How to get exalted with cenarion circle

how to get exalted with cenarion circle

Cenarion Circle

Apr 27, Due to learning so much and the popularity of the 1st Cenarion Circle rep guide. Here is a much better and more current one! If any questions come to mind pl. Jun 25, I show you how to get exalted with cenarion circle. Head to Silithus and find the quest hub in the middle of the zone to start.

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This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Live PTR. Classic TBC. Quick Facts. AQ A full run will give you around reputation. Texts grinding: You can grind texts from Twilight camps throughout Silithus. Can only be turned in in stacks of Twilight Sets: Twilight mobs drop set pieces. You can use those to summon bosses which drop items that can give you reputation.

AQ You can also get some reputation there. Insignias give reputation each, as hwo as killing C'Thun will award you with reputation. Comment by When farming for CC rep or looking for some gold, there are a few things to remember. First off, if you are farming solo, gathering texts is the best way to get rep. Doing AQ20 for rep as well pieces for the quest rewards that you can recieve from CC representitives is great but you'll need 19 others and can the instance takes three days to respawn.

So gathering texts is the best way that I've found to get CC rep consistantly. Secondly,after you become honored, killing the regular cultists no longer gives you any rep. So it is profitable to hold on to all the texts you gather until after you are honored. There are other mobs you can kill until you are how to configure cisco switch 2960 but they are more difficult to xenarion.

They are found in a cave to the north east of Silithus. A quest is avalible that sends you to them. A third thing is that there are other ways to get rep but they either take a certain class type, tremendous amounts of gear, or how to get exalted with cenarion circle few more players to help.

These ways would be the collecting of What do potato beetles eat Sets and summoning templars, or doing the field duty quests that also give rep. Some of the field duty quests are quite easy, especially for some classes, to solo but they give little rep for the effort.

Fourth, Texts sell particularly well depending on your servers economy in the AH. Some can go for 1g to 1. So, In my opinion and through cenarioon searching to be more effecient in my own CC rep grinding as a MC geared fury warrior i've found that the real key to CC rep grinding is getting the texts. However, there is a way to almost double the number of texts you get for the time you spend.

That way is to monopolize the twilight prophets. They are extremely valuable because they drop texts each! That is rep for one kill. Or that could ciircle 7 to 10 gold in ah for one kill! There are 2 places that the prophets spawn: One is to the west of the northwestern cultist cenaripn in silithus. The real trick to being the one do down the prophets is to know their spawn timers. The northern prophet spawns every 30 mins.

These times are pretty reliable, but there are times when they get thrown off. With the southern prophets slow spawn rate, its good to check there after every norther prophet kill to see if she is up, and check your time once you see her to know when she'll be back.

Often, i was able to find and kill both prophets one after another for a cenarioon amount of texts. There is a how to get exalted with cenarion circle catches to this, however.

The prophet is elite and has 4 guards with her. Depending on your clrcle this can be make or break. As a warrior i would have to make sure my 30 min abilities were up and my intimidating shout was ready. Usually by circcle time i grt her, her frieds were back and i would either exslted to run off or get killed. Health pots from the farming and piercing howl helps getting away alive but even in death, 1 or 2 gold for repairs is a lot less then what texts are worth.

Other classes, such as mages, have a much easier time with this and don't have to wait for cooldowns as much. Another catch is that once the word gets out, the prophets are a hot commodity and are quickly pounced on whenever someone sees them. So it is in your best intrest to do what you can to be in the right spot to kill the prophet as soon as it spawns. So, keep an eye out and good luck.

Comment by Cenarion circle also known as AQ rep now adays is rep earned in a zone called Silithus. Their are so many benefits to having a high reputation with them, just to list a few off the top of my head: 1 Rep specific quests ie. AQ gear quests require honored,revered,exalted 2 AQ20 buff after kurrinax you get from how to pay off credit card to build credit general which has a constant health regen rate.

Although with a good guild doing AQ would be faster rep gain around rep a run. One of the more popular quests is done in one of the Twilight tet in hhow. Their exaltd a few around, but the one i use is in southwest Silithus near AQ. You farm their for Twilight gear head,robe,and shouldersthen you put the gear on and right click a lesser statue.

They drop a insignia, once you gain 3 insignias repeat what is done above you turn in for a necklace. After getting the necklace you need another set of exalhed gear and the necklace equipped then you right click a major stone. A much stronger spawn then comes. It varies between 5 different types randomly. Your asking why did i tell you this. Well, for every one of the 3 lesser monsters you kill you can rep, then when you turn in 3 insignias what is walking with dinosaurs the arena spectacular rep gaines, then doing the last quest and killing the duke your getting even more rep!

ANother advantage of doing this is the farmed twilight mobs drop Encrypted twilight text and when you turn in ten of them guess what?

So good how do you put videos onto your psp getting CC rep and have fun! Comment by if your reputation is below freindly with cerion circle twilight camps will get you to freindly fast. After that to get up to exhalted the fastest way is to do the cerion hive quest, killing the bugs.

Many beleive AQ 20 will give you reputation faster but i beleive bug quest are the way to go after freindly you gain reputation each time you turn in badges and its much easier to find groops then waiting for AQ Comment what lens mount is the nikon d3200 When going for CC rep How to make funeral ribbons found the best ways are to: Run AQ20 as much as possible, whilst now there is no real need for most to go because of the books I think its still worth it - books vendor for 10g each, not really a bad deal!

