want to stay where they're put. You can push them back into place with your needle, and to keep them there, you can make a tiny stitch over the top of a color where it crosses itself.

I did this only with the gold thread. Look how to make temaris fan that lovely temari! You can give it to a friend, a relative, a child. You can display it. You can make a loop of thread and hang it from a tree or a chandelier. You can make more, in different colors, patterns, sizes. Update: I have added some pictures of other temari I've made, for inspiration!

Here are more pictures of the bowl they're in- I made that too! Question 2 months ago on Introduction. I watched something that has a temari ball in it. When the ball hit something it jingled like a bell. If I want my temari ball to jingle like that do put a bell in the middle of how to talk to a narcissistic man yarn? Question 2 months ago on Step 2. Question 4 months ago on Step 9.

What is going on how to make temaris fan the poles? Why do you have a whorl of color up there? Based on your instructions, you shouldn't be going through the poles at all Answer 4 months ago. Oh yeah, looks like I forgot to mention that part! I just stitched a little circle at each pole to finish off the excess thread for each layer. Reply 4 months ago.

Question 10 months ago on Introduction. At the equator, do you wrap the thread around the guideline under the equator or do you make a small stitch at the equator? I love how your equator turned out and would like to repeat it. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. I think I have the same book, mine have styrofoam balls at the center also.

I did these a couple years ago. One ended up as a gift to our favorite Japanese restaurant which has since closed. They were done for a contest hosted by a Japanese seed bead manufacturer. Reply 3 years ago. I have a book on temari and styrofoam balls are used extensively. The process used is similiar in that the styrofoam ball is wound with wool or other thread to provide the base for the decorative thread.

Introduction: How to Make Temari

Two peices of 1/2" to 3/4" thick wood, cut to scale based on your height to Temari's. A Huge Peice of durable cloth like a heavy Canvas to make the main part of the fan. You can sew the creases so it folds better if you'd like. Paint or sew the circles in place on the canvas. Aug 15,  · How to Make Temari Step 1: Materials. One of the colors of threads will be used a lot. The grey one in the picture was used up. The Step 2: Roll a Yarn Ball. Roll a little ball of yarn, to the size you want your ball to be. Roll tightly. Step 3: Roll a Thread Ball. Tie a knot in the end of Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Oct 12,  · Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th, (Eastern Time) and beginning April 20th, (Eastern Time) the Yahoo Answers website will be in read-only mode.

See More by TemariAtaje. Suggested Collections. Cosplay Tutorials by xocat1. Tutorials by Xena-Heart. Featured in groups See All. Temari Cosplay Fan Tutorial. By TemariAtaje Watch. I decided to make a tutorial while I was making another Temari fan for my cosplay since my old one is falling apart. My first one was done in a similar fashion and I did not use any tutorials to do it either. I figured this would be useful to those who would like to make one but do not have the time or resources to make one from scratch.

One thing that is very important is that acrylic paint is used on the fan since it is a thicker paint and is less likely to cause wrinkling So what do you think? To see the finished product in action see my photo shoot! Image details. Published: Jul 29, Comments 9. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Saronacos Jun 27, Amazing tutorial.

StellarFairy Sep 3, I used your tutorial to do my Temari fan. Here it is: camilia-chan. TemariAtaje Sep 4, StellarFairy Sep 4, NaruHinaSasuSaku4evr Jul 10, This is really awesome, I just wish I could find the patience to do it. DarksideofChocolate Jul 30, Wow, I made my Temari fan in the same way the result is pretty cool great work!!

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