How to connect 5.1 home theater to pc

how to connect 5.1 home theater to pc

How to Connect 5.1 Home Theater to PC?

Feb 28, In This Tutorial I Will Show How To Connect Home Theater To Your PC How to connect Home Theater to your to conn. Apr 01, If you want to connect your home theater system to your PC, the first thing you need to check are the connections on the PCs rear panel. Depending on the available connections, you will need to use different cables. There are three potential types of connection.

If you want to enjoy movies and games these days you must have 6 channel sound system because all latest games and DVD movies are optimized and programmed to give a natural surround sound experience. If you have 5. The number 5. So you have five speakers and one subwoofer, this makes 6 channel sound system 5.

There are two kinds of 6-channel surround speakers: analog and digital. The steps described here will be just the same, how to connect 5.1 home theater to pc instead of connecting your PC to a home theater receiver you will be connecting it to a digital 6-channel speakers system.

Generally in systems all the cables from the speakers are connected to the subwoofer which comes with a set of wires to connect, that includes : a power cord to connect the system to the AC outlet, a power connector to feed the subwoofer and the subwoofer wires.

Your system should come with at least three set of cables for connecting your speaker system to your PC. These cables are usually colored to help with the installation. You should connect the cables matching the colors on the jacks located on the subwoofer. After connecting all these cable, its time to connect the rest of the cables like power, subwoofer and speakers.

In the end, all your cables would be connected perfectly. The above pic shows you all the ports to connect the wires to with all the color coded mannerism. Of course there is a really big disadvantage in using this configuration: you cannot use your microphone or line in inputs and your 5. This is the reason that you should buy a motherboard with 5.

After every single connection has been made, its time to setup audio configuration in operating system. In various options you should select 6 channel mode for 5. A real disappointment to me. Awesome, I did not know i could change the rear mic into my sub out.

I can plug mic into the front and it still works. Hi I have connected Philips 5. In realtek Audio manager windows 10i have selected 5.

Green as front. Now if u have a rear and center i believe u just buy a merge so u can have 2 plugs on the pink connection. In my realtek there is only headphone and 2ch speaker option. There was noting as you shown on picture Iam using acer travelmate laptop. Will I be able to do this and if I connect my headphones to how to connect 5.1 home theater to pc front Mic port separate from the 3 audio ports at rear will this mute the speaker system when plugged in?

Very Useful. Maris Ramiah. Exactly what i was looking for. But I have a query, this article is regarding a computer and realtek audio, but my laptop envy 15 has beats audio and there is no setting other than stereo.

Is this laptop not capable of multi channel audio or i have to do some work around to make it play 5. For the people asking about the 5. I believe the cheapest way to get the actual not faked 5. Or if you have an HDMI out you have 5. You just need a cable from HDMI to the jacks you need. If this helps what is a daily serving of fruit. Be thankful to the website that i could post here without having to sign up or become a member or something.

Because i would have been too lazy to post an answer. Thanks so much its working really well and i will get a Motherboard with surround sound in the future Ross Tauranga. My question was, how to connect 2 extra speakers to a 5.

Many thanks. I have Creative SBS 5. This means that the other two inputs do not work. I also had changed the settings to 5. Please help me to find the solution for my this problem. Thanking You in Anticipation!!!

Inorder to show difference in the audio, what i have to do? Kindly suggest. I purchased SBS A 5. Is there any 5. I have a problem with my creative speakers; that power controler is not working; so the speakers not getting power supply. Can i work the speakers with out power controler?

Even i am having a same problem that in window 7, 5. And also Speaker Configuration tab i am not getting in window 7 like in xp Speaker Configuration tab is automatically install when i install audio driver so please kindly help me with the images or diagram. I do not have how to download skype on coby kyros 5.

Hmm, I will try this tomoro and let you guys know. Let Me check this configuration wheather this will work out I ll check and live a good comment!!! I purchased intex elegant 5. As always the instructions on the speaker pamphlet were next to useless your explanation and photos sorted it out quickly. I read the complete articalQ n A. I learntif I buy creative t which has 3 cablesit what is low offset wheels work with my dell N This laptop has only two 3.

So if I connect two cables on these two portswill the creative t home theater work? And if I plug in only green cable into headphone outwill all the speakers six work? Hi to hook your laptop up to your 5. Same Problem hi i am having one lenovo laptop. I have software 3 types. So can you please suggest how to fix this problem?

Hi I have 5. Hi, i tried all the possible guidelines provided abovehowever was unsuccessful. It has digital coaxial and optical how to connect 5.1 home theater to pc toslink connections along with the regular phonos of course. I have some Mission 5.

These are not PC speakers, just regular Hi-Fi speakers. I can get analogue sound via just the headphone how to wheeling a bike which comes thru all 5 speakers but what does a broken cheekbone feel like is not Digital. I wanna get the DTS processor in the amp to decode the sound from the laptop but i need the right cable. I think i can figure out the software settings once I have that.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!! Hey, I have a new Dell Studio 15 laptop, with 3 audio outputs one for mic. But when I plug in my Creative 5. I presume this is because one of them is mic port. How to rectify this? Then u wil find all 5 speakers working. Now that the 5. I only have a 3. I have some 2-plug RCA to 3. This advice was helpful, but there is a but :s. I have a HP Pavilion dv7 notebook Laptop.

