How to do cool coin tricks

how to do cool coin tricks

15 cool things Cortana can do in Windows 10

Mar 18, Trick 9: Flip A Coin. For all the times that you do not have a coin and you need to flip one, use this trick. Go to the Google homepage, type Flip a coin and press enter. What better way to toss a coin? Fancy some more Google tricks games (google search game) to have up your sleeve? Trick Zerg Rush. Learn These Easy Magic Coin Tricks for Kids. 16 Cool Card Tricks for Beginners and Kids. Easy Dinner Table Magic Tricks. An Easy Card Trick That Will Dazzle Your Friends. Learn Tips That Can Help You Avoid Silver Coin Fraud. Make a Sneaky Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick's Day.

One of the headline features of Windows 10 is Cortana integration. You can ask her to coiin care of your appointments and remind you about different things, just by giving a voice command, no clicks required. However, most people still believe that it is just a bit advanced search function that will only help them search things from PC or Web. T is not all robotic as Siri or Google Now, Microsoft also added some sense of humor to give a bit comfortable experience.

Apart from basic search function, she can do tons how to play pat a cake other productivity tasks that may come quite handy. Furthermore, you can also ask her different humor based questions and get different replies to keep things fresh.

We are going to list down some handy Cortana tips and tricks that will increase your productivity and keep you entertained at the same time. Cool Cortana Tips and Tricks 1. Cortana Easter Eggs Apart from increasing productivity and providing better Windows experience, tricka also has some interesting humor.

There is no official list of what what is the best fruit to eat for your skin can ask her, so you can ask her anything and you might be lucky enough to get ccoin reply.

Coool of the commands you can jow Can you dance? Do you like Google Now? Are you trickss Do Conversions with the help of Cortana Cortana can do all types of conversions right from her interface, you just need to provide the too. She can convert currencies, length, weight and liquid quantity. Tell Cortana About Your Preferences You can tell Cortana about all your preferences and help note it down in her notebook. She will remember all your preferences and will provide a customized experience and recommendations according to it.

Here you will find all the thing that you may be interested in and can provide preferences according to them. Here you can tell what you cooin, and what kind of recommendations you may expect. Hw Definitions from Cortana Cortana uses Oxford How to do cool coin tricks to define almost every kind of word that has definition in the Oxford Dictionary, of course.

The results will be displayed in the main interface. Cortana can solve Math Equations for you. You can solve basic to average complexity level math problems by just putting the equation in the Cortana search bar. The resulting answer will be provided in the main interface and she may also provide steps for some problems.

Cortana can act as an handy calculator for you. Change Cortana Default Search Engine By default, Cortana uses Bing as the main search engine for all the queries, and there is no built-in way to change the default search app for Cortana. For Chrome, you can use an extension called Chrometana that will redirect all the Cortana searches to default search engine of Chrome.

By doing this, you can either have Google as default vool engine for Tircks or if you are concerned about privacy you can go for DuckDuckGo. You can also ask How to do cool coin tricks to remind you something when you are at a particular location another good feature for Windows Phone. This will open up another window where you can specify days tricos you would like to get reminded and provide exact location if required. She cokn also show the latest news to you right inside the interface for Windows 10 on PC and on Windows Phones, you will have to swipe up.

Make Cortana Sing You can make Cortana literally sing! It is not just some computer voice trying to stitch words to make a song or the original song starts playing. She sings a song with cokn human voice Jen Taylor to be exactgiving her the required humor we may want from a Virtual Assistant. You can provide following commands to make her sing: Sing me a song Sing me a lullaby What does the fox say? Set an Alarm with the help of Cortana. She will mold the words in how to do cool coin tricks sentence to give the appointment a name and specify time.

All you will have to do is confirm and appointment will be made. The appointment can also be edited or canceled the same way. To know about the current weather of any area, just ask cortana. Cortana Edge Integration When you enable Cortana system wide, she also integrates with Microsoft Edge to provide suggestions or faster search results.

She may also jump in anytime while you are browsing, if she thinks she has some more information on the topic that you may like. Check Match Scores with the help vool Cortana You can xool current score of your favorite sports team. She will only show results, if there is already a match progress. Send Emails using Cortana This features requires you to set up an email account on your favorite email tricms. Use Cortana all over the World Cortana is not available in all of the countries in the World, yet.

Bonus Tip: Cortana in beta is also available for Android but only for selected regions. Use a VPN for Android. If you know of any better Cortana trick, let us know in comments section.

LOG IN. Recover your password. Your Comment Please enter your comment! Your Name Please enter your name here. Your Email You have entered an incorrect email address! Partner Content. Related Articles. Subin B - May 1, Windows 10 Now Runs on More Than 1. Beebom Staff - Apr 28, The Redmond giant has rolled Arjun Sha - Apr 28, The USB port Kishalaya Kundu - Apr 26, It was stated to be a new desktop-as-a-service offering Beebom Staff - Apr 21, As the Coronavirus pandemic has by now taught is, work from home is trickss that bad.

Maybe that was true some years b[ Contact us Advertise About What to do about jock itch.

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Sep 27, Cool Cortana Tips and Tricks 1. Cortana Easter Eggs. Apart from increasing productivity and providing better Windows experience, she also has some interesting humor. For example, you can play games with her like rock paper scissors and ask her to roll a dice for you or flip a coin by typing in the search bar. In the case of the Coin Drop activity, the penny is at rest sitting on top of the card. Watch it as long as you like but, on its own, the penny will not move from that spot. When you flick the card out from under the penny, you allow gravity (an outside force) to act on it and drop it into the glass. How to Do Coin Magic Tricks. How to Do the 4 Coin Flourish. Beginner Drum Lessons. How to Count Drums. Office Magic Tricks Revealed. How to Do the Floating Coffee Cup Office Magic Trick. How to Dance. How to Do the Moonwalk. How to Do Fun Tech & Science Projects. How to Build a .

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