How to clean an old mirror

how to clean an old mirror

Mum throws out five-year-old son's toys when he refuses to clean his room

Apr 15, A mum took to TikTok to share the punishment she gave her son after he didn't clean his toys away - but viewers were divided as they thought her approach was a little harsh mirror Share. A streaky mirror is not a clean mirror, despite the number of times youve tried cleaning it. Streaks are frustrating, unsightly and off-putting. We all think we know how to clean mirrors, but once you learn my secret product and technique youll have the shiniest mirrors on the block. For starters, heres what doesnt work. [ ].

The process begins with clear or tinted glass onto which we pour or spray a traditional silver nitrate mix to the reverse of each panel and apply a resist by hand to create the various levels of distressing available.

Many designers, architects and contractors are surprised that we are able to offer toughened mirror glass. At Rough Old Glass our process starts with clear or body tinted transparent glass. Cut to size, edges polished or bevelled and toughened, we then hand silver the toughened panels to create toughened antiqued mirrors. Where how to clean an old mirror panels or tiles are being used behind a heat source such as an AGA or where there are socket how to perform shurooq prayer required it's imperitive that toughened lod is used to prevent cracks occurring during or after installation.

Choosing between our antiqued mirror finishes for your project is made easy with our sampling service. Our inspiration page is a great place to start. Images of Rough Old Glass installed in various different situations.

You can also order as many different samples as you wish to view in situ. If returned to us in perfect condition, and within 30 days, we will refund your deposit. Our most popular how to draw on t shirts at home for AGA splashbacks is mirro Vintage finish. A medium distressed level of distressing. For Dressing Rooms, Bedrooms and Living areas to create a chic, understated feel try our Foxed finish.

A lightly distressed finish. For more of a statement our Really Rough finish is mirfor. Pictured here in Really Rough a panelled antiqued mirrored chimney breast for Anglo Oriental Antiques.

FAQ Click for answers. Price Click to quote. Samples Click to order. Register Log in. Contemporary Ready to Hang Mirrors. Antique Mirror Tiles. How we can help you with your Antique Mirror project?

We hand silver every panel of antiqued mirror glass, gild every piece of verre elgomise and decorate every frame moulding by hand, to your specifications, at our North Devon Workshop. UK Mainland delivery is included within our pricing and we can arrange Worldwide delivery for an additional fee. We'll help you complete any project involving mirror glass - mrror it original, hand qn antiqued mirrof new, clean silver mirror. We work with Private individuals and Trade clients in the design, construction and hospitality industries.

Some of our previous projects are pictured below. July 18, by Admin. Read more. In commercial environments too - bow mirror glass is often od only acceptable material. Order a finish sample here. How to clean an old mirror notify us that you require toughened mirror when you request an estimate. February 15, by Admin. October mirrror, by Charlotte Hunter. Theme by Clean Themes.

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Feb 06, To correctly clean a mirror, dampen the surface of the glass with a microfiber cloth dipped in your chosen cleaning solution. Wipe down the mirror with the cloth, using side-to-side and up-and-down motions. Dont clean in a circular motion, as this will lead to streaks. Jan 26, Your washing machine is probably filthy (Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook) Sign up to FREE email alerts from Mirror - Bright Stuff Newsletter Invalid Email Something went wrong, please try . Oct 29, They do an excellent job replicating old mirror glass, frames, and even hand-wrought hardware. If you find yourself completely stumped when examining your old mirror, try some of the following tips to further determine if your mirror is the "real deal." 1. Check out Online Antique Sites. Check reputable online antique sites for similar mirrors.

Linda is a seasoned writer and home-decorating authority. She loves sharing design trends, decor ideas, and useful tips with her readers. Whether you inherited it from your great-grandmother or picked it up at an estate sale, your old mirror may be worth more than you realize.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash. Your ornately carved mirror hangs above the fireplace, silently guarding its secrets. It is an exquisite addition to your sitting room and a conversation piece long admired by family and friends.

The discovery process will require a bit of determination and detective work on your part. By employing a combination of physical inspection, research, and expert advice, you can uncover its past and find out just how much your old mirror is worth.

You've owned the mirror for years, yet know nothing of its past or value. In most cases, a direct correlation exists between the age of a mirror and its value. Mass-produced examples from the early 20 th century do not command the same price as handcrafted antique mirrors from the s and earlier.

Zeroing in on the time your mirror was made will be the first step in determining its value. Begin by performing a thorough inspection of your mirror to see if you can gather enough information to make an educated guess as to its age.

The reflective silver mercury backing on an antique mirror breaks down and oxidizes over time, appearing as random cloudy spots around the edges and across the mirror's surface. Antique mirror frames can be made from wood, metals or a composition material such as plaster. The overall condition and material used to make a mirror frame plays an important role in valuation.

There are some really talented people out there whose sole purpose is to fool us into thinking we own a valuable antique mirror, when in fact, it is an artfully crafted reproduction. They do an excellent job replicating old mirror glass, frames, and even hand-wrought hardware.

