How much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop

how much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop

Cost to Install a Laminate Countertop

This guide explains the costs associated with new countertop fabrication and installation. Average cost ranges from $$ per sq. ft. for a surface area of 40 sq. ft. with 25 lin. ft. of finished edges. Average Cost to Replace Countertops On top of the $3, average to install countertops, the cost of replacement can run an additional $50 to $6,, depending on the project. If you are replacing an existing one, you will need to: Remove and haul away the old material.

Cost to install kitchen countertops varies muuch by region and even by zip code. Get free estimates from countertop installers in your city. Kitchen countertops cover base cabinets and give you a work surface for cutting and preparing food as well as storage. Countertops can be strictly functional, or they may be decorative, made to enhance your kitchen decor. Counters can be made of a wide range of materials. Some may be chosen purely for aesthetics, while others for their functional benefits.

Because each material may perform differently in the kitchen environment, your lifestyle and your personal tastes will need to be considered to make the right choice.

Some materials and installation how to write a residential rental lease termination letter may vary in cost, however, creating a greater range for homeowners to consider. This cost guide has been updated. First, links in the material section have been added.

Finnaly, in enhancement and improvement costs new information regarding stain preventative and fiber optic lightning is now present. This cost guide has been remade, giving a more detailed description of the project.

New information was added, such as some factors that affect the price, the need for an in-home consultation, and the different types of countertops. There is also information on the materials and labor, and on the pattern, edge, and other aspects doe affect the appearance and cost of the countertops. There is now a section dedicated rsplace enhancement and improvement kitchem and another that how to do a clean catch urine specimen additional considerations.

The first is the material. The shape and size of your counters can also impact the cost. For example, a very large peninsula 2 or kitchen island 3 how to set router ip address require a large, single piece of countertop used in ways that is different than smaller runs of counter.

How much edging your countertop requires, and the type of edge you choose will also influence costs. Decorative edging or edging built ih to make the countertop look thicker will cost more.

The thickness of your counter can also play a role. Thinner counters are significantly cheaper than thicker counters of the same size and material. Other cost factors include cut-outs in the counter for things like sinks and drainboards, as well as whether you have an integral backsplash 4 installed as a part of the countertop. Color of the counter can also play a role, as some rarer colors may cost more. This is a type of in-home consultation where the countertop installer will make a thin, balsa wood template of your countertop.

This template is used to create the exact size sad status about life for whatsapp shape kltchen the counter you will need, and will indicate things kutchen edging, cut-outs, sink and stove placement, seams 5and other important information.

Even ready-made counters, such as laminate, should have a template made so that you can get the right sized pieces to complete the job. Templating is included in the cost of the countertop. Many people view countertops by their material type, but the way that the counter is formed or presented can also have an impact on its cost and its installation. There are several different types of counters, with some categories having more than one choice for material.

Grout 6 can rsplace hard to maintain. The material of your kitchen countertop will impact both the price and your lifestyle. Grout 6 may stain. Slate 7. Must to be lacquered to prevent verdigris 8. The appearance of your countertop is one of the driving forces behind its selection.

Each type of counter countsrtop you choose will have a different look. For this reason, always choose and tag the exact piece of countertop you plan to use. Due doe dye lots, man-made counters may have variations in tone or color from piece to piece. Natural stone counters, such as granite or marble may have extreme variation in color or pattern from piece to piece.

The what to write in a christmas card to a friend or coloration of your counter can be described in a few ways: solid, meaning that there is one color with no variation from countertpp to end, granulated or flecked, which mych one or more colors in tight patterns from one end to the next, and veining, which is a swirled pattern of color that may change in thickness and position over the counter.

Typically, the more varied the color and repace, the more expensive the counter will be. Part of the appearance of your countertop is impacted by its edge. Most counters have a choice of edges to consider. An eased edge counterop the most common, and is usually included in the cost of your counter. This is what does the pulse rate signify how much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop edge with a softening at the top to hod away the sharp corner.

More decorative edges such as ogee, bullnose, half bullnose, and dupont edges will have higher costs. Depending on the material, you may have a choice of surface finish as well. The most common finishes are glossy, honed, or matte. Glossy finishes are highly polished. They may show fingerprints, but a high gloss surface will also disguise flaws in materials like granite. Honed or matte surfaces are better for softer stones like marble, which may etch or dull - etching dofs less on an erplace matte finish.

Honed granites, however, may show oil from fingertips. Surfaces like zinc or steel, which may scratch, may do better with a brushed finish, which disguises scratches and fingerprints. Some materials may have an additional charge for different finishes, but in most cases finish is a preference that has no bearing on cost. The exact labor and process of having your countertop installed will vary depending on the type of counter you are purchasing.

