How to make levi cutoffs

how to make levi cutoffs

What Were Wearing Vol. 9: The Perfect Pair Of Cut-Offs

STEPS 1. Put on the jeans. Mark on the outer hem where you want the shorts to fall. 2. Mark a straight line across the leg. STEPS 3. Cut a straight line across the leg about two inches farther down the leg from your line. 4. Try on the shorts and see where they fall. Nows your chance to . Feb 01, If youre looking for a way to give your old jeans a new life, try turning them into the perfect cut-off shorts for summer. Afterall, the perfect cut-offs ne.

I will say they were a little big for me but that actually ended up being a good thing. The most important thing was that they fit my waist.

So keep that in mind when searching for a pair. Try on your jeans and mark where you want to cut. It is not easy giving them the distressed look. This took me at least an hour to get these holes and fringes. Take your time, be careful and just keep scraping away. Do this to the back and front. Share the post e t how to make levi cutoffs f w. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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I was searching for many blogs site and now finally I have got this cool place with lots of information. Such a great idea! I feel silly for paying so much for cutoffs at Urban Outfitters!

Also love the look with the orange! Adorable, Becky! I have discovered a love for making cut-offs, too!! So easy, so cheap and so cute!!! Maek for the nice compliments and glad you stopped by: xx, Becky.

The privacy of those who visit this web site is of primary concern to Cella Jane. We automatically collect some data from everyone who visits our site. None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and or affiliates. Cella Jane is a part of affiliate advertising programs. All opinions are my own. If you wish to know more about our Privacy Policy, click here. Ready for another DIY?? I have gotten such a good response from my last two DIYs find here hkw here I decided to do another one.

I have been wanting to try this one for quite some time. Once you find a good pair the next steps are pretty oevi. Grab yourself a pair of scissors and or steak knife. Please make sure to be careful! How to make levi cutoffs you cut levj first side, fold over and cut along the cut leg line. Have you seen all the cute ways you can wear these babies? I have a ton of looks on my pinterest. Are you following? Jump on here to get some ideas and make sure to follow:.

Let me know if what type of pants to wear with boots try making these! Feel free to tweet me questions hoq pictures! Post navigation Previous No Gym? No Cktoffs. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your t address hhow not be published. I will surely apply this fashionable idea to my wears also. These ot out really great! I'm definitely trying your DIY. Nice post! SO cute! Love this idea!

Just cutfofs your blog! New follower: Brittney. Oh I ot inspired!!! Totally doing this pronto!!! Hope hchdesigns.

Cella Jane Policies The privacy of those who visit this web site is of primary concern to Cella Jane.


Aug 10, Hey Guys!! woo hood to a new DIY video! I have had sooo many questions about the distressed shorts I have been wearing but little did you know I already gotc. Mar 17, Hope this video could help or give you some inspo. xoSOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: stinamarquezTWITTER: stinamarquezSNAPCHAT: tinamarquezbusiness inquiries: stina Author: Christina Marquez. Apr 24, Try on your jeans and mark where you want to cut. I made mine a bit longer than I wanted for two reasons: 1-You cant undo a cut that is too short, but you can always cut them more if needed. 2-I like to fold my ends up. Once you cut the first side, fold over and cut along the cut leg line. It is not easy giving them the distressed look.

Subscribe to our newsletter. With perfectly worn-in, high-waisted styles dominating the street-style scene, the time is now to get to the bottom of how to score the perfect vintage-style pair. Expect to try on plenty of pairs. Try, try, try, and try again.

Ignore the size label. Not to mention shrink-to-fit fabrics and tricky vanity sizing an industry-wide practice of assigning smaller sizes to boost sales. When in doubt, wrap the waistband of the denim shorts around your neck; if the ends meet, then you should have a winner on your hands.

Know your denim styles. The s flaunt a roomy button-front fit, whereas the s have a zipper closure, meaning they tend to fit a bit more snugly. When thrifting fails, try an online vintage clothing retailer specializing in denim. Meet the Denim Refinery , a one-stop shop for all your favorite vintage denim brands, including Levi Strauss. Special treatments such as waxing, distressing, and softening are utilized to preserve the fabric in its original state.

For ALL the bells and whistles namely, cool-girl flair expect to fork over the moolah. Hit up Urban Outfitters for repurposed vintage Levis. These overdyed shorts sporting a loose fit and tattered hem are as classic as they come. Make your own denim cutoffs from scratch. Will you be investing in a pair of vintage denim cutoffs this summer?

Follow us on Pinterest for more summer styling tips! Are you stuck in a "stay small" mindset? What if you took your business to the next level? As part of our collaboration with Office Depot , we're sharing the Selfmade story of Cecile's Bath and Body founder Jackie Granchamps, who learned that a small shift in mindset could set her on a bigger path.