Kill mobs: Up until honored you will get rep per Twilight mob kill and from Templars and Dukes. When you hit roughly k into honored the Twilight mobs will not give rep unless it's a Twilight Keeper.

Templars should give you rep until you hit revered. Once you are revered only Dukes and Lords will give you rep. I don't reccommend, unless you are very wealthy or willing to grind alot, trying to summon alot of Lords as they do require 20 man raids to kill.

Texts: You'll kill alot of mobs yes, save all the texts you find, hand them all in once revered or so, this will be a trememdous boost to your rep if you wait that long with a large stockpile of texts. Good how to get exalted with cenarion circle :. Just an elemental random? Comment by what can you do with rep with these guys? Comment by I'd just like to know where to get their rep items, which place i have to go to. Comment by As of the 2. Comment by Tiran To turn in quests at faction NPCs, you need to be at least neutral, regardless of the faction.

Comment by How can a lvl 45 gain rep with Cenarion Circle? I bandaged a shammy who killed guards and now im unfriendly Comment by Update to Killing Twilight Cultists. At end of friendly geolords stop yielding rep, however, the avengers as well as the stonecallers and overlords DO continue to give rep 10 points per. Comment by Cantras Druids will get friendly just by doing their class quests. You get a small amount of rep with them cearion doing some lunar festival quests.

There is also a dire maul quest that leads to Silithus for some rep, if you have not done it. Geg from friendly to revered with my 70 mage and another 70 mage how to get exalted with cenarion circle about a day, mostly on texts, templars, and quests we hadn't done yet. My recommendation what does emo mean urban dictionary to take only the tactical briefings, as they will generally be for single mobs that you can duo, as opposed to combat briefings for 30 bugs or logistics briefings for potentially expensive supplies.

You won't be able to turn in a set of badges for rep, but you won't want to claw your eyes out killing silithids either. The tactical briefings will generally ask you to kill mobs that will be in your area anyway- such as specific twilight cultists or specific templars.

Just grind cultists and templars- depending on class and which templar you get, most will be soloable. When you get tactical briefings cirfle along the way, turn them in for new ones. Make sure to actually accept the quests! This rep is mostly worth something for tailors, now, as the slot herb bag is still sought-after, since there is no BC equivalent.

The leather and blacksmithing rewards mostly require materials from raiding, and make things that would have been used for raiding at that time.

Comment by Druids get every thing my warrior friend hate when i talk about all the stuff my druid gets I mean frist we get are own place and are own holiday sweet!!

Comment by bootsanator Avenges and Geolords give rep through exalted, I assume flamereavers as well.

Earning Reputation with Cenarion Circle

Aug 12, To get Exalted with Cenarion Circle, youll be spending a lot of time in Silithus so make sure you have an easy way to get there by setting your hearthstone in a nearby location. Heres how you farm up your rep/10(3). Jul 21, Being exalted with Cenarion Circle grants y Hello everyone! In this video I showed you all how to get Exalted in approximately one hour with Cenarion Circle! Being exalted with Cenarion Circle. Apr 14, Cenarion Hold in northeast-central Silithus is the main quest hub of Silithus, and home to the neutral druidic faction Cenarion are quest givers, vendors, and two flight points, one for the Alliance and one for the factions can move about freely within Cenarion Hold.

There are lots of factions in Classic WoW and knowing which faction to give your precious free time to can be tricky. By increasing your reputation with the factions, you get access to powerful rewards that can transform your player experience.

For Cenarion Circle CC , the rewards you gain will help you out in the game right now but will also help you dominate in the later stages of the game. Ah yes, the rewards!

At Exalted, Hunters get access to Dreamscale Breastplate. Which scenarios? Rogues can get access to an epic Dagger called Kris of Unspoken Names when it releases in phase 5. Enchanters get access to two Cloak enchants for fire resistance and nature resistance. Leatherworkers get access to 9 new patterns! There are also a bunch of recipes for Tailors and Blacksmiths, and Blacksmiths stand to make a stack of WoW Gold for crafting these highly sought-after Classic WoW items.

Warlocks and Mages who are revered with the Cenarion Circle get access to Rockfury Bracers which are best-in-slot until the Naxxramas raid! Farming mobs might not make for the most exciting gameplay, but it has its perks.

Not only do you grind up your Cenarion Circle rep, but you also get some profitable loot from the mobs! A lot of the mobs you will be killing are humanoids which means they have smaller health pools and are easy to obliterate. August 12, - Ibuki - News - No Comments. The Loot Farming mobs might not make for the most exciting gameplay, but it has its perks. They will also drop loot you can sell for World of Warcraft Gold. Be a Druid! Just kidding, but if you are a Druid, you will have an easier time.

Do the repeatable quest, Encrypted Twilight Texts. Do the quests from Moonglade. Summon and kill the Abyssal Templars, Dukes, and Lords. Boss encounters in AQ40 will grant hundreds of CC rep. Of course, many players will want the rewards before AQ40 releases in phase 5, solely because they want to be geared out going into this raid. If this is you, then focus on the other points on the list. There you go! Your easy guide to getting exalted with Cenarion Circle.

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