How to cut glass tube

how to cut glass tube

How To Cut Glass Bottles at Home | 3 Ways

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There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 95, times. Learn more Home projects, like window repairs, often require the cutting of thick glass. While you hos pay a professional to cut the glass for you, doing it yourself is much more cost effective. To cut thick glass, start by using a straight edge and grease pencil to mark your cut lines on the surface.

Next, use a carbide wheel glass cutter to score along the lines using one long, continuous motion for each line. Then, place the scored glass on the edge of a hard surface and apply pressure to break the glass along the line. If your glass g,ass too big or cumbersome to score and break, you can rent a wet saw and use that to cut along the lines instead.

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Cookie Settings. Ho why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Clean the glass thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Even tiny dust particles can interrupt the cut and lead to uncontrolled breakage.

Wipe the glass down using a quality glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Avoid using cotton or nylon cloths gglass the glass, since these can leave behind large fibers and dust. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to go over the surface once more before you begin. Make surface must be completely dry. Wear fut attire. During the cutting process, tiny glass gglass will be flying through the air at very high speeds. These could potentially get in your eyes or cut your skin.

Fo goggles, heavy-duty work gloves and a long-sleeved shirt will protect you. Make cuh they are of a high quality. Avoid wearing open-toed shoes and sandals how to cut glass tube this project. Ylass edges will be extremely sharp. Prepare the workspace. You will need to cut thick glass on a hard, flat surface that is completely free of debris.

The work surface needs to be sturdy and, if possible, covered in felt or some other type of soft material. When how to cut glass tube start cutting the glass, a great deal of tension will be created the soft surface will allow the glass to withstand it. Cuh tape it firmly in place.

Keep glas small broom cutt trash can nearby. Cutting will generate glass chips, which can interrupt the accuracy of your cut and damage your tools. You will need to stop periodically during rube process to brush them away.

Method 2 of Use a straight edge and grease pencil to mark your cut lines. A clean, successful break depends on precise measurements and accurate cut lines. Use gkass straight edge to designate where you want gglass glass glzss be cut. Use a grease pencil or sharpie to draw the lines on the glass where you want to cut it.

The cut lines will be your guide for scoring. Be sure to your cut lines start at one edge of the glass and end at what is alligator meat used for another. Select a carbide wheel glass cutter to score the surface. A glass cutter, also known as a scoring tool, does not break the glass.

Instead, it scratches a line into the surface of the glass, weakening it. Once the glass is scored, you can then break it cleanly along the score line. When cutting thick glass, make sure you use a cutter that has a carbide wheel tip. Steel-wheeled cutters tune to be flimsy in comparison and require lubrication.

Use one long, continuous motion to score each line. Grip the handle of the scoring tool firmly and vertically in your hand and place the wheel at the beginning of your first cut line.

Line the straight edge up right next to the line for extra support. Using light pressure, run the tool along hoa line, right next to the straight edge. Make sure you apply equal pressure cur the beginning to the end of each score line. Use one even, continuous motion.

Apply pressure to break the glass along the score lines. Place the scored glass on the edge of a hard surface, such as your work what causes high heart enzymes, making sure that the scored edge of breaking out in hives what to do glass is directly aligned with the edge of the counter.

Push down quickly on the part of the glass which is hanging off the what does lois mean in hebrew station. How to cut glass tube should snap off easily and cleanly in your hands. To make a clean break along curved score lines, its best to use a pair of running pliers. Method 3 of Rent how to wash off spray paint buy a wet saw at a hardware store.

A wet saw is a motorized saw with a diamond blade that is used to cut tile, glass, porcelain, and other delicate products. During operation, water is sprayed out of the front of the saw to ensure that the what part of the brain processes hearing stays cool and lubricated.

Wet saws cut through thick glass very easily. They are a great choice if you plan to cut glass frequently or if yo want to avoid the scoring and breaking process. You must wear safety goggles and heavy-duty work gloves when operating a wet saw.

Do not allow anyone in the work area unless they are wearing safety goggles and protective clothing. Using a power saw to cut into thick glass tl very dangerous without the aid of water, because the glass can get extremely hot and eventually explode. Adequate water flow must be maintained during the operation of a wet saw. Line the wet saw up with your first cut line. Precise measurements and accurate cut lines are important no how to cut glass tube which cutting technique you employ.

Make sure that your hands and clothing are well out of the way of the blade before you turn it on. Turn on the wet saw and cut the glass. Using light pressure, gently push the glass towards the wet saw. Do not push the blade into the glass, as this yube result in a messy cut. Push the glass slowly, lightly and steadily against the blade. Continue until the blade has cut the how to get oil stains off tarmac along the entirety of the cut line you drew on the glass.

Move onto the next cut line and continue. If you're cutting a lot gube curved lines, you may find that scoring and breaking the glass is a better method. To use the wet saw, you'll need how to cut glass tube go very slowly and carefully to get a clean curve.