And there are three 3. Ive checked for driver updates etcbut It says that all drivers are up to date. Thank you. I have an Acer aspire G notebook and i had Vista originally and then wiped my computer and installed 7 because something was wrong with it.

Do you know how i can get any program that will assign those two ports to be speakers? Question: I have an antique laptop with 4 USB Ports and only a blue computer component and round also computer component jacks on the back.

I see that connecting a subwoofter to the phone jack is how to fix browser compatibility problems ideal as the subwooffer is used primarily to boost the base.

However, in the interim, will this work to get more powerful sound out of my laptop for now until I win the lottery or something? Is there any other option that I am missing? I would like to use the music on my laptop or MP3 for dancing at parties. Thanks a lot.


Sep 08, I have Creative SBS Channel Home Theater Speakers has 3 inputs for Front + Sub-woofer, Center + Sub-woofer & Rear + Sub-woofer(as normal).Whenever I connect all these three cables at appropriate jacks to my PC, I could get sound output only from the 2 Front Speakers & means that the other two inputs do not work Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 16, How to connect Bluetooth audio receiver headset to Sony home theater: Solved! How to connect home theater speakers - PC: Solved! Connecting my home theater to TV: Solved! Connecting laptop to tv with home theater: Lcd Connecting to Home theater Issue: Connecting TV to Home Theater! Is there a HDMI out to USB out cable i.e HDMI Male to.

You have just bought a brand-new 5. We will assume that you already have your PC and that you can use it for movie-watching, listening to music, or playing video games. And guess what it can also work with a surround sound system as a great replacement source device. If you want to connect your 5. Depending on the available connections, you will need to use different cables. There are three potential types of connection:.

A Home theater system HTS can be defined as a set of speakers at least 6 of them combined into one system to create the surround sound experience that was first experienced in movie theaters. The idea has worked well, and we can say that the development of TVs, players, and streaming technologies has been quite subordinated to the goal of meeting the requirements of surround sound. To achieve the true surround sound experience, four basic elements are required:.

The source device can also be a PC or even a laptop. Receiver It is necessary as it receives data from one device and sends it to another device in a system. They are used for transmitting both audio and video content and this is why they are called AV receivers audio and video receivers. They can be connected to different sources and make the process of switching between them much easier.

So, in this case, your PC is, at the same time, a source device and a receiver. Home theater speaker system aka surround sound speaker system The minimum number of speakers required to establish surround sound experience is 6. This means there are 5 loudspeakers and at least one subwoofer in the system. Among those 5 speakers, you will need to have one center channel speaker , two front speakers left and right , and two surround speakers left and right. Four elements of a home theater system TV or projector or monitor , source devices players, gaming consoles, computers , receiver, and speakers.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the rear panel of your PC and inspect all the available connections. Now, depending on the available connections, you have several options, and we will explain them all. Option 1 your home theater speaker system has an optical or coaxial input, and your PC has optical or coaxial audio output. This is the best option the cleanest and fastest setup procedure since it requires only one cable either optical or coaxial.

You just have to use this cable and connect the output on your PC to the input on your speaker system. Depending on the PC, you may have to go to sound settings and select the right output and speaker configuration, and you can start using it.

Unfortunately, not all PCs have digital audio outputs. Using optical or coaxial connection is the best solution. Option 2 you only have multichannel analog outputs available on the back of your PC and your 5. The wiring procedure is fairly simple you just have to connect the right outputs with the right inputs. Also, most home theater systems designed for PC have multichannel analog inputs even the systems that also have optical inputs.

So, we are going to use those three audio ports on the rear panel of your PC red, blue, and pink to establish the connection between a PC and your home theater system. And we will show you how. First of all, take all the necessary RCA cables or AUX cables, depending on the available ports on your home theater system and start connecting them.

The first cable is used to connect the green-colored audio port to the front right and front left connectors on your HTS. The second cable is used to connect the blue-colored PC jack to the surround right and surround left connectors on the backside of your home theater system, while the third cable connects the pink Mic in jack to the center and subwoofer connectors on the HTS.

However, this is not all. After completing the wiring part, you have to open the audio driver settings on your PC and make some adjustments. One of the most important things is to configure your home theater speakers settings by selecting 6-channel output or 5. Besides this, you have to check the settings for all the connectors on the back panel. After that, go to speaker properties and then to the Enhancement tab.

Neither of these two options is exactly hassle-free, and they both require some additional investments. Buying an internal or external USB sound card is a relatively affordable solution. Using a 5. Buying a 5. This should be it. Now you have several solutions, and you just have to choose the right one for your needs and budget. AudioReputation was founded in with a single purpose to provide You, our readers, with all the necessary info regarding consumer audio equipment and help You get the best equipment for Your money.

We specialize in audio equipment in general but our main field of interest since day one was and still is consumer audio equipment. Our reviews, comparisons, and tutorials are designed to offer You guidance through the confusing and fascinating world of headphones, speakers, soundbars, home theater systems, audio interfaces and other related audio equipment.

Our dedicated AudioReputation Team is working around the clock to give you reviews of the latest audio gear and offer objective and unbiased insights. We love getting in touch with our readers and discussing audio equipment. We encourage you to be curious and ask anything you want to know about speakers, headphones, or any other piece of equipment and we will give our best to provide you with a quick answer.

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