Cecile's was born out of my love for cooking. I would make all these elaborate meals but I just couldn't eat that much. I was looking for a hobby and I thought about soap making. I had been laid off from a marketing job and I was so worried and unsure about what I was going to do. A friend of mine mentioned making something, so I thought about it. I looked around my kitchen and I had two big boxes of Morton's kosher salt, fresh herbs, limes, ginger. I peeled the rind off a tangerine and took some fresh thyme and salt and put it in my Magic Bullet and what came out was the fluffiest, most fragrant incredible concoction.

I ended up making six different types for acne, including one that was made with rosemary and tea tree. I gave them out and my family really loved them. That was the beginning of the obsession. Then over the years I have taken soap and beauty-making classes and business classes. My parents were entrepreneurs so I really saw the ups and downs of business. My master's degree is in marketing strategy and entrepreneurship so I had the formal education and I knew I was going into marketing. It was good to have the entrepreneurial mindset but it wasn't really what I wanted to do.

I've always worked in corporate marketing, but it was never really satisfying because if you switch jobs all the work you do stays behind, all the creativity and love you put into it doesn't belong to you.

After the financial crash in , I got laid off and I was devastated. Cecile's really was the place where I could express my creativity and really be self-directed.

I really wanted a place where I could make all of the decisions and really express myself. The way it evolved into a business was that I was super happy whenever I was making products, and I realized I had to really start selling them because I was spending so much money to make them.

I can't even say enough good things about Selfmade. I have told so many people about it. My cousin took the course after me as did one of my business besties. I think that the experience created a complete energetic and mindset shift for me.

I had been content with growing very slowly over the years and I'd only work seasonally, but Selfmade made me realize that this could actually be something bigger. I also had an entrepreneurial education. There were so many barriers access to capital, being a person of color the system is set up for you to not gain entry, it just is.

Coupled with the political climate happening now it was just the perfect time to get rid of those old attitudes and say ok, actually no, I can do this, I have a chance now. That was the biggest thing.

Selfmade made me believe it was possible for ME. I would say money and mindset. Because I work in marketing, the bulk of everything that is expensive for the business I am doing myself. I'm writing the copy, designing products, designing the labels and the collateral and all of these things that I would have to pay someone else to do. Lack of money is a persistent problem for every entrepreneur I think, especially if you are bootstrapping.

That's where the mindset piece comes in n ow I am looking at the business differently. Selfmade made me rethink my business from A to Z. What was my idea, what was I selling, how was it valuable? It made me think about each of these things and reshape the business. Besides Brit? I was introduced to so many amazing women in Selfmade and I was never really a person who had idols growing up. I really just wanted to be myself. Selfmade allowed me to feel like myself. Rebecca Minkoff is really a scrappy New Yorker, and she told us about how she started selling on the street.

That to me is so inspiring because I can identify with it. It's a classic New York story. Also, I appreciate and admire Brit because she just has so much spirit and so much belief in herself that is contagious. It made me feel like 'I can do this. I had a couple strategies that helped me start this business.

One of them was the way that I bootstrapped. I worked a lot of temporary jobs, so I would work for nine months and then be off for three months to work on the business.

Another strategy is that I really used the market to test new products out and get customer feedback. I had a custom blend bar where I put out many ingredients for people to choose from. Many people were trying to recreate a scent to recreate memories. I had a lot of people burst into tears after the scent was done you could see the emotion overcome them when we got the scent right.

One woman was from Australia and she hadn't been home for a long time, and together we created a scent that she said smelled exactly like her parents' backyard from when she was a kid. A lot of the products I carry now were actually born out of custom jobs that I did for people at the market once and really liked. Whatever it is that you are thinking about doing, do it NOW. Perseverance is required. You have to realize that the people around you will not all support what you do.

Sometimes the people you expect to support you the most will be the most negative, because if you change, who are they?

Being a business owner you have to have an internal drive. You have to feel really deep down that you can keep going. Entrepreneurship is a long game. It is only now that I'm really getting traction and I'm 6 years down the line. I was just chosen for a feature by TMobile and will be in a short documentary commercial that will be coming out soon, but it is only now that I am finally starting to get that traction.

Even though we celebrate all these people who are so hugely successful and so young, that is a huge exception. I love my Selfmade friend Pia's business. She makes clothing for apple-shaped bodies. I have handmade masks from her. They are super beautiful and hand-embroidered. I wore them through New York and so many people stopped me to ask about it that I had to stop wearing it so much. The community of women that I surround myself with really keeps me motivated.

That was another benefit of Selfmade. I tend to be an insular person. I've never had a business community. Being by myself was natural, but going through Selfmade I realized that having all these people to bounce ideas off of and work together with in groups was so helpful. I'm part of the alumni network and have kept up with so many of the other women. We are all still in contact constantly, and we're going to be doing collabs together.

I feel so lucky that I fell into a group of really supportive people.

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