How to fix a cd game with scratches

how to fix a cd game with scratches

7 Tricks to Recover Data From Scratched CD

Aug 21,  · YOU DONT BELIVE ME AND THINK THIS IS FAKE, PLEASE CHECK MY NEW VIDEO OUT:''This CD Scratch Repair Do Work..! -- PROVED -- NOT FAKE'' Jul 13,  · 5 Ways To Fix A Scratched Video Game Disc 1. Rubbing Alcohol Method. Get a lint free non scratching cloth. Put a small amount on the “read” side of the disc. Rub 2. Toothpaste Method. Use a small dab of the gritty type of toothpaste. The gritty toothpaste can .

How do you fix a scratched game disc? The scratch or scratches on the game disc are preventing the console from reading the game. Therefore you cannot play the game.

How do you fix the scratched what is the weather like in macedonia ASAP so sctatches can play it? Below we have many tips and tricks to help you to fix your scratched game disc. Video game disc scratched — How to fix. Please note: Scrxtches video game disc with major deep scratches will most fis need to be professionally resurfaced by a machine that buffs and fixes CD discs.

All game consoles discs can be fixed using the scratch removing methods below. Scraches Alcohol Method: Get a lint free non scratching cloth. Rub outward from the center lightly and gently. Do not rub with extreme force or this could damage the game further. Rub gently outward until the scratch either disappears or becomes less visible. Once clean and dry, put the disc in the gaming console and see if it worked. Repeat this hkw if necessary.

Toothpaste Method: Use a small dab jow the gritty type of toothpaste. The gritty toothpaste can act as a mild abrasive and will remove scratches from the disc. To use the toothpaste method, get your finger wet first. Slowly wipe and move the toothpaste into the scratch on the disc.

Do this using an outward motion always in a straight line. From inner to outer. If you rub the toothpaste in big circles it can make more scratches. So always rub from in to out or out to in, never gaje to right or in circles. Rub the paste for about one minute. Once you have rubbed the scratch for 60 seconds, put the disc under the faucet and wash off all of the toothpaste. Use a clean soft lint free cloth to dry it once washed. After this method, try putting the game disc in your console and see if it fixed the issue.

Banana Method: Use a banana that is peeled and cut in half. Use a half of the banana and gently rub it into the disc scratch from inwards to outwards. Repeat many times. After you have rubbed the banana on the disc, run the disc under warm water and remove any banana residue.

Dry off the disc and see if it plays how to fix a cd game with scratches your console. Qith Scratch Fixer Method: Purchase a small disc scratch remover machine that is made to clean and buff your game disc to remove a scratch. These inexpensive machines can be found how to remove something from google search results for cheap.

This is a good investment as if you have this issue again you have scraatches machine to clean the disc to remove the scratch.

Video game scratch fixer. Petroleum Jelly Method: Rub a small amount of a product such as Vaseline into the scratch. Let sit for 60 how to get diagnosed with adhd in college. Next gently rub the Vaseline off of disc by using an inward to outward motion in a straight line.

Remove as much of the jelly as possible. Make sure disc is clean and scdatches and put it into console to see if the jelly method worked. Try The Professional Method: Go either to a place like Gamestop or a professional disc scratch repair company. This will make it so the console can read the disc and you can then play your game.

Fix scratched disc. Do you have any other methods for fixing a scratched video game disc? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. Eyeglass cleaner worked like a charm for me, had scratches all over my resident evil game for the ps4 and after wit while almost all of z were out, only has like 3 or 4 scratches.

Using toothpaste colgate high speed Dremel with arbor and buffing pad white stiched layered type and fat pencil and ones knee and of coarse safety glasses seems to work damn good for deep scratches.

Practice on un wanted disc first to get talent. Soap works every single time. Just clean the cv with hand soap and water. Been doing it for 18 years and it never failed once. Any console too! Thank you for the Toothpaste info. You saved me from needing to buy the game again to replay! Thank you so much! I used the vasoline way and I thought it would have broke my disc but I decided to try it hpw and it worked thanks. Use some sort of car agme or t-cut with a fluffy cloth and take 2 mins to buff with some pressure and it will be like new.

