How to do a puff in your hair

how to do a puff in your hair

Afro Puffs Tutorial: An Easy How to Styling Guide for Natural Hair

Nov 15, Using the roll as a grip, push the hair in the front such that it puffs up. The height of the pouf is up to you. The higher you want the pouf, the more you push. Just make sure your hair doesnt get messy in the process. If youre looking to create a puff hairstyle with some fringe action, separate your bang area with a clip. 4 Gather your hair into high ponytail. With your bangs pinned, gather the back section of hair into a super high ponytail as if you were creating the pineapple hairstyle.

Last Updated: October 1, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 18, times. Learn more A hair puff is an easy, quick, no fuss style for a natural afro.

Make the basic puff by smoothing back the sides of your hair with gel. Then, wrap a long hair tie around your hair and pull it tight. You can also make puff youe for a slightly different look what are all the step up movies if your hair is short. If wearing a hair puff gives you a headache, be sure to make the hair tie a bit looser, or use a more gentle alternative like a scarf.

To make a basic hair puff, start by spraying your hair with water to make it damp, which will be easier to work with. Next, to help your hair look smooth and sleek in this style, use some hair moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. Then, put an elastic headband around your neck and push the front of it up to your hairline.

Slowly, push the headband towards the top of your head as you gather your hair into it, and wrap it 1 or 2 more times until it feels snug. To learn how to create a mini-puff for short hair, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not hait in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your piff or email to continue.

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This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Uair your hair with water to make it damp. Mist the front, sides, and back of your hair. Spray enough water so that your hair is damp to the touch but not dripping. Moisturize your hair to keep the style sleek. To help your hair look smooth now sleek in this style, run your favorite hair how to do a puff in your hair through your hair. Cover your hair from how to check how many demerit points you have wa root to halfway down the hair shaft, and then brush your hair along the same length to seal in the product.

Moisturize with a leave-in conditioner or with oil. Try jojoba oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. Smooth back the edges of your hair with gel. Put a dime-sized amount of hair gel on your haie. Dab it all along your hairline in the front, sides, and back. Smooth pyff hair back towards the top of your head. Place an elastic headband around your head and wrap it around 1 jow 2 times. Put the headband around your neck and then push the front up to your hairline.

Make sure the sides of the headband go up above your ears. Slowly push the headband back towards the top of your head. When it starts to feel loose, grab one side, twist it and wrap it around your hair like vo elastic hair tie. Do this either once or twice. The tighter your headband, the smaller the hair puff. If you wrap your headband around too hoow times, you hsir end up with a ponytail instead of a puff.

If that happens, just remove the headband, put it back on the front of your hairline and form the puff again, remembering to wrap the headband fewer times. Use a long hair tie for more control over the size of your puff. Wrap the hair tie around your head from front to back. Cross the ends in how to add a website to ipad desktop back at the nape of your neck.

Then, ddo to pull both ends of the tie to form di puff. Secure the style by wrapping the ends of the tie around once or twice and then tying them off. The more you pull the yor the more your puff will shrink. Choose a color that matches your hair color if you want it to blend in, or use a contrasting color to draw attention to the accessory.

Tie a hair tie what is an lcb file the back ypur make a higher puff. Wrap the hair tie around from the back of your head to the front. Cross the ties in the front. Pull the ends of the tie to form the puff. As you are pulling the strings tight, pull forward to lift the puff higher towards the front of your head. Secure the tie yo wrapping it around a few more times and then tucking in the ends. Wrap your hair in a scarf to set the style and smooth down the edges.

Drape a long scarf over your head with the edge at your hairline. Tour the ends at the nape of your neck. Leave your hair puff free. Keep the scarf on for at least 5 minutes. Tto, take the scarf off and your hair puff is ready! Tuck in the ends of your scarf and leave it on to accessorize your puff. Method 2 of Use an elastic headband to luff a mini-puff for short hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb or soft upff brush to brush your hair towards the top of your head from the front, sides, and back. Smooth back puf edges by applying hair gel along your hairline and brushing it in. Put a headband around your neck, then pull it up to your forehead. Use both hands to slide the headband back onto your hair to form your puff.

The further back you slide the headband the smaller the puff will be. Create a side puff for an easy variation. Instead of pulling your headband or hair tie straight back to put the puff at the center of your head, pull one side of the band to the side. Let your hair fall down like a waterfall down one side of your head. It looks best if you keep the puff on top of your head, just a little off-center, rather than pulling it all the way to the side of your ahir.