Push the glass into the blade, not the other way around. Make sure adequate water flow is maintained. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 4. Include your email address to get bow message when this question is answered. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Related wikiHows How to.

Why cutting glass tile is more difficult

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Last Updated: June 4, References Approved. To create this article, 55 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Learn more Whether setting a window pane, creating a stained glass mosaic, or doing some other project, cutting glass is a handy skill that isn't difficult to pick up. With the right tools and a steady hand, anyone can start cutting standard glass at home. Before you cut glass, clean the surface of the glass, then measure and mark the area you want to score.

Dip a glass cutter into oil and grasp it like a pencil, then carefully pull the cutter along the mark you made to score the glass. Hold the sheet of glass in your hands and carefully apply minor pressure from your wrists to break the glass along the score. Smooth the edges with fine sandpaper or a sharpening stone.

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Part 1 of Set up your work area. You'll need a large flat surface, preferably one that is slightly soft and won't scratch your glass. Work in an area that is easy to clean. Avoid working over carpet because of the risk of getting glass shards on the floor if the glass breaks. For their own safety keep pets and children away from your workspace and materials. Clean the glass surface in the area where you plan to make cuts.

Any grime or silica on the glass can ruin your score. Wipe these away by running a cloth or your finger along the surface of the glass where you plan to score. Obtain a glass cutter and some light oil.

Glass cutters are about the size of a pencil and use a diamond or a hardened wheel to mark a score into glass so that it can be broken cleanly along a line. You can buy cutting oil at a stained glass store or use a small amount of kerosene.

Measure and mark where you want to score. The score must run from one edge of the glass to the other edge. You can write on the glass with a marker preferably with a straight edge, if you are cutting a straight line. You can also mark on paper and place the glass on top of the paper. Scores longer than two feet have a high failure rate when breaking.

Make sure your marks leave about six inches of glass on each side to grip and break. If you cut smaller pieces, you may need to use special tools, like pliers or a light hammer, to break off glass you can't get a hold of.

Part 2 of Dip the cutter in the oil and grasp it like a pencil. An oiled cutter creates a smoother score line. Make sure to look at the wheel and make sure it is lined up the way you want the glass to cut. Lay out a straight edge. Use a yardstick or a normal desk ruler. You need something that has a thick enough profile that it won't conflict with the wheel on the cutter. Apply pressure to the glass and you pull the cutter along the surface, rolling on the small carbide wheel.

Listen for a smooth sound like ripping silk. A gritty sound means that you are pushing too hard or that you did not oil your cutter. The less sound you make, the better your score will be.

If you push too hard a very common mistake , your cut gets "hot," meaning that it snaps and pops. You are aiming to get a uniform score. If you are pressing too hard in one spot and perfectly in another, the glass will not break the way that you want it to. Microscopic imperfections in your score will cause your cut to go askew. Run the cutter smoothly from one edge to the other.

Do not run back and forth over the line if you miss a spot. Check your score. You want a score that is not popping and is barely visible, if you were to wipe the oil away. It should look like a small scratch, nothing more. Make sure it runs completely from one edge to the other. Part 3 of Grasp each side of the cut carefully in your hands. Hold the glass as if you were trying to break a potato chip in half with two hands. Apply minor pressure from the wrist to break the glass along your score.

Your elbows do not move. Simply twist your wrists your right wrist will turn clockwise and your left will turn counterclockwise. Imagine that the score you made is half the depth of the glass and now you need to "open it up" by using the score as a weak spot.

You're done as soon as you have two pieces of glass instead of the one you started with. When the glass breaks, it may simply start as a "run. Use fine sandpaper or a sharpening stone to remove the sharp edge. This edge will be where the vertical edge meets the horizontal surfaces.

Not only does sanding reduce the chances of your being cut, but sanded glass is less likely to chip along the edges and has some added strength. Part 4 of Follow a pattern that connects to the edge. If you are cutting a freehand shape, make sure you are breaking along lines that run from edge to edge. Mark your lines with a marker or set your glass over your pattern. Use several straight lines to cut a sharp curve. You should be able to score along gentle curves normally with a steady hand.

For tighter curves, make a series of marks that run along part of the curve and skew off at a tangent outside the piece you want. Flip the glass over and gently press on the center of your score from the backside. You will start a run this way. Follow the run with light pressure and you can watch the glass separate where you scored it.

If your score is too close to the edge of a piece of glass, it may run to the edge instead of along your score because that is the easiest path for the run to take. Make some relief cuts to remove small pieces at a time instead of all at once. The smaller the relief cuts, the more accurate your cut will be.

Grip smaller pieces with pliers to snap them off. Smooth your curved edges using a glass router. This machine uses a spinning wheel with fine diamond chips as a grinder. Turn on the router and press your curve firmly against the grinder to smooth out your curve, then sand as normal. You can cut any tiles you want with a glass-cutter. Just see it as a piece of glass, and when you've carried out the cut, place the handle of the glass-cutter exactly under the cut and press down firmly on both sides.

The tile will break easily. Not Helpful 3 Helpful

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