That brought me here. I did exactly what this article told me and now instead of 2 big scratches I now have 2 big scratches and an area covered in tiny scratches where the toothpaste was applied. I gently applied some jelly over the needed area, waited 1 minute and ohw wiped it off with a lint free LCD screen wipe. But give the petroleum a try, it might smooth over smaller scratches. The toothpaste worked for me — remember, only rub it in a straight line and also only do it from The centre outwards outer Motion.

Also I may only work on smaller scratches which is what I had. I can vouch how to fix a cd game with scratches it! The Toothpaste Method works! I had to tame it a couple of times but it worked! Either way thank you so scartches Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Nevertheless, there are a lot of tasks where CDs still play a vital role; typically installations or specific music or movies. And a scratched CD could mean bad news — data loss! There are a lot of things you can do at home to fix a scratched CD and recover your data. Important Note: Before using any of the below listed methods, carefully read the associated precautions and warnings.

Trick 1: Masking tape method. Before proceeding you should come to terms with the fact that holes in the foil layer of a CD are NOT repairable, not even by professionals. The best way to move past them is to skip them altogether so that at least the remaining data can be accessed and saved elsewhere.

Trick 2: Wax method. Trick 3: Clean the disc. A disc can appear to be scratched even if it not owing to dust, oil or other contaminants on the surface. They might prevent it from playing properly and hence give you the idea that it is probably scuffed.

Thus, attempt to simply clean the disc properly in order to fix scratched disc. Trick 4: Light bulb method. Trick 5: Polishing Method. Warning: This method should be used only as a last resort since it can further damage the disc. Read the instructions carefully before going ahead.

The logic behind this step is that polishing a scratched CD removes some of the outer plastic coating thus making the scratched shallower. To polish the CD, household baking soda based toothpaste is most commonly used. Trick 6: Use Data Recovery Software. One such quite efficient program is Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

Through advanced algorithms, this software attempts to read bad sectors on the disc by reading at very slow speed multiple times. Trick 7: Professional Refinishing. Consider this option only after cleaning the disc so that it can be made sure that the CD is not damaged any further.

If you know any other then we are happy to hear from you. Problem solver and Data recovery specialist. Usually share informative articles on data recovery, database corruption and ways to recover lost data. First of all — Do not panic! In bulk situations, deleted files can recreate — even if you have cleared the trash or did not used the trash when deleting files.

For successful recovery lost data very important execute some activities. Do not be discouraged — for this, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of information technology, you also do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to a specialist professional for restoration of your lost information.

As the CD was going in the bin if not recoverable I took it little further. I got a little car paint restorer abrasive a Dremmel and a polishing mop and set about the scratches. I manger to polish them out as there is quite a thick layer of plastic before the foil data layer. Bingo Good as new. Cheers SMA. I have a dvd that had dust on its shiny playing surface.

Its message is saying that it has a read error. How can I solve this problem. Please try to download the demo version of stellar phoenix Windows Data Recovery software-professional software and check whether earlier files are visible on preview section.

Good Luck. Hi Jyoti, I have sony handycam which records in small cd, recently shoot some events and after that I tried to transfer the same to my computer, it shows nothing in the cd. Thanks for sharing this post.

However, I tried the manual options, and they worked for me. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Trick 1: Masking tape method Before proceeding you should come to terms with the fact that holes in the foil layer of a CD are NOT repairable, not even by professionals. Ben Stew June 19, Isha Rikhi June 20, Thanks Ben for the sharing the experience. SMA March 30, Hi, Thanks for the tips, I got down to no5 polishing and got an improvement.

Cheers SMA Reply. Jyoti Prakash April 9, Your engagement is appreciated. Emon November 25, Jyoti Prakash November 27, Sphend Muki June 27, The above-mentioned tool helps me to recover musical files from my scratched CD.

Jyoti Prakash June 29, Hello Sphend, Thanks for using our software. Nicol Gorge March 29, Hello Jyoti, Thanks for sharing this post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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