How much is a holographic magneton worth

how much is a holographic magneton worth

Magneton 38/108 2016 Card: Worth, Value & price

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Nov 09,  · Pokemon Game #9 Magneton – Holo Average Value in PSA $1,

You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Forgot password? Account Name. Password Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Community members will not see the footer advertisement. How much is a holographic magneton worth thread is closed.

It will not accept new replies. Age This is the new thread where you can ask how much your card is worth. Don't be afraid to help out with the pricing. Doing it all by myself is pretty boring and time-consuming and How much is a holographic magneton worth like to learn what sources other people use for pricing their cards. This thread is only to ask about the typical value of a card. If you wanna sell, ia have to find another community online for it.

As a courtesy to ohw who are pricing cards, do not list more than how to soothe engorged breast when not breastfeeding cards at a time! If you have listed 4 cards and they haven't been priced yet, wait until they're priced! Personally, I will only price the first 4 cards you list hod you list more than 4 before I've had a chance to price out your first 4!

When listing a card, please provide as much information as possible. The ideal information consists of the following: 1. Card name. Set the card is from. You can tell this by the set symbol located either in the bottom right corner of the how long does it take to tone up arms or to the bottom right of the picture.

Whether it is first edition or not as in, does it have a 1 inside a solid black circle to the magnetn right of the picture. This only applies to cards from sets released before the Legendary Collection in English.

Japanese cards, on the other hand, are a different bolographic. Whether it is shadowless or not as in, having no shadow behind the picture and not having bolded HP text. This only applies to cards from the Base Set the only set that has no set symbol.

And one more thing:. Respond Ignore User Report. Dane Maiatsu Puffizard. Every card was from the Diamond and Pearl era i. So, what is the price of all of these cards? All Holos, all in NM condition. Need answer within 30 mins, please if you see this give me a quick answer. Originally Posted by Charizard [ Original Post ]. Originally Hholographic by donavannj [ Original Post ]. The name is also holographic, but hard to make out because the name "Shuppet" was printed over top worgh as well.

I how much is a holographic magneton worth for symptoms of it being fake I have a factory misprint card, that has not happened on a large enough scale to be noticed seeing as how Google searches for others of this card turned up zilch. Is is valuable, or possibly fake after all? Seen February 27th, Originally Posted by Bonfire [ Original Post ]. Ok, 3 more cards: Gligar Shadowless i think HP: !?!?

Proabably all fakes, i got them in package though, but its probably not too hard to forge a fake plastic wrapping too :P.

Originally Posted by usmc [ Original Post ]. Originally Posted by kane [ Original Post ]. Just got it today. Sorry about my crap grammar, I'm to lazy to fix it.

Donavannj, I feel bad about you handling all the queries in what are some celebrities phone numbers threads, but there are just sooo many. I will try to help, but perhaps there is a more efficient way?

Some sort of central reference to handle the really tedious stuff like common fossil cards, etc. Regarding the long lists of commons, uncommons, and rares: If a card has a common rarity, i. If it is uncommon, i. Holographic rares, lvl X's, ex's, full arts, 1st edition cards, special promos, and secret rare ix are the only ones with individual prices.

That being said, I hope everyone will revise their lists so that donavannj and anyone else will not be overwhelmed with picking through hundreds of common cards. BeliVuk: the price has been fluctuating due to the zekrom deck being more or less popular with players. Now that we are approaching regionals, nationals, and worlds, prices for playable cards will be steadily rising. Donavannj: Perhaps just a short guide based on rarity symbols in the original post, so people can refer to it when they are wondering about mass common cards?

To alleviate some of the questions about shiny cards people pull from packs, I was thinking of making a thread that would include what the popular cards are and their values. I find a lot of the questions are really just people wanting to know if they pulled anything good in their packs, and it might also be handy for people who want to know what cards are being played. I can update it every once in a while to keep it current.

What do you think? The rarest commons and uncommons come from the Eseries, because there was a smaller print run. Still, the difference may not be worth mentioning.

Buy Magneton 9/102 1999 on Ebay

Pokemon Japanese Base Set Holo Magneton #82 Psa 9 Mint. 0 watchers. Time left: 29d 23h 33m 47s. Item location: Glendale, AZ, USA. $. See details on Pokemon Base Set. Apr 29,  · Magneton H18/H32 Skyridge (Rare Holo) $ Milotic ex 96/ EX Emerald (Rare Holo) $ Absol 96/95 EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua (Rare Holo) $ Magneton Rare Holo Pokemon Card #38 from Evolutions set Value & Price Information ? Pokemon XY: Evolutions Set / - Choose Your Card! Pokemon - Magneton - 38/ - XY Evolutions - Holo Rare - Near MintBrand: Pokemon Evolutions Set.

You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Forgot password? Account Name. Password Forgot password? Keep me signed in. Community members will not see the footer advertisement. This thread is closed. It will not accept new replies. What would you value this card at? There is a small crease at the top middle of the card, only visible at certain angles. Spoiler :. Please quote this post if you're going to reply to it, otherwise I might not see your reply!

Respond Ignore User Report. Age Originally Posted by Shibui [ Original Post ]. Seen April 23rd, How much is misprinted dodrio hp from undaunted set worth? Do anyone know what this card is worth? Originally Posted by Erik [ Original Post ]. Originally Posted by donavannj [ Original Post ]. Going through some of my old cards, not sure how to properly judge condition, but found a few first editions: 1st edition holographic Machamp 2 1st edition holographic Kangaskhan 1st edition non-holographic Magneton 1st Edition non-holographic Pinsir Also just about all the holographic cards from the basic set, non first editions.

Any specific I should look for? Originally Posted by Electricbluewolf [ Original Post ]. I've been taking this to mean that the card is worthless. Is that usually true? Originally Posted by Merkava [ Original Post ]. Not sure if this is the right place to ask since it's not really a card, but what about the little 23 karat gold plated cards? Are they worth anything?

I have 3, all with the certificates, that I don't think I ever took out of the plastic cases - Charizard, Mewtwo, and Jigglypuff.

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