Make a braided headband to add elegant details to your puff. Before you make your hair puff, make a side part from ear to ear. Braid each side of the part to frame your face. Then, create your hair puff with the rest of your hair, leaving the braids out. Secure the braids with bobby pins at the back of your head under the puff. You can also twist the two sections of hair instead of braiding them. Method 3 of Pre-stretch your headband by soaking it in oil so it is gentler to your hair.

To do this, first wrap your headband around the bottom of a glass bottle as many times as you can. Then, fill a medium-sized bowl with 2 inches 5. Place the glass bottle into the bowl of oil, making sure the headband is completely submerged. Leave it to soak for days. Then, rinse off the headband.

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To get your hair to resemble the shape of puffballs, mist your hair with water from a spray bottle. You shouldnt drench your hair, as this will cause your hair to revert to its natural state. A very light mist of water may be all that you need to make your hair pliable enough to shape into puffballs.

Since the most recent natural hair movement started many years ago, afro puffs have become one of the most beloved natural hairstyles of all. In this article, we will tell you all about how to do afro puffs.

The puffs are often quite large and situated on both sides of the head. The concept of contrast is integral to afro puffs.

The puffs are textured and free, while the hair near the scalp is sleek and tame. Afro puffs are not to be confused with regular curly ponytails. Afro puffs have a distinctly puffy texture. When it comes to creating afro puffs, there are many ins and outs that you should be aware of. This section will fill you in on the easiest way to create an afro puff.

As you gather your supplies, a wide-tooth comb is preferred, as it will glide through your hair without much resistance. A traditional comb may pull out a considerable amount of hair as you pull it through. To preserve your edges, use the softest boar bristle brush that you can find.

The less pulling on your edges, the better. Also, an alcohol-free gel will give you hold without drying out your strands. Finally, sleekness is essential for this style, so a good edge control gel with super hold is a must!

The following sections will tell you exactly how to get your hair ready for styling. You can do afro puffs on unwashed hair, but the process will be easier on clean hair. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. A sulfate shampoo could make your hair extremely dry.

After washing, condition or deep condition your hair. If you plan on keeping your hair in the puff for several days, you may want to opt for a deep conditioner over a standard rinse-out conditioner. After you apply your conditioner or deep conditioner, detangle your hair with either your fingers or a comb. This decreases the amount of detangling you may need to do later. The first step in creating afro puffs is to stretch your hair. This step is optional, but it gives your puffs more volume.

If you want to use a quick method to stretch your hair, you can blow dry it. The next step is to comb your hair out. This is another optional step. Continue combing until the comb glides relatively easily through your strands. Once your hair is sufficiently detangled, part it into two or more sections. Take your time as you part your hair, especially if you want your parts to be clean.

Gather your hair up into ponytails and secure them with scrunchies. Be careful not to tie your hair too tight. If you do, you may develop bothersome symptoms like headaches and traction alopecia.

Your puffs should be wild and free, but the rest of your hair should be sleek and shiny. To get your edges to lay down and behave, apply a gel to the hair leading up to the ponytails. You can also add edge control to the hair around your hairline and at the nape of your neck. Use your brush to distribute both the gel and edge control evenly and smooth your hair down.

Pro tip : Be gentle as you apply the edge control to your edges. Use a super soft bristle toothbrush for maximum creative control without the roughness. Tie a scarf around your hairline to flatten and set your style. You may want to skip this part, but tying your hair down will help flatten stray hairs and keep your hair slicker for a longer period of time.

You can do this by gently picking out the hair and then using your hand to mold your hair into a ball. Most of the time, all you need to do is use your hands to shape your hair.

In some cases, you may have stretched your hair too much, causing your hair to stand on end. To get your hair to resemble the shape of puffballs, mist your hair with water from a spray bottle. A very light mist of water may be all that you need to make your hair pliable enough to shape into puffballs.

There are many faux afro puffs on the market for anyone who wants to add extra volume and flair to their afro puffs. Having the right products is essential when doing afro puffs. For instance, if your ponytail holders are too small, your hair may break right through them. There are many products on the market that are widely used for this style. Read about some helpful products for afro puffs below:.

The process of doing afro puffs is relatively easy, but there is still room for mistakes. Now you know all you need to know about creating afro puffs. We hope that this article is helpful to you as you seek out puff perfection. He is a serial hair blogger that has been writing about hair care since when he co-founded Curl Centric. Curl Centric is a website operated by a husband and wife team that encourages healthy hair care. Learn how to care for naturally curly hair with this step-by-step insider's guide to curly hair care.

Additional menu Do you ever wonder how your natural hair crush gets her perfect afro puffs? We bet you do! Afro puffs have been around for a long time, most notably in the s. Learn More.

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