How to check account usage in bsnl broadband

how to check account usage in bsnl broadband

How to check your BSNL Broadband Usage

Feb 18, BSNL introduced a new portal for its customers in this portal customers can view billed broadband usage and unbilled broadband integrated several other features such as View Your Bills, Check your Broadband Unbilled Usage, Update your Profile, Track your Orders/Complaints online, Change your Broadband Password. Jan 16, Log in to your account with given username and password. Once there, you will the screen (see the screenshot below) with a couple of options like tracking your broadband usage, upgrading the plan, making online payments, logging complaint, etc. To check your monthly usage go to My service > view broadband usage > select the Techwiser.

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Go usahe page. First Prev of Go to page. Enter the "portal ID" and " portal Password"2. Then click My services3. Then enter the necessary data It was already mentioned that bbservice site will not work after 21st August. That's bad news. But the site itself is not found now. After I input my 14 character user id and password I have a I know I haven't forgotten my user id and password.

I have been facing this problem with this site for last several months. I didn't care before because the bbservice how to set up an accounting practice was working fine for me.

But not anymore! How do I check my usage now? Thanks in advance for any help. Enter the "portal ID" and " portal Password" 2. Then click My services 3. In which way could I be wrong? I'm positive I did not forget my portal ID, nor my password.

As I have mentioned, I've been having the same problem withthis site for months, whereas the bbservice site worked till recently showing that I didnot forget the portal ID and the password unless they are different for the two sites.

Mine Home see this. Tested just now. Deleted member As I have mentioned, I've yow having the same problem with this site for months, whereas the bbservice site worked till accoint showing that I did not forget the portal ID and the password unless they are different for the two sites. Try a different browser. You can also use dataone tool from Shaplus. Simply google shaplus. You how to check account usage in bsnl broadband also try datafox. Well, it's magic, Im must say!

My usage report downloaded without even having to log in albeit without daily details! What's the big idea about userID and password anyway?! Anyone can download anybody's what is the best toner for bleached hair data.

All one needs is the account number! Hopefully BSNL will not keep any sensitive data in the site. Although it is not completely acurate, it's accurate enough. Any discrepancy with BSNL hasn't pinched me for more than a few rupees yet. Only problem is, now my cmos cell is probably dying, and the clock resets every few days. ShaPlus loses broadbanr accumulated data for the month.

Couldn't figure inn where it saves the data. Wish it didn't delete old data on its own. Plan to try datafox soon. Thanks a lot essbebe and dilip for all your help. Post reply. Insert quotes. Similar threads. Replies 4 Views Feb 16, [email protected]. How to check account usage in bsnl broadband to check bsnl data usage? Replies 4 Views 3, Jun 19, jtnrao7. Replies 7 Views 10, Sep 23, varkey. Replies 18 Views 4, May 13, anubhav Replies 44 Views 4, How to pay a nanny in california 21, partymonger.

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Mar 07, Enter your BSNL broadband username and password to enter your account and click the Login button. This will take you to the user portal from where you will be able to check your usage. Go through the various links available to check your usage. From here you will be able to check for the total usage as on a given date. Apr 23, How to Check Broadband Data usage and landline details online?New BSNL Self Care Portal: Jun 01, Try It is more log in, you need a 14 digit portal ID and password. Password is password by default. Please check with your local exchange. They keep it in their records.

Remember Me? What's New? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 35 of Add Thread to del. Do you use BSNL broadband? It is good to frequently check your broadband account usage to understand your usage pattern.

This will also help you to control your downloads if you are on volume based plan so that you do not run up into huge bills which you will later regret.

Checking your BSNL broadband account usage also helps you to ensure that there are no abuses in your account and no one is making any unauthorized use of your broadband account. If you are not sure how to check your BSNL broadband account usage, here are the steps that you need to follow to check your usage. You should visit the following link to check your broadband usage Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd..

Click this link and it will open a new page from where you will be able to log into your account. Have your username and password ready before you visit this page.

This will take you to the user portal from where you will be able to check your usage. Go through the various links available to check your usage. From here you will be able to check for the total usage as on a given date. You will notice that the data available is updated up to the previous day of your checking. It is also possible to check your BSNL broadband usage through your mobile phones. You will be able to check your usage from your BSNL mobile as well as from other mobiles.

If you are using some other mobile connection, you need to send your SMS to If you want alerts from BSNL when you cross your monthly usage limits as per your package, then you can register for free alerts. This will help you keep a tab on your broadband usage. This will register your account for free alerts and you will start getting your alerts to the mobile phone from which you have sent your SMS.

This is highly helpful because you need not have to go online to check whether your usage limits have been crossed. Do not feel lazy to check your account usage. Regularly checking your usage will put you in total control of your broadband bills. Last edited by Admin; 19th August at PM. Masquerade Uno , manisha badiyavadra , Vinay Dhiman and 2 others like this.

Vasudevanand Damle. That was good info. But i am concerned about usage of netconnect. Will somebody guide me? SMS usage tells that i have unlimited plan i am using home combo plan of rs 2.

Last edited by gattu; 26th August at PM. Do we have to request a username and password for unlimited users? I just want to check how much data i use every month and i did not get any username or a. Originally Posted by sid Originally Posted by meetdilip.

There are 5 sites according to your circle where you can check your usage. Alternatively, you can use a bandwidth meter. Shaplus or Networx will do. Please note that it won't show what is in the portal, instead the actually value based on your PC.

Make a call to the local exchange. They keep your portal ID in their records. Regards, Kmar. That was a wonderful information. Thank you so much for this simple method. I was trying all other roundabout ways so far checking my bsnl broadband usage for so long including installingmeters etc. Originally Posted by vinayababu. Thank you Mr. I agree with your view. The shaplus works well with my WinX but not with my Win7.

I use both OS as some application do not work with Win7. Regards Vinayababu. Last edited by Admin; 20th May at AM. Please tell me whether you are also facing this problem often? Shall be thankful for a response from you in this regard. IS there no way out for us from this imbroglio?

The above mentioned bandwidth meters when configured properly gives more or less same values as BSNL portal. Use the bandwidth meter, not dataone tool. It monitors your computer's network adapter and check usage. Also try Networx, it has a graphics interface. Use both to make sure that one of it is not wrong. Shaplus do not support SDC portal because no one was willing to give their password to the author to code it for that portal. You can mail him your password and request support for your site.

As i m provided with free unlimited Internet in office so I normally never download anything but i just browse, check emails and sometimes chat.. I wanted to know how much would be the usage for all these above mentioned activities Thanks in advance for your precious time.. I ll be waiting to read from soon Which would be the best connection for data card just to browse,chat or check emails no downloads Someone please suggest Thanks and Regards Prakriti.

Last edited by Prakriti; 8th September at PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost. Prakriti You have posted in the wrong section and hence no replies. Mention model and make of your data card. Also explain " chat ". Is it video chat or audio chat? If yes, how long per day? If video chat, data consumed varies according to the quality of video. You can check the data consumption by installing a bandwidth monitor from Networx or Shaplus. Umashankar Biswal. Masquerade Uno. Vinay Dhiman. I use a software for monitoring my traffic to router.

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