How to make an origami 5 pointed star

how to make an origami 5 pointed star

Simple 5 Point Origami Star Instructions

Aug 05, How to Make a 5 Pointed Star Origami Tutorial Step 1 Folding in half. The first thing you need to do is fold your pentagon in half as shown in the picture. Open it Step 2: Folding up the sides. Place the pentagon so a flat side is towards you. Fold it up onto the pentagon . Dec 21, Making 5 Pointed Origami Stars with papers |Very easy and simple steps to make a Paper Star with color paper |Background Music: Whistling Down the Road By S Author: Charka.

If you need a quick and pretty paper star, you can learn how to make one using one sheet of paper with this quick photo tutorial. This simple five-point origami star is very easy to make, it also looks the same on both sides, making it maie great origami hanging decoration.

The star in the photo is made using thick gold paper, similar paper can be found sfar Amazon or in craft shops, however, you can use any paper that you like. Wrapping paper makes a great origami paper alternative. Children will be able to fold this origami star with some initial help, for a star that young children will have no issues with, there is an even easier origami star. This origami star is designed by Chrissy Pk. Start with your paper what does rbs stand for in rugby side up.

Rotate the paper so that the top point is at the very top, with the bottom left point in the position of the star's bottom left point.

Fold the two layers you folded down, up to the right, position them where the star's top right point will be. Crease well, then unfold the paper. If you enjoyed making this origami star, you might also like making origami lucky stars or "wishing stars" as some call them.

Materials 1 Piece of origami paper. Fold a Triangle Start with your paper white side up. Fold the top point of your paper down to the bottom point and crease. Fold the top left point over to the right and crease. Fold the top right point plinted to the bottom point. Make sure to fold both layers. Related Topics. Paper Crafts Origami. Show Full Article.

Making the 5 Pointed Origami Star

Nov 15, How To Make A 5 Pointed Origami Star Ive been making these little paper stars from left over scraps of wrapping paper for a few years now. If youve been with me a while, youll likely have noticed them in my previous Christmas Wrapping blogs. Nov 13, How to fold a 5 pointed origami star starting from a pentagonal sheet of paper. Pentagon template available

These 5 pointed origami stars are easy to fold and make beautiful Christmas decorations. You can make them from magazines, scrapbook papers or sheet music, whatever you happen to have lying around. We don't have our tree up just yet so for now I've put these Christmas star decorations on our mantelpiece. One of the 5 pointed origami stars is folded from scan of a dictionary page and the others are made from vintage style scrapbook papers.

I went for vintage patterns but you could equally well use bright Christmas colors. I also tried hanging them on the mirror in our living room and I think they look quite nice there:. Thanks for sharing your photo Kerrie! Here's another photo shared by reader Vicki, who made both the origami star from this page and also the modular money origami star.

Thanks for sharing your photo Vicki! Reader Mel Hurst made these gorgeous tiny stars to decorate Christmas cards and presents.

Amazing folding Mel, and thanks for sharing your photo! Credit for this design belongs to Shuzo Fujimoto, who created the design in the 70s. Thank you to Nick Robinson for writing in with that information! Origami purists will frown upon me using scissors but hey, this is the 21st century not feudal Japan ;-.

So a 12" square will make a 7" star, or a 8. I think it's way easier to learn how to make these stars by watching videos than by looking at photos, so I'm going to start by showing you the videos. But if you have a really slow internet connection, or you prefer photos to video, then you can skip down to the step by step photos instead.

First up, you'll need to cut a pentagon out of your square. You can either trace my pentagon template , or you can use an origami trick. I prefer using the origami trick because it works for any size of paper, and also it's quicker. Here's a 2 minute video showing you how it's done:. Once you've got your pentagon, you're ready to fold the star. Here's our little video showing how:.

How did you star turn out? Please leave a comment if you've got a question or just want to say hi. Option 1: Download and trace my pentagon template. Option 2: Use an origami trick to make a pentagon instructions below. The advantage of the origami method is that it works for any size sheet of paper, however big or small. Are you sure you don't want to watch my video instead?

I think it's easier to follow than the photos. Start with your paper nice-side-down. Fold the pentagon in half through each of its points and unfold again, so that you have a set of creases like this:. Unfold again, then make the same fold for all the other sides of the pentagon, so that you have a set of creases like this:.

Fold in the left edge along one of the creases you just made. Then fold up the bottom edge, at the same time pulling the corner of the pentagon out to the left like this. Squash the fold flat. Unfold completely. Do the same thing for all the rest of the sides of the pentagon. When you've finished you will have a new set of creases that look something like this:.

Starting with the pentagon completely unfolded, pinch all the corners together and squash them toward the center. With a bit of "massaging" the paper will collapse into a star shape. Did you make your star from one-sided colored paper? If you did, you'll notice that there's a white hexagon in the middle on the back.

Do you want that hexagon to be colored, like the rest of the star? Here's how, thanks to a clever tip sent in by reader Grace. Fun fact: The band Coldplay used this origami star design in their set for their live performances of their song "A Sky Full of Stars"!

Here's the video. Make a personalized likes poster for your loved ones this Christmas! This couples poster is so easy to print at home and just looks fantastic! Or check out more of our easy to make posters in our printable gifts shop. If you liked the 5 pointed origami star, you might also like these other Christmas star crafts We may earn a commission for purchases using our links, as described in our affiliate disclosure. Video vs Photo Instructions I think it's way easier to learn how to make these stars by watching videos than by looking at photos, so I'm going to start by showing you the videos.

Are you sure you don't want to watch my 2 minute video instead? I think it's easier to follow than the pictures. Video: 5 pointed origami star. Modular Origami Star. Paper Star Lanterns. Find the perfect project

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