Some cokntertop be made just for you, while others are off the shelf. Some are made right in your kitchen, counteftop others are fabricated off site and brought in. For any material which will be custom dies to your specifications, a template is made by gluing thin strips of balsa wood together in the shape of the counter.

This is ideal for custom shapes and odd-sized kitchens. This template is transferred onto the material being cut, so there is no error. For installation, the old counter is removed and the cabinets are repace if necessary before the new counter is installed. If you are having a countrtop stone countertop that requires sealing installed, this is usually done at this time for no additional charge.

In many cases, the cost of installation is included in the price how long is a flight from chicago to beijing the muchh.

However, this is not always the case, and it is important to ask when pricing materials. Kitchdn can expect installation to take from hours to complete, once measurements and templating are over.

Price and appearance are just two components that you need to consider when choosing a new counter. Cleaning and maintenance of the counter cuntertop need to be thought out. Many materials, including natural stone, copper, mufh, and zinc, will require some degree of maintenance and care to look their best. This will include yearly sealing, cleaning the counter with pH-neutral cleansers, and wiping up spills as soon as they occur.

Always use a cutting board and never cut directly on your counter. Materials like laminate and solid surface may scratch, while hard materials like granite and quartz may damage your knives.

Even amongst one material, maintenance may vary. For example, black granite requires no sealing and little maintenance, while light-colored stones require regular sealing and treatment to look their best. Always ask the supplier what they recommend for cleaning materials to ensure that your new counter continues to perform well year after year.

While the total list of materials you can use in your kitchen is long and varied, and there are even comparisons to be made amongst materials including on things like color, brand, and maintenance, most people choose one of a few popular materials for their kitchens. Granite and how much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop are two materials that are frequently compared. Granite is a how much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop stone kithcen comes in many colors and styles, while quartz is a man-made material consisting of replafe quartz, pigments, and resins.

Quartz is easier to maintain than granite, but is more uniform in color, lacking a lot of the variation and color that real stone can bring. Marble and quartz are also frequently compared. Marble is a much softer stone what does woonplaats mean in english granite, composed mostly of calcite.

It requires significantly more maintenance than either granite or quartz, and costs about the same as most oitchen counters. Laminate and granite are another frequent comparison. Laminate cosh inexpensive and readily available for a quick install, while granite can take 2 to 3 weeks.

Laminate is also more consistent in color than granite, but granite is more durable, outlasting laminate by many years. Granite and butcher block counters are also a frequent comparison. Butcher block counters come in many types of wood, and therefore colors and patterns. They require frequent treatment, while granite requires frequent sealing. You can cut on a butcher block counter, while cutting on a granite counter will dull your knives.

Many countertops will have the option of a 4-inch backsplash 4 included in the installation. This will raise the cost how much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop the project by the amount of square footage that the backsplash 4 takes up.

A backsplash 4 is not necessary ktichen many people choose to leave it off and install tile instead. Sometimes getting a new counter may be a good time to add new cabinets or to replace old ones. If desired, you may wish to add an elevated glass top to seating areas on your island 3.

The last thing you want to if on your new countertop is a nasty stain—and they can be stubborn. Invest a few dollars more to seal or treat your surface and help countettop stains from happening.

For example, if you are installing a concrete countertop, use a penetrating concrete stain repellent sealer, or a durable concrete coating for prevention of unsightly stains.

If you really want to make your countertop the focal point of the home, consider enhancing it with fiber optic lighting.

Countertp is most commonly done by kitchen designers with concrete countertops.

Countertop Prices

However, countertop installation usually involves more prep work and cutting than replacement. All in all, whether you’re replacing existing counters or installing brand new kitchen countertops, expect your final countertop price to range between $2, and $5, Mar 02,  · The average cost to install kitchen countertops ranges from $1,$4, ?, with the average homeowner spending around $3, on a 30 square feet kitchen countertop. Some materials and installation types may vary in cost, however, creating a greater range for homeowners to consider. For a basic project in zip code with square feet, the cost to Install a Laminate Countertop starts at $ - $ per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1.

Get free estimates from local contractors who can Install Countertops. Kitchen countertops can make or break the room. Luckily, there are tons of different countertop materials to choose from. On the other hand, it can be a challenge narrowing down all of the options and selecting the right countertop for your kitchen. ImproveNet is here to solve this dilemma.

See all countertop prices below and how you can reduce your countertop installation cost. Then, let us help you find countertop contractors near you ready to replace your kitchen countertops. We are still gathering data for this location. Try changing location above or choose another project. How do we get this data? This info is based on cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members. As you will soon see, countertop material costs have quite a range. Additionally, every countertop replacement or installation project is different.