If you find yourself completely stumped when examining your old mirror, try some of the following tips to further determine if your mirror is the "real deal.

Check reputable online antique sites for similar mirrors. A broad search of "antique mahogany mirrors" can produce millions of results and leave you highly frustrated. Look at online photos of old mirrors to identify a time period and style.

Once you have a rough idea of the age and style of your mirror, use a combination of descriptive keywords to narrow your search as much as possible. In addition to giving an idea of value, online antique sites often include details about each mirrorinformation that may provide insight into the history and rarity of your mirror.

Corroborate your findings by consulting multiple online antique and auction sites. Not everyone is lucky enough to go to an Antiques Roadshow event. However, you can find ethical antique dealers, auction houses, and organizations that offer free appraisal events and services. Contact your local antique society for events in your area.

Visit reputable antique dealers offering free appraisal services. Find an antique appraisal event in your area and go on a quest for your mirror's history and value! If your investigative work to this point suggests you might own a valuable mirror, consider investing in a certified appraisal. What is the meaning of those numbers?

Answer: Those numbers are for identification. They typically mean who made it, where it was made and the date of manufacture. Answer: Take multiple pictures of your mirror including any numbers or maker's marks and show them to an antique appraiser or send them to an online appraisal service. Question: What is the value of a Samuel R. Scottron duel cast iron mirror patent date March 31st, ? Question: I have an antique hand mirror that appears to be made of plaster resembling a reptile.

The handle is a tail loop. There is a brass back plate with an open wreath pattern. The mirror is beveled and rimmed in brass. Can anyone help me identify this mirror? Answer: I've gone through thousands of hand mirror images online and can't find anything that resembles a reptile. Take several photos of it and upload it onto an antique appraisal website.

Maybe they can tell you the date and where it was manufactured or handmade. Answer: I've noticed quite a few CM maker's marks but I haven't seen the mark you mentioned the C above the M especially on an antique mosaic and enamel hand mirror.

Many of the different CM marks are typically from the United Kingdom. However, I did see a beautiful Italian mosaic hand mirror but it didn't have a maker's mark.

Question: I recently came across an old looking mirror. The mirror is really tinted what does it mean? Answer: It depends on how old it is. It could cause cloudy imperfections that tarnishes or oxidizes silver on the backing. If it is dated mid-century it could be a modern copper tinted mirror. Question: I have an Uttermost mirror with the serial P. How can I find out what its worth? Answer: I have researched it online but could not locate the mirror's serial number. Contact a local or online appraiser and provide information and a photo.

They should be able to determine it's value. Question: I have a Willard Mirror Co. Electro copper plated mirror in frame dated June 2, It has three frames around it. Are they all original or only the inside one? Is it valuable? Answer: I found a 36" x 44" Willard mirror online. It is a electro copper plated. It is in good condition, gold and Victorian style. I'm not sure about the triple frames. Question: I was gifted a sizeable etched mirror in The mirror has been hanging in my living room ever since.

Who can I contact for its appraisal? Answer: If your city or town is large enough, there should be antique appraisers locally available. Do an online search to find one that might specialize in mirrors. If there aren't any appraisers in your area, there are many online. Send them a few photos, and they can help for a nominal fee, or some will do it for free. Answer: Distinguishing mercury-containing mirrors from silvered mirrors can be difficult.

If the mirror was produced before the early 20th century, it is likely a mercury amalgam mirror. How much would this be worth? Answer: I saw a gold framed beveled mirror online made by Carolina Mirror Company. It was 33" x 45" x 1" in good condition.

It didn't mention the final bid. Answer: It could possibly have a decent value depending on its size, the manufacturer and the materials it's made from. It is 24" x 36" and is in good shape. What is its value? Obviously, it depends on its age, size, shape and the frame material.

Question: I have two oak framed Victorian mirrors, stamped on the back, which has birds painted on them, do you know what they would be worth? Answer: Unfortunately, I haven't found images of these mirrors online, so I can't determine their value.

Question: I bought a small hand mirror about fifteen years ago from a charity shop, it is beautiful, however, a friend told me it looks like it could be Victorian, Georgian or maybe a child's hand mirror. The handle is brass with flowers set in the handle. Do you know where I can find out its history? Answer: The best bet is to take to an antique dealer that might be able to help you determine its history and value.

If you can't find a reputable dealer, go online to an appraisal website and upload a few photos of the mirror. You may have to pay a small fee. However, there are a number of free appraisal sites. Question: I have a mirror made on April 8th, , with electric copper stamped on the back. It is very heavy, and about 3x4. Does the copper backing make it more valuable?

Answer: Electro copper plated mirrors from the s aren't really any more valuable than mirrors manufactured today. Most mirrors now are backed by aluminum heated in a vacuum that bonds to the glass surface. Question: I have a Galax authentic electro copper plated mirror it's approx 3' x 4'.

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