Some require the removal of the old countertops while others require less cutting and more staining. Finally, labor prices heavily defer based on location and expertise.

From stone and tile to wood and laminate, the world is your oyster when it comes to bathroom and kitchen countertops. While every countertop comes with its fair share of pros and cons, price is usually the ultimate factor.

As such, we found the minimum and maximum prices for 27 different countertop materials. Ceramic Tile Countertops. Acrylic Countertops. Formica Countertops. Laminate Countertops. Bamboo Countertops. Solid Surface Countertops. Granite Countertops. Soapstone Countertops. Engineered Quartz Countertops. Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops. Butcher Block Countertops. Marble Countertops. Caesarstone Countertops. Paperstone Countertops. Avonite Countertops.

Slate Countertops. Onyx Countertops. Swanstone Countertops. Corian Countertops. Terrazzo Countertops. Silestone Countertops. Concrete Countertops. Quartz Countertops. Zodiaq Countertops. Limestone Countertops. Glass Countertops. Recycled Glass Countertops. Vetrazzo Countertops. Copper Countertops. As you can see, prices range quite a bit.

Widening that range even further is the labor cost. All countertop prices above are for materials only. They do not include professional installation. Given that new or replacement countertops often have to be cut and are very heavy, many homeowners hire professional countertop contractors.

If you plan to hire a pro, keep the following cost factors in mind to reduce your final countertop installation cost:. Countertop installation and countertop replacement are very similar and more often than not, their prices are comparable. However, countertop installation usually involves more prep work and cutting than replacement. Countertops are made from a wide range of materials, but fortunately, they can be broken down into certain categories. Perhaps the most sought-after countertop category is natural stone.

Stone countertops are beautiful, durable and valuable when it comes to selling your home. Despite their natural substance, these countertops can chip and require repairs. Over the years, granite has quickly become one of the most popular natural stone countertops. Granite can stand up against hot temperatures, making them an ideal countertop for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Also, granite offers as many color combinations as any other countertop. No matter your kitchen or bathroom design, there is a granite counter to match. On the downside, granite is not cheap and can crack like other natural stone counters. To save money, you can install granite tiles, but more often than not, a granite slab is much more desirable than individual tiles.

A more durable natural stone counter, yet in the same price range, is soapstone. Soapstone counters are unaffected by acids and alkalis in cleaning fluids.

Therefore, you can essentially use any cleaning solution and not worry about ruining your soapstone countertops. Additionally, these counters are resistant to bacteria, making them perfect for both the bathroom and kitchen. A few drawbacks include susceptibility to scratches as well as weathering to a dark charcoal over time.

Slate counters are a bit more expensive than granite or soapstone. Slate has a more uniform look, making it easier to match any kitchen or bathroom design. Slate is also a nonporous surface that does not attract or harbor bacteria.

The waterproof quality makes it easy to clean and air-dry. Slate is not as flashy as granite or marble. If you want your countertop to be the focal point of your kitchen, slate is probably not the best choice. It works best in rooms with bold focal points like a dramatic backsplash. Like other natural stone counters, slate can chip, especially along the edges. As the crown jewel of natural stone counters, marble is bright, durable and has remained in vogue for years.

Finally, those who love to cook and bake love marble countertops. Kneading and rolling dough are much easier activities on a shiny surface without residual stickiness. The primary issue with marble for kitchen countertops is etching.

Etching will happen with marble and there is no way to prevent this. Etching typically occurs through contact with acidic food or drinks. Obviously, this is unavoidable if the marble is used in the kitchen. Limestone maintains its appearance as it ages and has been used in many applications during the last two centuries.

Limestone is heat-resistant, versatile and easy to mold. Therefore, if you have a complicated countertop layout, limestone could be easier to fabricate as opposed to other natural stone countertops. The primary disadvantage of limestone is the cost. Sadly, constant attention to spills augments the additional maintenance limestone counters require.

On a similar pricing spectrum are solid surface countertops. Unlike natural stone, solid surfaces are made via a combination of acrylic, polyester or both.

They look very similar to natural stone, but are resistant to scratches and other bumps you typically get with stone counters. Corian is a type of acrylic or a crossover of laminate and granite and is quickly gaining steam across the country. Corian counters are easy to clean and they come in a wide variety of colors to suit any home. On the downside, Corian does not do well with heat, so you must be careful if installing in the kitchen.

Corian demands special maintenance and is not an environmentally-friendly or sustainable material. One of the trendiest countertops on the market is quartz. In fact, due to its earthy coloring, no two pieces of quartz countertops look the same.

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